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Cutty's Brookline

Mmm yes they are v. tasty. I hear they're making much more now... something like 250 on Saturdays. I think still selling out early though. Black olive bagel!

French Macaroons in Greater Boston?

A company called 'northlight baking co.' just started selling to south end formaggio. The salted caramel macaroons are out of this world. I think they're sold at Cocoanuts in the North end too.

Need to find a private baker/culinary student for wedding favors

Not sure if you're still looking, but I'd recommend contacting They're private chefs and one happens to have been the pastry chef at Clear Flour for some time. Amazing baker.

Single Diner B'Day Dinner

Hungry Mother in Cambridge has a cozy bar area, great drinks, and friendly bartenders. It's not as pricey as the other options, but something to consider. With snacks and sides in addition to apps and entrees, there's a lot to try.

Boston Mag's Top 50... thoughts? surprises?

What are your thought's on the recently released Top 50 restaurants according to Boston Magazine-- who compiled many reviews (including some from chowhounders) into an elaborate scoring system? It was extensive for sure. I was surprised Craigie wasn't a bit higher, and I would've liked to see EVOO on the list.

Hamersley's Bistro

I had a wonderful meal at Hamersley's last night, and though the chicken was quite good (and enormous), it was not the highlight of the meal. The scallop appetizer was delicious, and the clear winner for entrees (among five diners) was the pork tenderloin stuffed with asparagus, morels and cheese (morbier i think) in a morel mustard sauce. The chicken eaters were using my sauce for dipping.

Mother's Day Dinner Recommendation, Please!

They may be booked, but I'd recommend EVOO, Craigie St. Bistrot and Oleana. All delicious, creative and classy...and in Cambride (EVOO technically Somerville, but close).

Provoleta/ Argentine groceries?

Does anyone know of any Argentine groceries in the Cambridge/Somerville area? I'm looking specifically for a special kind of provolone cheese used for grilling--to create provoleta, a simple argentine app of the cheese, grilled with olive oil and oregano. The argentines create a thin crust which keeps the cheese together, while melty in the middle when cut. When I make it with regular provolone it melts all over the place, so I'm searching for the special cheese. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

Suggestions for Graduation weekend

You may want to consider Taranta, on Hanover Street in the North End. It's a tasty Italian-Peruvian fusion restaurant, which would satisfy cravings for both seafood and Italian cuisine. It's not cheap, but not unreasonable for the area, and you can even reserve a private room if you so desire.

Recs for a culinary student's parental visit?

Thanks so much to you both. Troquet looks really fun, and I actually have a gift certificate to Craigie St. so I'll already be trying that soon. Salts also looks like someplace I'd like to try...but now it looks like the parents will be treating my friends both nights so I'm gonna try and go for places a little less expensive/fancy...more because I don't wait my friends to feel awkward being treated. We're doing 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill on Saturday. Unsure about Friday... If it were JUST me and the parents I'd go for Troquet or Salts. Mmm.

Best Reuben in Boston

I had a delicious Reuben at Zaftig's this was pretty traditional I think (with the corned beef piled very high on good pumpernickel bread). The only slight problem was the bread quickly turned a little soggy with the russian dressing, but the saurkraut was delicious, as was the dressing.

Recs for a culinary student's parental visit?

or Central Kitchen? Rendezvous? Green Street?

Recs for a culinary student's parental visit?

Hey chowhounders. I'm a culinary student in Cambridge and am looking for some great places to go this weekend when my parents are in town...either here or in Boston. I've been to some great places (Oleana, Petit Robert) but am looking for somewhere new to take advantage of their 'generosity'. I'm thinking of EVOO for one night cause it's closeby, but any recs for the other? Hamersley's? Myers + Chang? Gargoyles?

study baking and pastry arts in boston?

I suggest looking into CSCA (Cambridge School for Culinary Arts) located in Porter Square. I'm enrolled in the Professional Chef's Program which is focused on both savory cooking and baking, and I absolutely love it. It's hard work, but the learning curve is huge and it's a great way to step into the industry. Many of the people in the program are seeking a career change. The head of the pastry program is a charismatic frenchman named Delphin and is well loved by the pastry students and heralded as simply 'the best' by his chef colleagues. I don't know when the next open house is, but you can call anytime to set up a tour.
good luck!

Dec 17, 2007
lilbiscuit in Not About Food

fun, not too pricey dinner in cambridge/somerville?

Reservations are set at Ole. Muchisimas gracias a todos! I had dinner plans set for Christopher's/Toad last night but they fell through last minute. Bummer. I want to check it out soon seeing as it's so close. Ole seems more appropriate for a girls night out though. I also just made reservations at Oleana for when the moms comes for a visit. Can't wait!

fun, not too pricey dinner in cambridge/somerville?

Wow, thanks to everyone for all the input! Now I have a whole list of places to try. I think Central Kitchen looks a little pricey...will wait for a parental visit. Ole sounds great...I wish they had an online menu I could check out. I should probably make a reservation soon if it's for Saturday, right?

fun, not too pricey dinner in cambridge/somerville?

hi all,

i have a few girlfriends visiting this weekend and need to make a reservation for saturday night dinner. i just moved to somerville (near cambridge) myself so could use a recommendation (in harvard square? central? davis?). it needs to be reasonably priced too, as we are recent college grads. any help would be great!

thank ya.