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Cincinnati Anniversary Dinner Recommendations

Good evening,

It went really well, thank you for asking. I meant to post back earlier about how it went. We had a great day. We got to to Cincinnati around lunch time and went to Toby Keith's I love This Bar on the way to the baseball game. The food there was ok for bar food but my wife had a drink that tasted like bubble gum that she loved. We then went to the game and I got to see the Pirates (I am from Pittsburgh) beat the Reds.

After the game, we went to check in at the Hilton. We stayed there as I have a lot of points due to travel for work. We had self parked at the tower before the game and it was not a big deal for us as we each only had an overnight bag, but I could see it being an inconvenience if you had more luggage. The hotel itself was nice, but I had specifically used additional points to reserve a room with a whirlpool, but when we checked in, they told me that they did not have any rooms with a whirlpool. They did upgrade us to a suite, but not having the type of room we specifically reserved would keep this from being a great hotel in my book.

After getter ready, we headed over to Rock Bottom for a couple of drinks before dinner. We sat at the bar and had a nice time. The bartender was friendly and just the right amount of small talk to make us feel welcome, but did not overstay as my wife and I had a conversation. My wife had specialty mojito which she enjoyed and I had a couple of the drafts which were good.

I had originally made reservations at Orchids as a surprise for my wife, but the more I looked at the menu, the more I was afraid that my wife would not enjoy the experience. My wife is not the most adventurous when it comes to food, and she does not eat fish or seafood. Given that, I ended up showing her the menus for Orchids, Via Vite, and Local 127 and letting her pick. She picked Via Vite. I made a reservation and we arrived a few minutes before the reservation and were immediately seated. Our server was very knowledgable and friendly. We started with the bruschetta, some of which were topped with times my wife did not like due to her pallet, but we both found it enjoyable. I then had the zucchini soup which I was thinking would maybe be served cold, but it was serve hot. Even though, I am a big fan of creamy soups and liked this as well. It may be something I have to try at home. For our entrees, I had the roasted lamb shank and my wife had the bacon wrapped pork medallions. Again, no complaints, I do not get lamb very often so whenever I do it is a treat and I thought that the seasoning and taste of this dish was particularly good for lamb. For dessert, we had the tiramisu which was excellent. The taste and texture alone were fantastic, and the presentation was phenomenal.

All in all, we had a great experience and celebration and I would like to thank everyone again for their comments and suggestions.

Aug 11, 2012
Red_Coyote in Great Lakes

Cincinnati Anniversary Dinner Recommendations

I will. Thank you for the suggestions and info.

Aug 01, 2012
Red_Coyote in Great Lakes

Cincinnati Anniversary Dinner Recommendations

Good afternoon,

My wife and I are going to be staying in Cincinnati next Senday night for our ten year wedding anniversary and I am looking for any recommendations of a special place to have dinner. We are staying at the Hilton at Netherlands Plaza and would really like a place that is walking distance, but would take a cab if the place would be worth it. I know that Orchids is right at the hotel and gets great reviews, but I have never had luck at a restaraunt associated with a hotel, does it live up to the hype and how is the ambience? I would like for this to be a romantic dinner, and price is not an object for this special occasion. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Thank you.

Jul 30, 2012
Red_Coyote in Great Lakes