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Booyah in LA

In Northeastern WI and other Belgian communities, there is a soup called Booyah, it's a hearty chicken soup. Is there any places in LA that makes it?

Oct 22, 2007
kwinkel in Los Angeles Area

Wonton Soup, but not Wonton Soup

I recently moved to the LA area and I am looking for Wonton Soup, but the soup that I'm looking for is not what it's suppose to be. Wonton Soup is suppose to have chicken, maybe pork pieces, shrimp, mushrooms, and other things in a chicken/seafood broth. I am looking for Wontons that are stuffed with chicken in a kind of salty chicken broth with some chopped up green onions. I know that it sounds very particular, but I really preffer the knock off soup to what it's suppose to be.

Oct 12, 2007
kwinkel in Los Angeles Area