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Recommendations for a dinner for 10-12 for interesting food in DC

Needs to take reservations, but I was thinking about someplace that had specific seatings. THere is a new-sh place near the 14th st corridor whose name escapes me. Other recs welcome. If Little Serow took reservations the food would be it...

Looking for the best macaroons

Locolat corner of 18th and Florida, superb

Seeking wine shop with knowledgeable, helpful staff NOVA or DC

Calvert Woodley. But wine only not spirits. They are near the van ness metro.

Mintwood Place

I live near there so have been quite a few times. I really do love the place. Last Sun afternoon there was total food porn. On Sun night they do a suckling pig for 1 or 2 with sides...someone professional was photographing it ant the owner kindly let me look. Unbelievable.

Lamb on a spit in DC

Any ideas where to find? Eating not cooking.

Mexican in DC

Taqueria DF on 14th st. Hands down.

Taqueria DF
805 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC

Fried Green Tomatoes

Market lunch in Eastern Market

Where can I buy fresh ravioli in DC?


Hard call

ok figure this one. My brother's 50th birthday. I had thought Bucks, Cashions, maybe Birch and Barley. He does not eat anything from the sea. Now he says maybe something with an asian flavor with perhaps a bit of heat. My sister in law does not like South Asian food. It should probably be downtown, but at least bus/taxi from downtown. I thought Zengo, but the mixed metaphor there does not work for me. (I find it too, well, something, but this is not about Zengo).

Anyone have any thoughts? Elyssa?

Zengo Restaurant
781 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Birch and Barley
1337 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

Jerk in DC

There is a negril right by Howard University. Not a sitdown place though.

open monday ight

In for a conference, going out with a couple of folks I never see. I am looking for a styley type room, not too bright, interesting food, not off the chart expensive...within taxi of the Hynes center..

I went to someplace a couple of years ago that had a fab sit-down bar with great seafood. I think it was in South Boston. Be grateful for any recs.

Feb 28, 2011
fishie in Greater Boston Area

Where can I buy a whole duck in DC?

Eastern Market always has them. Also H mart

Help...Heading to Washington DC for one day (tomorrow)...need inexpensive meals around Smithsonian.

I have to say that Breadline is my go-toplace near the American History museum A bit of a walk but delish.

Black's restaurant group? which one to try?

I go to Addie's regulary for lunch, it is a 15 dollar lunch (no booze) if that helps. Agree about Black Salt. The other thing about Black Salt is that they have an outstanding happy hour, there are usually tables if you get there before 6.

Seeking locavore simple regional fare

I was going to say Nora's but you have been. ? Nora's asian? It is very good.

All this FEAR is making me HUNGRY!

I like the Maine Ave wharf-mostly for crabbie things though

Help me figure out what to do in 3 hours between North Bethesda/Rockville and Dulles?

How about Addies in North Bethesda? I have taken my kids there for lunch.

Good eats near the Washington Convention Center

surprised no one has mentioned corduroy. very close to the convention center. Not a fan of Againn-I think the food is ordinary...

What's good for dinner these days? Anything in the Union Station/Capitol Hill area?

Johnny's half shell is good-close walking distance to Union station

One dinner in DC - Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Adams Morgan areas

I agreee with Alyssa. Palena is fab.

3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Tomato dishes

I wouldn't know about a blight-I put up 75 lbs of mostly heirloom toms.....

PYO picking accident: blackberries, raspberries and apples

Thanks. everyone. I had washed the blackberries, but the raspberries, I just put in the bag. Some of the blackberries got frozen in light syrup. We will see....

Aug 24, 2010
fishie in Home Cooking

Arlington Recommendation -- Escape from Conference at National Airport

What about Rays the Steaks?

PYO picking accident: blackberries, raspberries and apples

Any thoughts on preserving? I would like the most versatility. I have 20+ lbs of apples, 5 lbs of blackberries, and 2+ pounds of raspberries. I thought about making freezer jam, but I would prefer something I could put into a pie or use for cobblers or could even make brambles with in dead of winter....

I was thinking about just freezing most of the blackberries, then making an apple blackberry compote. Any thoughts?

Aug 24, 2010
fishie in Home Cooking

arroz con pollo

Rincon is surprisingly good. Plenty of friends get their Paella and serve it to guests.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Duh. read too quickly. I thought Litteri's not listrani's. I think the listrani's on macarthur blvd is mediocre, and their eggplant parm isnt particularly good.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

I didnt know that there was more than one-the 4th and Morse-by the farmer's market.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

The meatball parm is to die for. Eggplant is ok, but the eggplant wasnt 'sturdy" enough and was abit greasy.

Four Bakeries, 3 Sweet tooth, Bethesda, MD

Cant believe you missed Stella's!! it is fab.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Listrani's meetball parm hero. Wow.