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Bang for your Burger Buck | The Best Burgers in your city for your hard earned buck.

Hey everyone,

Before today, a Baja Mexico search would be focused on the more obvious like road side taco stands, where to buy local seafood and those regional focused restaurants that serve say dishes from the Yucatan that just don't pop up as often as they should be in my life, despite living in a city like Los Angeles.

But that all changed today, because I am now the proud parent of a bouncing baby blog about burgers, linked on this post. And as any proud parent, I need to be on the hunt for burgers where ever I go. My parameters are anything great for $10 or less.

Looking forward to seeing what's out there . . .

Jan 12, 2015
blackbookali in General Topics

Super Burger - Pasadena

Im def hitting this one up! Thx!

Jan 08, 2015
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Lagasse Stadium vs B&B Burger Bar

Hey all. Staying at the Palazzo and looking at "casual"(i.e. this is NOT the Joel Robuchon trip) and these two burger places came up. Any thoughts on either or anything else of this ilk in the Palazzo vicinity?

Dec 28, 2014
blackbookali in Las Vegas

The burgers at Dog Haus (Pasadena Biergarten)

I don't have to go back but I would gladly end up there and order a burger, though I would probably try one of the tamer ones. For me, the key to Dog Haus is that is a great venue for watching sports, and in that category, I laud their efforts in the kitchen. When I think about Big Wangs, and the deceased Hollywood Billiards, Dog Haus is a straight up Michelin 1 star.

Nov 25, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

The burgers at Dog Haus (Pasadena Biergarten)

had the tots and they were friggin awesome. now i dont actively seek tatet tots but those were good . . .

making bacon in advance

Hello all,

So this year, our Thanksgiving is taking on a sandwich theme. Turkey breasts are taking over for the whole bird(sorry Norman Rockwell) and along with the standard issue of sides, im bringing some bread, thousand island dressing, a roasted red bell pepper aioli and bacon.

The trick is that the host has requested us to prepare foods at home, giving her the necessary space to do her thang in her cozy kitchen. Easy for things like the dressing and aioli but then there is the bacon . . . . Have you ever made bacon in advance? How much in advance? Tips on this are much appreciated . . .

PS - ill take all the recipes you got for aiolis and 1000 island dressings . . .

thx and happy thx givin!

Nov 25, 2014
blackbookali in Home Cooking

The burgers at Dog Haus (Pasadena Biergarten)

So my assessment is that the Dog Haus is exactly as the menu advertises: over the top topping combos looking to turn burgers into some sort of dagwood sandwich. It's fun. And a very filling burger for the price. I would totally try their burger plain as they take some care in sourcing the meat but going plain at Dog Haus seems to be missing the point. More thoughts filed here:

Oct 24, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

The burgers at Dog Haus (Pasadena Biergarten)

Heading there later this week and was curious about the burgers. Anybody have any favorites? Is the extra patty a silly option? Prices seem fairly reasonable . . .

Sep 30, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

LA County Fair - 2014 roundup

As much as the theory of bacon wrapped pork belly seemed appealing, the reality left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall the food I had was forgettable(beef rib, eyed some greek food - ouch, fries and chicken strips were Sports venue worthy. Next time - King Taco for sure, though there is much i did not try still.

Sep 25, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Tacos Leo's now on the eastside!!!

this is very very very good. I love their asada and tripa and cabeza almost more than that sweet pastor . . .

Aug 27, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a burger like Julio from The Bucket in Eagle Rock(RIP)

This is an SOS for a dear friend who misses this spicy sauce topped burger from the dearly departed Bucket in Eagle Rock. If you never tried a burger from the Bucket, you weren't missing much, heavy char, cooked till dry yet the meat had enough fat content that the final product seemed to be just greasy enough to make you smile. My guess is the sauce/heat kick is the clincher - curious to see what is lurking out there amid the Umami copy cats and vintage burger dives.

Aug 27, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Weisswurst in LA?

Im starting to think that Continental Gourmet Sausage might be the best place to get German Sausage in LA(and im a regular at Alpine . . .)

Aug 19, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Weisswurst in LA?

omg that makes me love it so much more

Aug 19, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Carne Asada Burrito or Taco in Los Angeles

Is this truck called Freds?

Aug 19, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

who is the best Argentinan Butcher in Los Angeles?

Where does Juan Peron slice muscle at ozzie?

May 20, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

PDX eat fest - 12 spots in 4 days

Here we go. Im coming to town to take part in a food documentation project(giant eat fest) with the really awesome group, Tastemade. Love to get some insight and input on the following places: what to get, the back story, any nitty gritty details not found in a review on the Oregonian.

Red E Cafe
Country Cat
Roman Candle Bakery
Savoy Tavern
Screen Door
Blossoming Lotus
The Sudra, Bailey's Taproom/The upper lip
Sizzle Pie
The Portland Penny Diner
Por Que No
Bete Lukas

Thanks guys.

May 20, 2014
blackbookali in Metro Portland

who is the best Argentinan Butcher in Los Angeles?

thanks otg - what im looking for is more the cuts associated with Argentinan bqq vs the actually beef itself. How is Malbec? Any great recommends?

May 01, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

who is the best Argentinan Butcher in Los Angeles?

I like Alex Meat Market in NoHo for their chorizo and their cuts but I feel like they may not have the best turn over.

Catalina is a Mecca for chorizos. Best Salvadorean I have had, only place I have found Guatemalan and FRESH Spanish Chorizos, but Alex may edge them out in the Argentina department. Beyond chorizos I found their meats to be good enough but the cuts at times seemed to be more in line with the Mexican carniceria standard.

And yet I barely have scratched the surface as I have not been to Rincon in Glendale, El Gaucho in Redondo, Super Mercado Brasil, or El Camaguey in Culver City, Continental Gourmet Hawthorne or even Mercado Buenos Aires. As I am putting together a beef bash this weekend, Im hoping chowhound can cut to the chase with some opinionated posts that can help me target one or two spots.

Thanks guys . . .

Apr 30, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Belcampo Cheeseburger

Dude thanks for the next Burger stop on the west side

Apr 21, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

If you could have only 1 knife...?

I think the best way to choose a knife is to pick it up and see if you just love the feel of it in your hand. I have three knives that do a great job when they are sharpened(I take mine to get sharpened which costs $$$ but the guy does a fab job and services many a chef in Los Angeles) but in the end of the day I love my Messermeiser the most. Heavier than my Henckels Santouko but lighter than a Wustof. Has the power to slice through the breast plate of a roast chicken, when sharpened it can work a tomato and it just puts a smile on my face when I think that this was my first "real" knife. Don't care for Globals and have yet to try some of these awesome Japanese knives mentioned.

On another note - what was the reason for using bamboo spoons to protect your all clads? I use a metal whisk all the time and never thought to do otherwise.

Apr 21, 2014
blackbookali in Cookware

Which restaurants/cafes in LA are featured in Entourage series?

Lynch developed Entrourage but went uncredited. most of the work was done while eating at Jann's on Beverly

Why no discussion on Adana Persian/Armenian in Glendale?

Just ate here about 20 minutes ago. The best chicken Kabob I have ever had in my life. No Tahini sauce nor garlic paste - it just isnt needed. My mouth is awash in flavor.

yes i just said that.

so awesome. New to this area(Glendale/Burbank netherworld) and my mind keeps getting blown: Corner Cottage for breakfast burritos, Jimmy Super Lunch for super cheap, Casita de Carbon for legit asada, Cafe Bravo for Shawerma and now Adana.

Mar 19, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

i need a patio, wings and non craft beers in the realms of Silver Lake/Los Feliz Adjacent

Call it Spring Fever, call it a sudden urge to work on a farmer tan while having pitchers of 5.0 ABV lager while chewing on chicken wings but I need such a place in the environs of the "east side".(love adding fuel to that controversial debate).

As much as Big Wangs annoys me it has a sort of convenient factor but is not close enough and while the Ye Rustic Inn is my hands down favorite i need that sun soaked seat.

danke - ciaopals!

Mar 12, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

El Chato Taco Truck

There is always Leo's @ La Brea and Venice

Feb 24, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

She's Baaaacccckkkkkkk Paula Deen's comeback..........

Michael Vick went to prison. Paula Dean lost her television contract. This comparison is almost as irrelevant as Animal cruelty vs Human bondage.

sausage tailgate for veggie and meat heads

Planning an office parking lot tailgate as an appetizer to office dive bar crawl and am tasked with coming up with mouth watering sausage options for meat heads(like myself) and my skinny vegetarian counter parts. We are a stone's throw from Continental Sausage in Glendale and will most likely be getting something meaty from them(please feel free to suggest must have wursts, are they all precooked?) but I am wondering where and what to get to satisfy the veg heads. Research on the board seems to point towards Trader Joe's vegetarian Italian Sausage and Field Roast's line, but wanted to throw the query out in case a local option should surface.

Feb 19, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

Mariscos stands/trucks

hey guys - looking for the same thing and since it has been awhile, looking to revive the thread.

Mariscos Jalisco is pretty well known about. A search off of Yelp pulled these trucks rather quickly:

Cuyutlan Colima Marisco Truck
2238 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Boyle Heights

Rico’s Mar Azul Mariscos Truck
4702 N Figueroa St
Highland Park, CA 90042

Mariscos 4 Vientos
3000 E Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Mariscos Muchoacon
Vermont Ave & 5th St
Los Angeles, CA
Koreatown, Wilshire Center

El Hamecla Mariscos Truck
1360 Rose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291

Guillen’s Mariscos El Guero Taco Truck & Seafood
6136 W Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 9004

Mariscos Taco Truck -aka Sisco’s
S.E. corner of Centinela Ave. and Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Mariscos Maria Catering Truck
2241 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone number (323) 731-3108

Curious to see if anybody on here can vouch for these guys as well. Have yet to eat raw oysters off a street corner in LA and this needs to be rectified quickly!!

Feb 18, 2014
blackbookali in Los Angeles Area

How do you IN-N-OUT?

Jan 28, 2014
blackbookali in Chains

A $10 sandwich that is worth every penny.

After doing a search on chowhound I realize that I'm probably about to start a giant sh*t storm but I was just blown away by the Torta de Oscar at Oscar's Mexican Seafood.

I hesitate when mixing up proteins. They have to be tried and true combinations like bacon and turkey or carnitas and buche. I never get triple deckers at delicatessens that mix up meat like beef, turkey and ham. I was hesitant about mixing carne asada with smoked fish but after having each in taco form, I placed my faith in the menu Gods and I was delivered to the promised land.

I'll throw this out there: I live in LA and know little about the San Diego eating scene, but I have taken more than a few trips down south and would describe myself as an adventurous eater. Not trying to knock anyone but I find places like Chipotle to be a bit bland for my tastes. I believe a good taqueria lives and dies over their salsas and I found the three salsas at Oscar's to be the kind of secret sauce that could make an old tennis show edible. I found the asada do be of good quality, good texture, not the best ever but worth the $4 they charge for it in taco form. Smoked fish(I assume it was marlin) just does not happen enough in my life. I remember getting hooked on the stuff in Puerto Vallarta a few years back but it doesn't pop as often in taquerias here in LA. So maybe Oscar's smoked fish was an easy sell but I can't imagine going there and not getting it. The shrimp was more subtle in from flavor standpoint but when does it hurt to have shrimp in a sandwich? Bottom line: I was blown away, it was worth every penny of the $10 charge and I have a new absolute must stop when I am in San Diego.

Jan 26, 2014
blackbookali in San Diego

If you love Mexican Seafood check this out

Was just about to post on Oscar's when I paused and did a search to check if has been covered and frankly I am totally PERPLEXED by the hate on Oscar's. I just finished half the namesake torta and was so moved that I had to post; first time I ever knocked on the door of a fish and meat sandwich and I can't wait to get another and it sat for a 3 plus hours while I came back to LA, put my kid to bed and took a shower -Oscar's is awesome.

Jan 26, 2014
blackbookali in San Diego