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Good Eats Near Sugarbush/Bristol After Skiing

Bristol to Sugarbush is about a 1/2 hour drive over the App Gap. Many folks commute over to Sugarbush or Mad River Glen for work from the Bristol area. Take it slow and easy if the weather is iffy-that road can get really gnarly if the weather is bad!
Bobcat Cafe for sure. You should make reservations or hope for a spot at the bar. We live in the area and it is our #1 choice when we eat out. Not a big fan of Cubbers but lots of people like it. Main Street Tacos (Taco Truck All Stars peopl) is good. http://www.mainstreettacos.com/
I can recommend some other places in Middlebury, Vergennes or Hinesburg if you are interested in driving a little bit.

Dec 26, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Montrealer in Manchester VT-your suggestions

I like Cilantro for a quick lunch or dinner. Locally sourced produce and meats. Located right on Main Street.

Nov 16, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Vermont Trip Report (Stowe/Waterbury/Morrisville) - Oct 2014

Thanks for your report! Always love hearing how people's trips go. Glad you liked Pro Pig. Love that place!

Oct 27, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Local mail order food gifts

Dakin Farm (Vermont) is close to me so I do a little gift shopping there. They do have a catalog/website. They do a pretty impressive mail order business....especially during the holidays.

Oct 21, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Restaurants with great local cheese plates near Stowe/Waterbury??

Prohibition Pig has a cheese board but the selection varies so you won't know what you cam get until you go.
Crop Bistro in Stowe has a cheese menu.
If you are interested in buying local cheeses to bring home you could check out the Hunger Mountain Co-Op in Montpelier.

Meat/Chix Burlington, VT

If he has a vehicle I would suggest checking out the Shelburne Supermarket in Shelburne, Green Pasture Meats in Shelburne, or Lantman's Market in Hinesburg. All sell local meat...still pricy but not as pricy as Healthy Living/City Market.
For a conventional market Hannaford is decent in a pinch. They don't sell local meat though (which is what I prefer).

Oct 16, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Work trip lands me just outside of Burlington for 2 weeks

Good call re: Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg. Really great place. We went to Hinesburgh Public House over the weekend and they recently changed their menu-really not impressed. Only 4 entrees, 6 or so "small plates" and then a sandwich menu. They also got rid of their broiled fish and chips which was one of my favorites. Sigh. I ended up with a burger which was fine, but wish they had more variety of entrees.
They also changed their kid menu which was probably my favorite part of the place-they got rid of the salmon, grilled chicken etc.

Aug 06, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Work trip lands me just outside of Burlington for 2 weeks

If your hike is a Fri/Sat/Sun I'd go to Prohibition Pig in Waterbury for lunch. Fantastic food, fantastic beer.
Yes its a bummer about the Alchemist. They were basically forced to close to the public because they got too popular! They are working on building a new tasting room in Stowe so maybe next time you come up you can hit that up. In the meantime you should be able to find it in the local stores (see the website Morgana gave you for days/stores) and in restaurants. Natural Provisions which is near your hotel carries it.
Other breweries...Fiddlehead in Shelburne. Switchback in Burlington. If you are going to be in Waterbury you could head 20ish minutes north to Morrisville and hit up Rock Art and/or Lost Nation.
If you feel like a 30-35 minute drive from Williston for dinner the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery in Bristol has great food/beer.

Aug 05, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Work trip lands me just outside of Burlington for 2 weeks

Ditto Morgana about buying Heady at a local store. The Alchemist Brewery is not open to the public at the moment so you won't be able to go visit. There is a craft beer store in Maple Tree Place, next to the movie theater, just down the road from your hotel. The Beer Palate: http://beerpalate.com/ They have an extensive selection of craft beers and you can even get some on tap in a growler.
I have not had a chance to try Vermont Tap House yet but everyone I know that has had good things to say about it. Its located just down the road from your hotel.
The good news is that just about any restaurant you go to will have a local beers on tap. Vermont is very much a buy/eat local kind of place.
Chef's Corner in Williston is a good bet for breakfast/lunch.
Also, if you are at a bar/restaurant that has it, be sure to try some Whistlepig whiskey!

Aug 05, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Day trip to Burlington/Stowe area

1) Healthy Living Market and Traders Joe's would be good easy stops for you. Both are located on Dorset Street in South Burlington across from the south end of the University Mall. Take exit 14 E off I-89 and then take a right on Dorset Street. The stores will be on your left. They are located next door to each other.

2). Its been a long time since I've eaten out on Church Street in downtown Burlington but I think that would be your best bet. Most restaurants have outdoor seating and I've seen plenty of dogs with their owners when I've been down there. I know Leunigs is very popular. Hopefully someone else will chime in with some suggestions!

Jul 31, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Dinner in Burlington for group of 15 on a Saturday night?

A Single Pebble? I went to dinner there with a group of 15-20 a couple years ago.

Jul 16, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Slab reports, please!

Where is this place?

Jun 19, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Trader Joe's in Burlington, VT

Love Trader Joe's but do not buy my meat or produce there. It is far from local-comes from a LONG way away. For local stuff I head next door to Healthy Living.
Trader Joe's is GREAT for pantry stuff - snacks, sauces, marinades, nuts etc. Good freezer meals too for when you don't feel like cooking. I love their Tea Tree Shampoo. The Orange Chicken (frozen) is really good. Other favorites are the Soyaki Marinade and the Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels-YUM.
I've rotated it in to my weekly shopping routine!

Jun 02, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Woodstock with Kids

Woodstock Vermont or NH? There are Woodstock Inn's in both towns!

May 29, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

North Conway/ Storyland report

Glad to hear that White Mountain is kid friendly. I'm going to put it on our list when we go there in July!

May 26, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Dinners near Burlington

Garam Masala? I must have had spices on my mind. Chana Masala is the dish I like!

May 16, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Dinners near Burlington

OOH. I second Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg. Can't believe I forgot to mention it! We really like this place. Pizza is great. My favorite dishes are their Garam Masala and whatever burrito they have on special.

May 15, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Dinners near Burlington

Another idea that just came to me that is always a hit with the kids.
Burger Night (Fridays) at Bread & Butter Farm in South Burlington. Really good and lots of fun!

May 14, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Dinners near Burlington

We like the Hinesburgh Public House for a good meal out with the kids. Great local food. Great kids menu as well - no chicken finger type crappy food! Kids can get salmon, grilled chicken etc. About 10-15 minutes south of your hotel in Hinesburg. Make a reservation if you decide to go.

There is a newish flatbread pizza type restaurant in Williston-I have not been yet but friends have and they liked it. Its about a 1/2 mile from your hotel.

Don't do sushi so can't help there!

May 12, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Kennebunkport - spot to watch USA-Canada hockey game

Federal Jack's maybe? I'm pretty sure they have TVs in the bar area.

Feb 20, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Soldier Beans, ISO

Shaws in South Burlington (VT) carries them. Looked just for you ;)

Feb 04, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Trader Joe's in Burlington Vermont

I believe they will be opening this spring. It will be located on Dorset Street in South Burlington, across from the University Mall and next to Healthy Living Market. The building is currently under construction - drove by today and it is really coming along.

Jan 19, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

A "culinary tour" from CT to Montreal - where to even begin?

Vermont is the nation's leading syrup producer by a long shot. They do make syrup in NH but not on the scale of VT. Open house weekend is at the end of March for both states.
Vermont has a fantastic food "scene" focusing on farm fresh/farm to table.
Here are some websites to get you started:

Jan 12, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Winter Farmers Markets

AAA Northern New England magazine actually just had a story about winter markets.
The winter market in Rutland VT is supposed to be fantastic. I've been wanting to get down there to check it out but have not had a chance yet.
Middlebury has a weekly winter market - its small - only about a dozen vendors. But...good variety. Syrup, produce (greens, winter root vegis), meat, baked goods etc. The Middlebury summer market is much larger and is fantastic.
We actually joined a winter CSA share at a local organic farm. It has been fantastic. I have not bought produce at the grocery store in months!

Jan 05, 2014
bm_vt in Northern New England

Hen of the Wood Burlington not opening until late Sept/early Oct

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to trying it out..but will wait a bit so they work the kinks out!

Oct 12, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England

Black Sheep Bistro, Jessica's, Bob Cat Cafe, Storm Cafe, somewhere else?

Three Squares is a great place for lunch or breakfast. They serve dinner as well but it is the same menu for lunch. So if you feel like a sandwich or salad for dinner....
Their burger is yummy and I really like their mesclun salad.

Sep 30, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England

Black Sheep Bistro, Jessica's, Bob Cat Cafe, Storm Cafe, somewhere else?

We love the Bobcat. We were just there Wednesday. My favorite of the ones you have listed. They brew their own beers. Yum.
I had the steak-ordered it medium and it came perfect. Spouse had the haddock dish and it got rave reviews. Mother in Law had the burger - it was HUGE. It looked great. Father in Law had the meatloaf-he really enjoyed it but be forewarned that the sauce it comes with is HOT. If you don't like a lot of spice but want the meatloaf, ask for it on the side-they'll happily oblige.
Be sure to make a reservation for wherever you choose - its busy season here now between leaf peepers, college parents weekends and us locals who like to eat out!

Sep 28, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England

Restaurant recommendations in Burlington, VT area?

Starry Night is one of my favorites. Love it. GREAT service, ambiance, and the food is not too shabby either ;).
I hear nothing but good things about Guild and Co. Have not had a chance to get there yet so if you go I'd love to read your review.

Sep 26, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England

From UK, need recs please

There are so many great places in Vermont where farm to table cuisine is what you'll find the most. Vermont also has great micro-breweries and wineries.
Here are some VT suggestions.
BBQ: Prohibition Pig in Waterbury and Bluebird BBQ in Burlington.
Food markets/shops: Harvest Market in Stowe. Cheesetraders in South Burlington.
Not sure about bars w/trivia...but some good places are the Bobcat Cafe in Bristol. Hinesburgh Public House in Hinesburg.
I'm not big on baked goods or breakfasts so hopefully someone else can chime in for you.
When are you coming? Enjoy your trip!

Sep 23, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England

Any suggestions to my itinerary? Burlington, VT

We happened to be going through Waterbury at lunch time yesterday and went to Prohibition Pig for lunch. I had Korean BBQ sliders - fantastic. My spouse had the fish sandwich which was great. It is certainly kid friendly - we had our 2 kids with us and every other table had kids as well. You can get Heady Topper there (assuming they are not sold out) if they are sold out at the brewery.

Sep 22, 2013
bm_vt in Northern New England