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The Long and Winding Road to Brindisi's (Saratoga Springs)

chianti is all about the wine and food, hope you try and like.....

The Long and Winding Road to Brindisi's (Saratoga Springs)

Brindisi's is on my worst of, why are they still open list in Saratoga....bad service, tight space and rowdy crowd, my friend almost got in the middle of a fist fight last time I tried it. Hate it on a busy day like new years.

Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs

my next reservation will be the wine bar, great info, thanks findis

Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs

yahoo, good riddance

Best Restaurants in Saratoga Springs

sorry to reply so late, been away from the board. I love the seafood stew, gave many gift cards for xmas to chianti.....

Max London's, Saratoga Springs

Boy, talk about a spectrum of info. I have been hesitant to try this because of the price of the menu and the lack of a continued good report here. I do the Mrs. London's thing a lot ...... anyone that can guide me to go there???

Boston hound heading to Albany

I have been recommending Creo but lately, the service has been sub par. We have found an expansion of Wheatfields, a saratoga regular, in Clifton Park but have not tried it yet. I had a great dining experience at the Brown Derby in the old Salvation Army building recently as well. The Gingerman on Delaware Ave is also a long time standard with great food.

Lilee's in Brunswick Maine

We really enjoy back st bistro so this will be on our list on our next visit.....

The skinny on Barnacle Billy's?

Lynda, so right, you should have complained up the chain and up to the department of health if you were not satisified. Had a similar experience at a waffle house I USED to love. Last two bites, found a huge fly under my waffle. Owner/manager suggested it had been planted. I was nauseaus and stood to talk to him away from the table. He open palmed me and backed off, saying that my meal would be comped. The 4 of us ate there every weekend. I did not pay for my meal but never ate there again. I did report it to the department of health, placed closed a month later. Your experience should give pause to anyone considering a visit.

Sep 14, 2009
jspear in Northern New England

Manchester, VT

I really like the Gourmet Deli on the far end of Manchester. I never see it spoken about here but they are great, great chicken salad.....good for little ones too.

Throwing a party! Need to stock up on wine. What should we get?

I have been very happy lately with B&G Vouvray and it can be picked up in the NH state stores. Light and sippy, fruity but not overly sweet. it is a Chenin Blanc and the Beringer Chenin Blanc is similar. Less expensive than a good chardonay and better for a broader palate, I think anyway......

Pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY

How about the pink store, gluten free offering as well. I also like Marino's....

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Troy is convienent for me but I really like the one in Saratoga as well.

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

How was the wine bar??? used to know the chef, dave, but I think he has left.

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Chianti and like forno, I do the honest weight co op for gluten free basics in bulk for my friend with celiac's disease. I think that they are moving to a different location. There is also a gf bakery off of wolf road, behind the mac grille I think if that at all is of interest, they used to be in Brunswick, expensive but good quality. We did get a bad lemon cake there once though. Great rolls and breads.....

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Last thing, snow man in Lansingburg for a great sundae or ice cream on a hot day....

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

glad to hear about your experience at Vin Santo, we had the WORSE chicken thing there, grizzle or something inside, I thought my friend would lose her cookies,,,,,too bad because I was hoping it would be good....

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Maybe I misread but if you are looking for Troy for pizza, I think the pickings are somewhat limited...Testo's is family owned and inexpensive, the sauce is the key for me and theirs is great. Wish I could remember the little Italian place we went to in troy, Forno's maybe, that we had a great meal. D'Raymonds has the best veal in the capital district, I always get the crab wrapped in veal, I think with a vodka sauce, out of this world.....


Hey, I'm always posting for the Bath area and this is a new place for me, where is it? If you are in this area I would also stop at the Robinhood Meetinghouse in Georgetown and Back Street Bistro in Brunswick....

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Try Testo's in Troy for pizza. I didn't see Gingerman on your list of places to eat but we were very happy with our last meal there. You liked Filet 7, I was unimpressed. I like Milano in Latham, sister to Provence, same owner and we eat at Carmines a lot lately....

Success in Lake George Area Dining

glad you ate well, there is lots to see and eat up here in the great northcountry.....


Brotherhood of Theives for pub food and grog. Love the atmosphere and the specialty drinks, although overpriced, are interesting and sometimes innovative.

Food in Albany?

We have had GREAT meals recently at Avenue A and the Gingerman in Albany but Avenue A was particularly great, mac and cheese and lobster, out of this world.....We really liked the atmosphere there as well and friend who is Gluten Free was particularly pleased.....let us know what you tried.


Great, it has been my number one recommendation in Saratoga for a long time. Glad you enjoyed the place.....

Quick Bite near Times Union Center - Albany

you will get what you want in the quantity you want at Jack's, just let them know your time constraints, we have done them before shows a lot. Same with Nicole's, just let them know what you might want in the time you have, both have been very accommodating in past visits. Pub food is always so so but I think the pump station can go above normal for wings, salads and specials and their usual menu has some great quick bites. They are big, however and on concert nights, it can be inconsistently slow to stopped, we have been late using them in the past but generally, it is a great choice for pre-show. I think Dale's new place may be a good idea but again, busy and if you want quick, you might want to avoid. Anyplace in the area will be busy so keep that in mind, as you have experience with the area, and plan accordingly......

Quick Bite near Times Union Center - Albany

Jack's Oysterhouse is a great resto with a variety of food McGeary's is also close and good pub food. There are many many places to go and see, I think Nicole's Bistro and Albany Pump Station are all close enough.....

Good chinese in the albany area?

No and I have a friend who needs to do Gluten Free and that is a real issue with local chinese. I do like Plum Blossom and they are consistent for the things that I get there. I have yet to try CCK or anything out of my neighborhood. We are looking for more tofu and lighter sauces ourselves, mostly because of the gf stuff.....

Mother's Day brunch in Albany-Troy

springwater is closed

Breakfast in Southern Maine

Outside eating on a nice morning as well.......

Breakfast in Southern Maine

The place for breakfast in the brunswick area is Mae's Cafe right off the highway in Bath, great baked goods and a great breakfast......