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Cape Cod Recommendation Needed

Old Sheas is a nice quiet, dark, homey place with lots of menu options. You'll all be happy, and its not as corporate feeling as BBC.

Dec 27, 2010
hzp in Southern New England

Is Nobuo open on Mondays? Phone #?

Hey all... missed you all so much:) (The Northeast boards are pretty bleh).

Dying to try Teeter House while in town, but can't find any contact info, website, hours, etc. I'd assume they're closed on Mondays, but who knows? Anyone?

Jul 26, 2010
hzp in Phoenix

bar for 200 ppl?

We have an event in Jan and need to find a bar (w food if possible) that can accomodate 150-200 ppl on a Sat. night. Closer to MIT the better.


Nov 30, 2009
hzp in Greater Boston Area

Winter CSA in Western Mass

i was actually just asking about one on the south shore.... if you find anything out, lemme know.

Oct 16, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Half-way between PHX and Sedona?

what's that diner with the ridiculous bourbon pecan pie? black rock or window rock or black canyon or something like that? that'd be a great place as well.

Oct 13, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Cape Cod Alert

chillingsworth or brewster fish house, i'd say. anyone else in?

Oct 02, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Cape Cod Alert

awesome. where we going? ;)

Oct 01, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

authentic dim sum?

In chicago and would love dim sum for Sunday brunch. recommendations? We're all pretty serious dim sum veterans so looking for something authentic. thank you!

Sep 26, 2009
hzp in Chicago Area

Provincetown Restaurant Week November 6-November 12

I was in Ptown yesterday and saw ads up for their first Restaurant Week. Following the national model, they're doing 3 courses for $35 at a variety of restaurants- here's the list. (from http://www.provincetowntourismoffice....


Bayside Betsy’s
177 Commercial Str
(508) 487-6566

Central House at the Crown & Anchor
247 Commercial Str
(508) 487-1430

73 Shank Painter Rd
(508) 487-1530

Ciro & Sal's
4 Kiley Ct
(508) 487-6444

Crowne Pointe Bistro
82 Bradford Str
(508) 487-6767

186 Commercial Str
(508) 487-7555

539 Commercial Str
(508) 487-1964

Front Street
230 Commercial Str
(508) 487-9715

Jimmy’s Hideaway
179 Comercial Str
(508) 487-1011

Lobster Pot
321 Commercial Str
(508) 487-0842

133 Commercial Str
(508) 487-6074

429 Commercial Str
(508) 487-1500

Michael Shay’s
350 Bradford Str
(508) 487-3368

7 Freeman Str
(508) 487-1145

Red Inn
15 Commercial Str
(508) 487-7334

237 Commercial Str
(508) 487-8878

Saki Sushi
258 Commercial Str
(508) 487-4870

Waterford Tavern & Café
386 Commercial Str
(508) 487-6400

Townsend Lobster & Seafood
85-87 Shank Painter Rd
(508) 487-5161

175 Bradford Str Ext
(508) 487-1777

Sep 23, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Coming to Phoenix and need to know a fun, good place to eat alone at a bar!

well, i was SO bummed abt our experience, but it had little to do with the kids. its probably not a kid friendly place, period. its dark and quiet, etc. but for a date night yasu would be great.

Sep 12, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Coming to Phoenix and need to know a fun, good place to eat alone at a bar!

hana is so close, i'd just rather zip there.

Sep 12, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Coming to Phoenix and need to know a fun, good place to eat alone at a bar!

are we loving moira? really? eh. i was totally kinda underwhelmed by it all. though i totally agree on all the rest.

Sep 12, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Outer Cape sushi?

absolutely, positively mac's shack. BUT, they're only open through the oyster festival, end of october.

Sep 11, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Weekday lunch on 20th St. and Thomas?

don't know how far you were looking to wander, but I've always saidthat vincents bistro at 44th and camelback is one of the hidden gems in phx. Lunch for 10-15$, free dessert, great locale, great service and lord knows you can't beat the food.

Sep 09, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

yasu, so so.

I have SUCH limited time when I'm in town now and I really have no patience for bad food. We do routinely hit Yasu with good results, but I will say the service is completely bipolar. its either really good or just truly, horribly bad.

Sep 08, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

yasu, so so.

i agree, Hana is always excellent. However, I choose sushi places for different things. I usually like Yasu because of their small plates, etc.

Sep 03, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

yasu, so so.

Yasu is usually, by far, one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of being in. It consistently wows, with inventive dishes and a definitive style that always have me wishing I was walking back in when I’m finally heading out. Yasu himself is charming and helpful and they have one wonderful, awesome waiter- an American with a suspiciously Japanese name who goes out of his way to help.

We did not get him.

On a Sunday at 7pm myself and 5 friends met for our reservation. We are all repeat customers. HEAVY repeat customers.

We ordered drinks and about the time they finally showed up, a cool 25 minutes later, we were informed they were all out of tuna.

Wrr? We all sighed and said… ok and ticked off an awful lot of other sushi options which we then turned in. A few minutes later, our waitress (emphasis on the ‘wait’) returned and said that the wait was 35 minutes for sushi and would we care to order from the kitchen? We reluctantly said ok and placed a few orders.

So imagine our surprise when moments later our sushi began to arrive. Well. Sort of. Our waitress appeared with 3 uni shots instead of 6. All 6 of us eyed them, wondering who we’d have to take out to get one, and I calmly ask the waitress to retrieve our other uni shots “expedited, perhaps”? Instead our waitress walked around the restaurant puzzedly WITH the uni shots like a nomad until she returned 5 minutes later to say there was no more uni. A nice bunch, we all surrendered our shots until the three smartest amongst us grabbed them and then crowed about their taste. The waitress offered us 3 oyster shots instead. They sucked.

So it was odd when oysters showed up WITH uni on them (though we should say we did order them that way) a bit later. 5 of them. For the six of us. Once again we all quietly stare at the plate. It is now an hour into our meal. We have already begun texting sweet republic, begging them to stay open. Or atleast bring us ice cream, or even burger king, because we're hungry, damnit. We are also hysterical. There are threats of violence via chopsticks.

A process is established. Every 30 minutes or so a single dish of sushi or something arrives. We each eat one piece, compliment it, and then spend 30 minutes digesting. Halfway through a waiter or waitress will appear to let us know something we ordered is out. But they have “everything else”. We have stopped being quiet and are now openly snarky about it . And hungry. At some point management approaches and we instruct him to turn around and go away until he has good news.

They are out of our sake, but are happy to suggest another that is 3x the price. One of the diners suggests they comp it. He laughs. After three hours, all still a wee bit hungry, but 80$ poorer and without a glimmer of hope for sweet republic, we depart.

We’ve been comped nothing. Not an “I’m sorry”. Not a “hey, have some edamame on us”. Not a “we’ve knocked 10% off the bill”. We are a bit hysterical over the comical situation, but also not a little pissed. A 400$ bill for a bunch of regulars with a reservation?


Sep 03, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Dinner after Brown U. College Tour. Ideas?

ignoring some of the sillier banter... your son will tire himself of andreas and paragon easily once in school there. based on your parameters.. why not try the trinity brewhouse in downtown, or any of the million pubs, which providence has a lot of? Parkside isn't bad. Hemenway's. Also, double check if you'll be there on a Waterfire night. If so, you absolutely want to be someplace on the river!!!

Aug 17, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Obscenely Cheap in RI?

apsara! land of cheap eats for years.

Aug 14, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

finally! real sushi on cape.

I don't honestly don't know... oh wait, through oyster festival weekend, so yes.

91 Commercial Street
Wellfleet, MA 02667

Jul 26, 2009
hzp in Southern New England

finally! real sushi on cape.

we recently moved from the city to the cape, and all live in the harwich/brewster area. it really wasn't a bad outing, and i've learned, everywhere on the cape is a half hour drive, whether its just over the 6 or a few towns away.

when you really love sushi, and you want an authentic experience, mac's shack is worth the drive. and one better... there's parking and even a parking attendant to show you where....

Jul 26, 2009
hzp in Southern New England

finally! real sushi on cape.

we've been hitting misaki every week or so and while its not bad sushi, its also not great sushi. but moreover, i was really missing the sushi experience. sitting at the sushi bar, talking with your sushi chef, ordering as you go, getting their recommendations, interacting... legitimately neat specials that change.

and inaho might be better sushi, if only slightly. but the atmosphere is definitely lacking there.

someone suggested to me recently that i oughta try Mac's Shack. We've been twice in 2 weeks. It is EVERYTHING a sushi place should be that Misaki and Inaho aren't.

Ichy and Jun, the main chefs, are awesome. They were friendly, personable.... they were responsive, recommended items, etc. The menu items alone were great- there was a yellowtail jalapeno sashimi, and a great halibut sashimi with a hot ponzu. We were wowed though, by fresh sea urchin, in the shell. Our ama ebi was as good as any I've gotten. White tuna and mackerel didn't disappoint either. I even found the seaweed salad to be above par. Yellowtail collar was the best we've ever had. There's still a good assortment of rolls, and between the sushi offerings and a few raw bar supplements, its a fabulous treat all around.

We've found a new hot spot for us to hit... and I know Wellfleet isn't a skip away from Hyannis, but still. Its THAT much better.... it'll be a LONG time before Misaki sees our business again.

Jul 25, 2009
hzp in Southern New England

Cape Cod - Grocery shopping/farmstands/speciality stores

I'm in Harwich and LOVE Phoenix fruit in Orleans. Also, just off main street in Orleans is both a natural food store and a small gourmet shop that will get anything you'd like. Just right right at the gas station on Main street in Orleans.

Jul 21, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Is Richardson's/Rokerij jinxed? (Phx)

I am saddened beyond belief not just for Richardson's, but everyone in that stripmall. All independent, non chain local stores.... I know a lot of staff at Richardson's & True Value and I suspect this will be hardest on them in this tough economy.

Jul 17, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Best seafood restaurants near Brewster, MA

what about the brewster fish house? obvious, but for a reason.

Jul 16, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Must Eat Stops en route to Cape Cod from NYC

may i suggest you skip the freeway and take the ferry instead? the route takes you through montauk, with a zillion farmstands and wineries with all kinds of fabulous places to stop and grab something delicious. its also a beautiful drive.

you don't really save or forfeit much time because you don't have to drive on the ferry. having done it both ways, i opt for the ferry unless i'm in a big rush.

Jul 15, 2009
hzp in All New England Archive

Peking Duck PHX.

chandler. what's the new place next to it with dimsum? phoenix palace sounds familiar, but I could be wrong.

Jul 14, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Peking Duck PHX.

super dragon has v. good peking duck (very good, not spectacular, but best in phx) and is a nice place to sit down.

that said, i'd bet that new place next to lee lees has awesome peking duck.

Jul 14, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

Phoenix Area - Best Drinks With A View?

I've never thought much of the food there, but there are few views in this world better than the one from Elements at Sanctuary.

The Point at Tapatio has that place all the way at the top of the mountain if its still around.... its quite a view.

Lastly, I've always been a fan of the compass room for a view of downtown. Might not be what you're looking for, but still lovely, particularly for brunch.

Jul 05, 2009
hzp in Phoenix

PHX BEST Cost-no-object ITALIAN

marchellino or avanti

Jun 13, 2009
hzp in Phoenix