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Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream?

i tried the raw milk ice cream. it's freaking delicious. it tastes like a very rich custard. i loved it. on par with the mascaporne at il laboratoria. my favorite "vanilla" flavor so far.

about 20 hours ago
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Tuome - Modern American Chinese

i went to tuome several months ago and loved my dinner. i'll keep this recap in mind when i make a return visit. surprised that there are so many detractors, although many of my asian friends don't seem to like it. i loved the deviled eggs and the side of sticky rice. i had the pig out for two, but it was a little too rich for me. did like the peanut noodles though, but thought it was odd that you couldn't order them separately on the menu. i think for an asian fusion restaurant it does a very good job.

about 24 hours ago
gabandgobble in Manhattan

small plates and great cocktails in Manhattan

yes, I hope you make it out soon! it's a really under-the-radar restaurant that deserves more attention.

1 day ago
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Help please with picking the tastiest.

loratliff's list is pretty much spot on. definitely agree with estela, dirty french, contra and cherche midi. i would swap out the remaining three for cosme (very hard to get a table), gramercy tavern, the elm and marea

2 days ago
gabandgobble in Manhattan

small plates and great cocktails in Manhattan

I would recommend Wallflower in the West Village. They make tasty small plates of French food, and were voted as making the best bespoke cocktails in nymag at one point. the atmosphere is a little more romantic.

They also have a sister restaurant The Eddy in the East Village which I love--similar small plates but more american in taste/feel, great drinks, and more casual atmosphere

2 days ago
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Ramen Lab in Nolita

Just when you think the city is oversaturated with ramen shops, another one opens, the newest one being Ramen Lab in Nolita. This is the one operated by Sun Noodle, the famous noodle purveyor to the stars such as Momofuku and Ivan Ramen, and has Jack Nakamura the "ramen god" running the kitchen.

I waited outside for 45 minutes for one of the 10-12 spots at the counter to open up. For 7:30 on a Friday night, and for a city that likes to wait for good ramen, I thought the wait was actually pretty reasonable. I could see it getting worse when the weather improves.

The torigara shoyu ramen was pretty traditional. It featured a very clean broth made of chicken, a departure from the intense tonkotsu pork broths that the city seems to be obsessed with. Delicate, thinner noodles were used, since the broth was simple enough to let the slight, starchy glutens of the noodle come through. I guess I am so used to tonkotsu broths that I was surprised by the basic nature of this shoyu, but I liked how drinkable the broth was, unburdened by all that cloudy pork fat.

The XO miso broth, on the other hand, was intensely rich and earthy and almost buttery, and as such, thicker, springier noodles were used so that they wouldn’t recede beneath the heavy miso veil. The noodles were perfectly chewy, the stir-fried bean sprouts and chives provided some nice texture, the XO sauce added just a hint of heat and brine without being too funky, and the miso felt very smooth. You definitely need to add on the eggs to optimize the experience.

I would definitely come back here for the shoyu ramen because I like my ramens a little more basic, and I like to slurp the broth at the end. The miso ramen was very unique and good in its own way, but that dense broth certainly was not drinkable. There's a lot of ramens competing for our attention, but we should make room for Ramen Lab. If you want to see pictures of the two different ramens and the set up of the kitchen, reference the link for some pictures and more detailed descriptions


Jan 24, 2015
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Date night in Louisville

Excellent! They will have a great time there. That angus burger and those grippo fries were so good. Apparently the lamb ribs and fried chicken are supposed to be good too. awesome.

Date night in Louisville

I recently came back from Louisville, and I think Wiltshire on Market or Harvest would be good date night options for your friends. They both feature accessible, farm-to-table cooking. Wiltshire felt a little more intimate and I liked the food there a little more, so that would be my pick. If you want to see pictures for more context and if they might like the food/ambiance there, you can refer to my blog for more info

Louisville, KY to be devoured by Portland food nerds over a four day period

I just spent MLK weekend in Louisville and had some good meals. My favorite restaurant was Mayan Cafe, this stylish Mexican restaurant in Nulu that makes fantastic lima beans, salbutes and ceviches. A close second was Hammerheads, this total dive restaurant that made the best hamburgers and these addicting "grippo" seasoned french fries. Also liked Wiltshire on Market for its farm-to-table cooking. Harvest similarly specialized in farm-to-table, but I thought Wiltshire was better. Wish I could have checked out Milkwood but didn't have enough meals to fit that in.

dining in Soho

i think their chicken is very good, as is the cabbage salad at lunch time, and the pita and hummus. you could do a lot worse in soho.

Jan 16, 2015
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Pre-theater suggestions around Studio 54 (54th St & 8th Ave)

i really liked our pre-theater meal at Taboon, a low-key mediterranean restaurant on 10th ave and 52nd. their house bread was fantastic, and i really enjoyed the hanger steak

dining in Soho

*another vote for Lan Larb for good isan thai food
*another vote for Maman for a cute coffeeshop/breakfast/light lunch (great quiches)
*Raoul's would be great for a nice dinner. serves french food in a very cool, old school ny setting (woody allen type vibe)
*Balaboosta for israeli food
*Jack's Wife Freda for Israeli food in a fun setting
*Cocoron is on the border for soho/nolita but has fantastic soba noodles

Jan 11, 2015
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Berlin recommendations? [Split from Donor Kebab thread on the Manhattan board]

Yes, Mercan and Da Jia Le were both restaurants we hadn't initially planned on eating at, but they were very good finds!

Jan 10, 2015
gabandgobble in Europe

Berlin recommendations? [Split from Donor Kebab thread on the Manhattan board]

Hi there,
I was just in Berlin over Christmas break and thought it might be helpful to share some of the places I tried for lunch and dinner. Many of our dining choices came recommended by a friend who lives in Berlin as well from past chowhound boards.

Volt** - I had the best meal in Berlin at Volt. It was very comparable to inventive, stylish and locally sourced cooking here in New York. The vegetarian tasting menu is fantastic. In Kreuzberg
Ottenthal - really enjoyed the schnitzel and goose at this unfussy Austrian restaurant in Kurfürstendamm. The sour cream potatoes that came with the bread were also excellent.
Mercan - a casual and tasty Turkish restaurant in Kreuzberg. Staff was very accommodating and friendly. Generous portions. Lunch for two + wine and water = 25 euros.
Dos Palillos - Asian tapas restaurant run by an El Bulli alum. Had high expectations but portions were too small and it wasn't that amazing. in Mitte.
Katz Orange - specializes in rustic, farm-to-table cooking, food seemed very hipster American. Also thought it was overrated. in Mitte.
Da Jia Le - we wanted something Asian, and the Chinese food here is actually pretty good, steamed fish was outstanding. Prices also reasonable.
Prince - stylish Asian fusion food. It was pretty tasty, but not for you if you're only into authentic stuff. In mitte.

If you want some more context and some visuals, feel free to refer to the link


Jan 10, 2015
gabandgobble in Europe

What Pastries and bakeries makes your mouthwater the most in Denmark and the greater Europe?

If you're in Norrebro, definitely try the chocolate cinnamon rolls at Meyers Bageri! I also tried this other pastry which wasn't as good. Here are some pictures for reference

Jul 16, 2014
gabandgobble in Europe

Flinders Lane

Fantastic! Let me know if you try some of the other small plates, there were so many things I was curious to try.

Jul 01, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

I need Bruges and Antwerp Recommendation.

I just wanted to say that I referenced this board for my recent trip to Antwerp. I had dinner at Te Kook and Ardent, lunch at Chez Fred and coffee at Barnini. The recommendations were spot on, which I appreciated!

The vibe at Te Kook is very sleek and modern, and I liked the enormous bar table and the industrial lights. I had the best bowl of spaghetti of my life here (coming from a New Yorker!) and the sea bass was excellent. We had the four course pre fixe at Ardent, which was reasonably priced at 45 euro and the food was also imaginative, delicious and well executed.

Chez Fred was fine, nothing memorable but checked the box on a light lunch in a nice atmosphere. If you'd like to see pictures of the dishes at Te Kook and Ardent, I've provided links below:


Jul 01, 2014
gabandgobble in Europe

east village recommendations

Bianca on bleecker, which is cash only, makes homestyle Italian food at very reasonable prices. It takes walk-ins only, but if you went early then the wait for two wouldn't be too bad.

siggy's on elizabeth makes healthy food that actually tastes good, especially the salmon burger. again, no reservations policy. very popular with stylish people who workout a lot.

prima (1st and 1st) has an awesome 2-for-1 happy hour from 5-7 and has a great seafood menu--the arctic char is delicious. I wouldn't say this place is cheap, but the price points would be comparable to Gemma.

upstate is also pretty good, great oysters and beer

Jun 24, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Flinders Lane

I decided to pay Flinders Lane a visit after reading a very favorable review of the restaurant in the NY Times. The meal definitely lived up to expectations, as I found so much to like about the creative Australian-inspired cuisine. British, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Southeast Asian, somehow all of these flavor profiles find their way onto the menu, and the resulting outcome is a model UN of shared plates.

Flinders Lane uses the small plate approach in their menu planning, so while the portions are small, there's more opportunity to try many different things. The best by far were the grilled lamb rack and the tandoori rabbit. Grilled lamb "rack" was more like grilled lamb lollipops, but very good ones where the meat was tender, moist and devoid of gaminess. The rabbit meat was also tender and flavorful, a hybrid of the tastiest pork loin and chicken breast you can find.

The curry laksa was also good--not quite as thick, spicy and hearty as the Malaysian kind, but still very creamy and comforting. The diver scallops were tasty, but it was really the macadamia-chili relish that was the real star. Stirring the savory and sweet bits of nuts and vegetables into some rice was one of the highlights of dinner.

The spicy soft shell crabs were fine, but I thought they were a bit overseasoned. I also wasn't sold on the oysters kilpatrick--I like my oysters raw, not cooked in a Worcestershire bbq-like sauce.

There was also a lot of thought put into the cocktails. They're distinctive in that they are vegetable based--imagine going to Liquiteria for juice, only they're all spiked. The sugar snap pea smash was excellent, as was the smoked carrot margarita.

For pictures and a lengthier description of the other dishes, see below


Jun 12, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Box Kite Cafe in the East Village

That is awesome!! You should definitely check it out if you haven't already. Box Kite and Flinders Lane have been my favorites new places so far.

Jun 09, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Box Kite Cafe in the East Village

I recently had dinner at Box Kite Cafe, a daytime coffee shop in the East Village that converts into a dinner restaurant at night. I was pretty impressed by the fine-dining caliber food I was served there, especially considering it was impressively executed in the tiniest of prep areas.

Box Kite currently offers two seatings at 7 and 10 pm for a 10-course tasting menu, Thursdays to Saturdays. We dropped by on a Tuesday night for a la carte dining and managed to get seated without a reservation--the place is still under the radar for now.

The menu changes often, depending on the whims of the well-trained chefs (formerly of Roberta’s, Acme and Empellon Cocina). The shared small-plates tradition is alive and well here. We decided to start with an order of the olives--I’m not big on olives, but the ones served at Box Kite were warm, plump and deliciously salty.

The scallop was undisputably excellent. There’s a clean flavor to these scallops, in which the light, foamy qualities of their saltwater surroundings are remarkably preserved. The sweetness and depth of the green tomato marmalade was a nice complement to the briney, airy flavor profiles of the dish.

The flavors of the octopus dish lived up to the dramatic presentation--thick and meaty, with the jet black squid ink mayo providing a satisfying salt-water unctuousness. Another standout from the restaurant.

The flat iron steak was prepared in a more familiar way–the meat was cooked medium rare, rendering it juicy and tender. It was definitely a solid dish.

We ended the meal with the thai iced tea panna cotta, which tasted like an orange sorbet. The flavors were pretty mellow, and overall the dessert didn’t make quite as big of an impression as the three savory dishes.

I guess with enough talent you can make it work under any conditions, tiny kitchen or otherwise. Looking forward to making a repeat trip to see what other tricks Box Kite has up its dinner sleeve.

If you want to see pictures of the food, and for more context how things were prepared, see below:


May 09, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan


I agree that Main Street Market is worth a visit. Feast is a gourmet food shop similar to Dean & Deluca or Joan's on 3rd in LA that has fantastic soups, sandwiches and salads for take-away service. Afterwards you should grab some chocolates from Gearharts, a gourmet confectioner right around the corner.

If you need late-night food options, follow the South Fork Food Truck twitter feed @SouthForkTruck to get your hands on some delicious Southern comfort food! For pictures that show you what the food offerings and the atmosphere of these places are like, feel free to use the link for more context:


May 06, 2014
gabandgobble in Mid-Atlantic

Good lunch in Napa Valley?

Hi all,

Thank you for all the Napa Valley lunch recommendations. We ended up going to Redd on day 1, and Bouchon on day 2.

Redd was pretty solid. I loved the relaxed, contemporary vibe of the dining room, and for the most part I thought the Asian influences were incorporated well. The lettuce cups were a bit of a disappointment--soggy and overly sweet. I loved the glazed pork belly, a gloriously rich and decadent dish, and the yellowtail tuna and hamachi tartare and petrale sole were well executed.

Although I'm not a huge fan of old-school French bistro cooking, I also enjoyed our lunch at Bouchon. The special pasta of the day, a tagliatelle with mushroom and fava bean pasta, was amazing. The green garlic soup was comforting, and the simple goat cheese salad was surprisingly tasty. The table bread was also fantastic--we needed to ask for two braided loaves.

I also wanted to call out Andie's Cafe, a diner located in a gas station that makes terrific breakfast burritos. It's obviously very humble and low key and doesn't get the press of the more renowned Yountville restaurants, but it definitely is worth a visit. The Pear, on the other hand, was not that great.

For pictures, as well as an overview of some vineyards we visited, see below:



awesome! i feel like Pete Wells and I are pretty much in agreement with what's good :) although he didn't like han dynasty lol

Mar 25, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Good lunch in Napa Valley?

that is a valid point - the bouchon in ny is in a shopping center, and i'm sure the experience is vastly different from the one in california. i guess i've at least tried some of bouchon's offerings so wanted to go somewhere different while in napa.

Good lunch in Napa Valley?

Thanks for the Bottega recommendation-I forgot that Michael Chiarello had a restaurant here! There's a Bouchon in new york, so I'll rule that out. Narrowing down between Bottega and Redd...

Good lunch in Napa Valley?

Hi, I'm making a trip out to Napa Valley, and I'd like recommendations for a nice weekday lunch. In terms of what I'm looking for, if French Laundry were theoretically open for lunch and had a cheaper lunch menu of about $50 a person, then I would be open to something like that. I've made reservations at Redd for now, which appears to have a $50 lunch pre-fixe, but if there are any other better options, I would love to hear about them! Thanks!

Omakase at Jewel Bako

My friends ordered the sushi omakase, so they got to try the anago. They did comment that the eel was very good. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

I agree the atmosphere is great, and if you order select sushi pieces, a dinner here is reasonable in price. However, I wouldn't say Jewel Bako's $115 chef's omakase is all that much of a bargain. Isn't Tanoshi and Sushi Dojo cheaper? I'd say $65 is reasonable, but once you break $100, then less so.

Mar 14, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Omakase at Jewel Bako

I agree that you don't award Michelin stars for omakase, you're awarded based solely on the quality of the food. I learned this from a video online of an interview with a Michelin reviewer whose identity was shrouded, wish I had a link. Maybe I wasn't clear, but other than the toro, I found the other pieces like the amberjack, yellowtail, uni or red snapper a bit lacking, so based on these assessments of the food itself, I was wondering about the Michelin star rating a bit.

Mar 14, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan

Omakase at Jewel Bako

I tried the sashimi omakase at Jewel Bako last weekend (note this is the omakase that comes on one platter, not the chef's tasting menu). I've heard such good things about the sushi here, and the Michelin star is certainly very impressive, but I felt like I was expecting a little more from my experience.

Obviously the quality of the fish here is high, especially the toro, but I didn't experience that melt-in-your mouth quality with each piece. The white fish like amberjack and yellowtail in particular were a bit disappointing. I was curious to see if anyone else had a similar experience here and am wondering if I need to be trying something else (select, specific pieces or rolls) to get that Michelin experience? I think I definitely prefer Ushiwakamaru to here, although the tamago at Jewel Bako is probably the best I've had. And the trio of tartares was fantastic as well.

And any recommendations on affordable, $40-$60 omakase worth going to is highly appreciated!

For more context on specific pieces, you can read below:

Mar 14, 2014
gabandgobble in Manhattan