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Why cook pasta in water and not the sauce?

A simple question, but why cook pasta in one pot and the sauce in another? Some chefs seem to finish pasta by folding it into a sauce, but since most pastas (especially dry) only need only a short hit of moisture/heat, why not marry them earlier?

If you make a nice clam sauce, for example, why not simmer/prepare the noodles in that same sauce where they might absorb more flavors, rather than match them at the last minute? Contrast is a valid point.

I ask because I saw a recipe for lasagne where they said to not bother with boiling the noodles... they'd cook and get moist. So it got me thinking outside the box.

Dipping crusty bread into an over easy egg is a divine, last minute merger. But merging an egg and bread before cooking delivers an also-delish french toast.


Jan 22, 2010
joninaz in Home Cooking

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Finale Part 2 - 12/09/09 (Spoilers)

I was rooting for Kevin all season and didn't like the brothers much, but have to admit adding the single mom/background story kinda softened my view. So... not so bad. They will all do well in their niches.

I was also very impressed by the good sportsmanship and professionalism displayed. Unlike most other contest shows, and some previous seasons of TC, they all worked together as if they were on the same team, letting the food decide their merit.

Dec 09, 2009
joninaz in Food Media & News

Next Iron Chef Finale - Spoilers

Was it me or was the episode strangely edited and produced? At the half hour mark they were already doing the countdown.

I realize they need a longer intro for the finale and a longer, final debate, but they also picked roasts and ribs for the ingredient, foods that deserve time to cook.

Would you want ribs or buffalo steamed in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes? Blah.

Nov 22, 2009
joninaz in Food Media & News

British article about Hershey trying to buy Cadbury...

Really? I've always thought the main Hershey bar to be wax-like, whereas the Cadbury choco bars are more silky/soft and linger on the tongue. Those with fruit and nut, etc are also popping with flavor... you know you've hit the fruit, nut, caramel, etc.

Not bashing Hershey overall... love many things they make. But the Cadbury bars have more differenciation for me.

Nov 22, 2009
joninaz in Food Media & News

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Ep. #12 - 11/18/09 (Spoilers)

I think the surprise was that the judges harped on Kevin's simplicity, but gave him the win. I thought he was safe, but didn't expect a win, given the editing and comments.

Kudos to Kevin - he's the type of chef you'd want to hang out with, enjoying a beer and pork product on a paper plate. Nice, funny, humble.

Nov 18, 2009
joninaz in Food Media & News

Digestif moving into former Sea Saw location (PHX)

Smaller isnt so bad. If they serve good food in a good way at a good price, people will line up and wait. See Carolinas, Biancos, Matts.

Jul 09, 2009
joninaz in Phoenix

The Codfather - Fish 'n Chips

Tarter sauce? The traditional way to eat this dish is with copius amouns of salt and vinegar.

I shamed the family as a young, yank-raised kid, asking for ketchup - but they'd appease me. Me thinks asking for tarter sauce would have pushed things too far.

In the UK, for many years, this dish was served wrapped up in old newspapers. The hot oil mixed with pulp and newsprint added a whole new flavor dimension, which became abolished during the PC movement. Douse that with loads of salt and vinegar and it was a greasy mess of heaven.

Oct 12, 2007
joninaz in Phoenix

Blackforest Mill German Restaurant

That's too bad. Did you eat in the main restaurant or in the bar? I've enjoyed 2 meals in the latter and during happy hour, it's one of the best food values in PHX. The main restaurant has gotten good reviews as well.

But everyone has their own likes/dislikes. How would you compare it with other eateries in the area?

Oct 12, 2007
joninaz in Southwest