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Restaurants in Stuart/Jensen Beach

I was staying at the River Club a couple of weeks ago. Just south from there on Dixie Hwy. I found Ian's Seafood Grill. I dined solo at an outdoor table. Surroundings were lovely--no bug problems. Had the special of the night which were scallops. Huge, moist, buttery, delicious. Salad was mixed spring greens. Dessert selected was a chocolate flourless cake--very rich. Had a couple of Heinekens for a beverage. With gratituty my charge was ~$62. That's pricey by my rural WI standards, but would guess someone from the east coast wouldn't bat an eye It was the best meal of my entire week in Florida.

Dec 01, 2008
WI LouLou in Florida

A tragic loss [Balltown, IA]

Yea, I came back from Christmas with relatives in Chicago, to hear the news about Breitbachs. I sent many a visitor to the upper River valley on a scenic drive with Balltown as one of the eating stops. I was there last summer with mother and friends, shortly after the series with Alton was filmed. You noticed I'm sure that Brown didn;t focus on "good eats" there as much as the family tradition of running that restaurant. I think I'll miss the mural on the wall the most. NE Iowa has also taken a hit in losing the "Twisted Chicken". Sounds like Kim (the owner and most recent chef) got tired of working so hard. Now I'll have to head to Decorah to find a interesting meal

Next Iron Chef Finale [Spoiler inside]

Well there you have it; the next Iron Chef is Michael Symon.
I was rooting for Chef Besh from the get go, but after watching each week, felt either one would do a great job. Thought the last minute dessert really was going to secure the coronation for Besh, but I think what tipped the scales to Symon was his interactive personality. Looking forward to his commentary while cooking in future competitions.
Only disappointment was that we didn't get to see as much of the food preparation as a regular episode of IC--had to save minutes for the two panels of judges.

Nov 11, 2007
WI LouLou in Food Media & News

Are Rib Tips the Next Short Ribs?

The Famous Daves BBQ chain has rib tips on their menu. It's my standard order when I dine there. Cheaper than a slab o' ribs, and a heck of a lot more meat!

May 14, 2007
WI LouLou in Features

Madison dinner before theatre

Four ladies taking in a Madison Rep performance at the Overture Center Saturday night seeking a nice dinner before the 7:30 PM curtain. Any suggestions? It would be nice to park the car once and walk from the restaurant to the theatre.

Thumbs down in Richland Center WI

Had a really poor quality lunch this past week at Cafe Fiesta Fe. It has been about four years since dining there, so was expecting a pleasant and delicious meal. Was greeted with a dirty menu instead of the chips and salsa I remembered. I ordered a combination plate of pork burrito and beef tostada. The totilla was so greasy and the toppings so drippy, that the whole thing collapsed when I went to pick it up and take a bite. The accompanying rice and refried beans were flavorless and small in portion size. The bill with a diet soda and tip was $11. The breath of freshness and excitement that used to be there, has been blown out of this Main Street storefront. Too bad, it had been a nice addition to the limited dining available in this part of the state.

Dining near American Player's Theatre - Spring Green, WI

Meeting my Player's partners this coming Sunday for a 6PM curtain. Usually we carpool and do a pre-performance picnic (APT has the nicest picnic grove). This time everyone is coming from someplace other than home, so we have decided to dine out. Because of the picnic tradition, we have limited knowlege of eateries nearby theatre. We checked on the General Store in Spring Green, but they close at 4PM on Sunday, so that rules it out. Any recs?

Food Safety Issues

Why were the posting on e-coli in bagged spinach removed? I was curious to see how other chowhounds were dealing with the removal of this staple from the domestic marketplace? What are you using instead? What's happening to the prices of other greens? Are Midwest and East Coast hounds less impacted because local growers are picking up the slack from California (where the tainted greens were grown)?
Is there a reason this topic appears to be taboo?

Sep 22, 2006
WI LouLou in Site Talk

MSP to Prairie Du Chien, WI

The postings so far are right on. I live in PdC so I am always watching for interesting eats.

My newest rec is the Londoner Bistro in the little village of Genoa, WI. Get off the highway and onto the one little main street. The place is right across from the post office. The proprietor is English/Indian and after your first pint of Guiness, you'd swear you were in jolly ol'... I took my mother and her lady friend and met up with neighbors coming down from LaCrosse.
The ladies each had the steak special, my friends had the Shepherd's pie and a Chicken curry entree, while I feasted on beef medallions with portebella mushrooms. Each meal included potato (my mashed were great with the wonderful gravy created by my entree); fresh vegetable and salad. Mom picked up the check and it totaled $83, including pre-dinner beverages. Add on a nice tip and we had a great meal for~$20 per person.
Service was friendly, attentive, but not particularly knowledgable. The owner visited our table during the meal and as we departed. Great time, highly recommended. Would work well for your family including children.

Other noteworthy chow in the PdC area includes:
Fresh baked pie at Hungry House Cafe (on Hwy 35, north of downtown)
Great coffee shop is Simply. Interesting baked goods and sandwiches as well. (Located on Blackhawk Avenue, in our historic downtown)
Just for fun go to Valley's Fish. Pick up some smoked fish and cheese and head to Lawler Park on the riverfront for a midday break. Valley's fish market is located on Beaumont Road and Iowa Street (Hwy 18 east bound).

Enjoy your time in the area.

Recipe sought: Sauerkraut and Bacon Salad

Yeah, I found both of those recipes through search engines too. I made the Kraft foods website version last week. Doubled the amounts as was taking a dish to pass to a staff picnic. Cut the sugar in half and drained off lots of vinagrette that was made from oil and kraut juice. It was okay, but not the recipe I recollect. Ended up with quite a bit left, which gives you a rating from the group--just so so.
The one I'll like to find had a creamy style dressing, lots of vegetables--celery, onions, grn. pepper, kraut, bacon. I seem to recall something else red in color, but am not sure what--tomatoes?
The second salad you had a like too looks kind of good, but its not the salad I'm trying to find. Its too similiar to my mother's German potato salad (basically leave out the Kraut). Thands for trying to help out.

Aug 13, 2006
WI LouLou in Home Cooking

Pesto ideas -- non-pasta/low carb

Last Sunday I had dinner at a neighbor's home and included in the fresh from the garden menu was green beans and basil pesto. Found it an unexpected but great combination.

Aug 09, 2006
WI LouLou in Home Cooking

Recipe sought: Sauerkraut and Bacon Salad

I remember eating at a pot luck some years ago, and the most memorable salad was one whose major ingredient was sauerkraut. Now that I have a half case of canned kraut leftover from a mid-summer brat sale fund raiser, I'd love to re-create that salad. Most of my recipe searches have failed to find the one I remember. This one had cooked bacon pieces in it. Any like it your files?

Aug 08, 2006
WI LouLou in Home Cooking

Does anybody can tomatoes.. or anything else?

Actually the method you describe would be considered UNSAFE, by the USDA. Tomatoes (which for years were considered high acid and now because of hybridization have a more neutral pH) needed to be processes in a hot water bath for a minimum of 5 minutes for pints. I don't have my bulletins handy--but I think quarts may need 10 minutes. This is to kill bacteria which may be present and cause diseases such as botulism.

Aug 08, 2006
WI LouLou in Home Cooking

Does anybody can tomatoes.. or anything else?

AS a former University of Wisconsin-Extension home economist, I highly recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension office for bulletins on canning. They are updated by USDA on a routine basis, so will give you reliable and safe instructions on the procedures and techniques to follow. The bulletins usually include some excellent recipes.

If you're not familiar with cooperative extension, try looking in the phone book for the local 4-H office.

Jul 31, 2006
WI LouLou in Home Cooking

Midwest 'hounds: food unique to or that defines your community/town/metro area/state

Thanks for the link and info on the carmels; I'm going to order some.

Midwest 'hounds: food unique to or that defines your community/town/metro area/state

Here are a few thoughs from another Wisconsinite.

Here in my river town of Prairie du Chien, we have Pete's Hamburgers. The cart from which they are made and sold has been downtown since 190-something. The meatpatties are cooked on a steam table with lots of onions. They're made in a batch of 40 or so, sold to the waiting line of customers, and then the process starts over. They are served with or without onions, and your choice of catsup, yellow mustard or brown mustard. (I take 'em --with, and both mustards). If you ever had a Pete's you'll remember them. If I have two, I end up with rumble tummy--maybe alittle too much grease. But you know, somethimes you just want to have a Pete's. They are a seasonal thing too. Only on weekends, and early May to mid October.

Another Prairie du Chien thing is Valley's Fish Market. Mike makes pretty good smoked fish (catfish and sturgeon); catfish jerkey, frogs legs and fresh turtle meat. He does a fish fry at the shop on Fridays, but the cole slaw and potato salad are nothing to write home about.

I have never had a fish boil, but I think they are a big deal in Door County and NE WI.

Does anyone know about the carmels made by a covent of nuns located near Dubuque? I remember having thse about 15 years ago and don't know where to find them now.

NE Iowa

Here are a few of the place I like to dine out when I get the chance.
Decorah, IA - LaRana - a Mediteranean bistro, good variety of choices and lovely dining room. Also try the Dayton House Cafe--the hours can sometimes be limited, but they have traditional Norwegian food as well a contempory offerings. The Cafe is adjacent to the Vesterhiem Museum of Norwegian Heritage. Also the Winneshiek Hotel Dining Room is pretty upscale and interesting. Defintely a special occasion type of place. Another choice is Sabor Latino II, a Mexican owned and operated cantina. They have an outside dining room. Sabor Latino I is located in Postville, IA and has a Mexican grocery attached. Moving on to Postville, you can also find Jabob's Table a Kosher deli.
Saving the best for last is Twisted Chicken in McGregor, Iowa. Kim Hayes is the owner/chef. The menu is set each day featuring the freshest, local food she can get her hands on. Here is one place that a reservation is a must.
Enjoy some of these places and report back to us Midwest hounds.

Most palatable diet sodas?

I agree that the new Coke Zero is better than Diet Coke. Another benefit is that if you are picking up a cold, twist off bottle in a convience store/gas station, the Zero is cheaper as a marketing incentive. You can usually save about $.40 per item.

Jul 01, 2006
WI LouLou in General Topics

Most palatable diet sodas?

I like the new varieties of Fresca available. In fact a can of Fresca-Sparkling Peach Citrus is sitting here next to the computer. Also there's a berry variety I believe. Good stuff.

Jul 01, 2006
WI LouLou in General Topics

Madison, WI--Veg suggestions?

If you're going to be in Madison on a Saturday, be sure to check out the Farmer's Market on Capital Square. You can find the freshest organic vegetables available. Some vendors will sample out, so you can buy what you like and eat as you browse.

Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches in Twin Cities?

I had a great pork tenderlion sandwich in Elkader, Iowa. Its the little bar (can't remember the name) next door to the Buttery (an antique/gift store well known thoughtout NE Iowa).