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Wasn't Ramblin' Rootbeer a 70s thing? It's not still made is it? I was just talking over root beer the other day with a friend and we universally disdain the "Natural" brand root beer and enjoy A&W and Barq's most out of the major national brands. It's been ages since I had a Dad's but I did recently find a consistent source of Hire's and will be trying that out again soon. There's a local brewery here in Iowa called Millstream that does a decent root beer. Goose Island out of Chicago does an ok RB as well. What about Jones Soda? Do they make a root beer?

Also, where does birch beer fit in for you folks? I'd never had it until I went to Philly for the first time about 7 years ago. Interesting, funky, definitely quite different. It's definitely not widely available in the MW.

Feb 28, 2008
bygnerd in General Topics

Pizza Burgers (MSP, but elsewhere in Midwest okay, too)

I am a lifelong fan of the pizza burger. Just the sight of this thread initiated this insane jones I have now. I would recommend checking out a local food wholesaler and picking up a case. I used to do that and it sure beats paying 3 or 4 bucks for someone else to dunk it in hot oil. :)

Feb 22, 2008
bygnerd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Buddakan vs. Morimoto Birthday Dinner

I went to the Philly Morimoto a few years ago on a student budget and it was great. We did the omakase but for lunch instead and with tip we paid about $150. I'm not sure you could pull off the omakase for two at dinner for $200... very unlikely. But the food there is great. I was really impressed

Feb 16, 2008
bygnerd in Pennsylvania

Fry Oil Disposal in an Apartment

One of the best things you could use would be a coffee can with the lid intact-- obviously it's preferable to use a metal one! Do they still make those? If you don't get containers like this you could always purchase disposable gladware-style containers to use-- if you let the oil cool first. :)

Feb 01, 2008
bygnerd in Not About Food

Iowa City/Coralville Thanksgiving

I think you're probably going to have a hard time finding anything "traditional" that'll suit a vegetarian for that particular meal. However, I'm sure that lots of Chinese, Thai, Indian restaurants will be open. There are a couple of restaurants that I would check out for prix fixe or buffet type meals: Iowa River and Power Company ( ), Blackstone-- a new place on the deep eastside, and House of Lords. Those are likely your best bets. I've always enjoyed the drive around town on Thanksgiving. That usually yields something good :)