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Hottest wings in Atlanta?


I will be traveling to Atlanta soon and was wondering if there are any wing places with "waiver" sauces, you know that are so hot you need to sign a waiver (or win a free t-shirt if you can finish them etc.)...i am hoping for 1 million scoville heat units plus...


Jul 13, 2013
loftman in Atlanta

Wings in Manhattan?


What are the best places for wings in terms of:

1) the hottest wings...I can handle Duff's Armageddon sauce of 850,000 SHU no problem (in fact, i have hot sauces at home that are in the millions of scovilles)

2) the greatest variety of flavours? We have a place an hour outside of Toronto that has nearly 300 flavours including vanilla coke and gummi bears!

I will be in manhattan for nearly a week and am willing to go to any part of the city for the best / hottest wings!


Mar 15, 2010
loftman in Manhattan

Best foie gras???

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions...we decided on La Goulue.

It's a quaint little restaurant...

we opted to sit outside, here's our view

The foie gras was a VERY generous portion! It was good but definitely not the best that I have had (in fact the foie gras I had at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal two days ago was much better).

My friend ordered the seafood salad appetizer...apparently it was very good (I am allergic to shellfish so could not try it


we both opted for the steak tartare and it was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed it MUCH more than the foie gras

I had the strawberries with three dipping sauces (chocolate, caramle, whipped cream) for dessert

my friend had the upside down apple tart

service was ok...we were a little disappointed when we got the bill...$6 per 280ml coke! we had three of them! So the bill for two with tax and tip was $180...more than we thought it would be but such is life.

Would I repeat? yes for the steak for the foie gras.


Aug 31, 2008
loftman in Manhattan

Best foie gras???

foie gras in creme brulee? fantastic! I had that here in Toronto at Tomi Kro and it was great!

Aug 24, 2008
loftman in Manhattan

Best foie gras???

hmmmm i posted a reply earlier and i can't see it now...anyway, i was saying that the menu at gascogne looks is the atmosphere? I am not looking for something too romantic.

Aug 24, 2008
loftman in Manhattan

Best foie gras???

Hello Chowhounders,

I will be in NYC next week and I'm really in the mood for some good foie gras...where is the best place to visit?

recommendations for the best escargot are also welcome.


Aug 22, 2008
loftman in Manhattan

My trip to Cali (reviews + pics)

wow thanks so much for your kind words!

I have a couple more pics of Zuni...again, the atmosphere was just so great! I also have high res versions of all my pics too (should anyone need them, i can post links).

BTW, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen! So many different natural elements..the hills are extremely cool but somewhat scary for driving (especially with 500HP on tap!)...


My trip to Cali (reviews + pics)

Thanks to all of those who provided suggestions…here’s where I ended up going…
I arrived hungry at San Francisco airport…I was walking around the food court looking for a place to eat when I noticed a very appetizing plate of an omellet and hashbrown that someone was having…I immediately found the source, Lori’s Diner.
I ordered the spinach/cream cheese omelet (never had that combination) for my first taste of California food…it was pretty good and the people were very friendly (something that I found true of Californians).

Eventually I got to Monterey (the connecting flight was overbooked so I volunteered to deplane and drove down). After walking around Fisherman’s Wharf, I decided on Domenico’s. I don’t eat seafood often but hey, it’s Monterey.

Nice view

I started with the roast garlic. Nice touch on pairing it with feta cheese. It was very messy though and I felt that something was missing (fruits/vegetables?


Next I tried some authentic Monterey calamari..too bad they were sprinkled with green onions. They were “ok”…

For my main dish, I chose the Petrale Sole, again a local fish, in porcini mushroom sauce. It was GREAT! I liked the “tougher” texture (like swordfish).

I headed down to Carmel the next day. I wanted to try Forge in the Forrest but two people gave me negative reviews so I went for (a late lunch) at The Grill instead.

Once again, I started with roast garlic! The presentation was completely different than the one I had eaten the night prior…no mess here as the garlic was already extracted and this time there were pears and apples on the side. The warm brie was great too.

I ordered pasta as a main dish, duck filled ravioli in orange sauce. Flavour-wise it was good but the pasta was a bit hard.

Next stop, San Francisco! I rented a Shelby GT500 (500HP!!!) for the scenic drive up Pacific Highway 1..check out the pics and vids below..

Based on comments here and my own research, I decided on Zuni. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the atmosphere! Being a loft owner/lover, different shapes and textures are very appealing to me.

I ordered their signature chicken dish and waited patiently for the hour it takes to prepare. If I could sum up the chicken in one word, I would say “clean”…no fat..and it was the whitest white meat I have ever seen.

I had the incredibly good pot de chocolat for dessert

Service was great too…of course, it was not cheap but in all fairness the chicken is usually served for two.

Back in Monterey for my final California meal…I headed back to the Cannery district..I thought about going to the Sardine Factory but it was 3PM and they only open at 5..also, I was not in the mood for a snooty haute cuisine experience so I took the opportunity to try some Mexican food (a local specialty, according to you chowhounders ;) ).
Jose’s Mexican Grill is quite quaint.

The patio overlooks a some old railway cars and you can see the bay as well.

I had the steak and enchilada was decent.

I had the flan for dessert

So there you have it, Zuni by a long shot..I would definitely repeat but more for the atmosphere than the chicken..I would try other things on the menu.


Visiting San Fran next week..where should I go?

yeah thanks...i noticed while researching that Mexican food is very big in San Jose/San Francisco...I was a bit surprised considering my pre-conceived notions of "Califonian" food (I guess I was basing it on LA??)...

who has the best chicken fajitas?


Visiting San Fran next week..where should I go?

Thanks..very helpful

SF...thanks for the tip...

Visiting San Fran next week..where should I go?

Hi Chowhounders,

This will be my first trip to California...what do you suggest for a first timer? I'd prefer the downtown core...steaks are always good but of course I am open to the "local" cuisine...i would prefer NOT to have Asian/Thai food and am alergic to shellfish...I will be travelling alone and probably don't have enough notice for the really high-end places.


Another birthday dinner at Queue de Cheval someone smarter (or more of a "food connoissuer) for going to a place like Toque, spending the same $150 and then going home and ordering a pizza because the portions were so miniscule? (although they looked great centred on the white plates with the sauce strategically and artistically applied)??? Is that a better bargain? I guess that's another topic of discussion...

Another birthday dinner at Queue de Cheval

ostentatious? of course! that's the whole point! sure there are places with better food but nobody does "over the top" don't just go there for the food, rather for the "experience"

pretentious? not in my experience...I have been there quite a few times and never got the "snobby" vibe...e.g. one of my guests ordered a creme caramel and was served a creme brulee by mistake...they apologized and took his plate immediately and replaced it with a DOUBLE portion, custom made with layers of wafers

Speaking of prices...

tomato appetizer $16
Bone in filet mignon $59
Gorgonzola butter $3
Creamy spinach $12
Baked potato $6
Strawberries $16
Birthday cake $0
Diet coke $3

Another birthday dinner at Queue de Cheval

Glad to be of help!

are you going to try their $750 caviar appetizer or the $350 neptune platter?

I will try to find my pics from last year...

Another birthday dinner at Queue de Cheval

The two things I miss most about Montreal are the good food...and the beautiful women ;)

By coincidence, for the second year in a row I was back in my hometown for my birthday, which meant another dinner at one of my favourite hometown restos, Queue de Cheval.

The meal was incredible...

my appetizer...steak cut tomatoes with blue cheese...fortunately with a huge amount of blue cheese...unfortunately with a huge mound of onions (which i did not eat).

next course, bone-in filet mignon! although this (18 oz.) cut of meat is on their menu, it is not always available...lucky me! This time I decided to try it with their gorgonzola butter and I was not disappointed! Nice touch to include a clove of garlic. As usual, I ordered the (incredible) creamed spinach and a baked potato (I must add that my friend's garlic mashed potatoes were awesome..something to keep in mind for future visits


Next the waitors SCREAMED a happy birthday song for me...presentation of the birthday "cake" was great but it was a bit too rich for me...

I finished it off with strawberries marinated in balsamic and covered in mascarpone cheese

as always, service was incredible...i like the usual formula of showing samples of the food with explanations and then showing your specific general, I really like the vibe (not pretentious at fact they like to joke around)...and the atmosphere was just as beautiful as ever (and that includes the five girls up-front ;)


oh, and some additional pics...

2 pound Jamaican lobster tail anyone?

not enough? how about a 10 pound lobster then?


OMG I love the Magic Oven!

"a vehicle for the toppngs"

great way to put it :) yes, i am all about the toppings...

OMG I love the Magic Oven!

i have only visited/ordered from the one on Broadview (just north of Danforth)...I always order it with the whole wheat crust...I didn't notice it being soggy but then again, I usually pay more attention to the toppings

OMG I love the Magic Oven!

well i don't understand it...just to be sure, i ordered from there again tonight (so 2 nights in a row)...I ordered my usual gourmet veggie magic and those great greek fries...again it arrived in under 45 min and again it was great! in fact, the greek fries were even better as theyincluded tzaziki this time (guess they forgot it yesterday)...

what were the problems reported in the past? I'm sure going to keep eating there :)

OMG I love the Magic Oven!

wow really? I would say i first ate there over a month ago...both times that I ordered for delivery, they said it would take an hour but they got here in just under 45 min....i have also eaten there a few times

dunno...I consider myself a very picky eater and I think their food is great (and I am certainly not into "health food" ;) )

OMG I love the Magic Oven!

I just had yet another fantastic meal (this time via delivery) from the Magic Oven...this has now become my favourite place for delivery and one of my favourite places for comfort food.

For those of you unfamiliar, their "schtick" is to offer healthy versions of traditionally unhealthy meals..."vegan", "gluten free", "spelt", "hemp seeds", 'flax" etc. appear all over their menu...the bottom line is that they use primo ingredients.

I have had the Gourmet Veggie Magic pizza a few times and each time i come to the conclusion that it is the best pizza I have ever had...BURSTING with flavour and huge chunks of all the toppings:

"Herb tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, garlic zucchini, roasted red peppers, garlic spinach, soft goat cheese"

Tonight i had the extra hot free range chicken wings and they were GREAT! As were the "Greek Fries", nice thick fries with huge chunks of feta and Greek seasoning...I also tried the portabello/gorgonzola sandwich...GREAT can really taste the blue cheese.

On the down side, I was a bit disappointed with the smoked salmon pizza and the garlic bread with cheese but they more than made up for it with other things. :) Oh yes, i also recommend staying away from their pre-prepared pizzas (that you can buy by the slice) and stick with getting a fresh one made. also be aware that they ain't cheap!

North 44 - anniversary dinner

go for the bone-in filet mignon (if they still have it)..this is a rare cut of meat and my absolute favourite far i have found only 2 restos that serve it (North 44 and Queue de Cheval in montreal)

Lil' Baci - Leslieville

as i posted on another thread, i went there once and won't be going back...the pizza i ordered was paper...PAPER...thin and yet still managed to be greasy enough to slide around the plate so much that i had to revert to eating with my hands...not impressed

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

I uesd to like country style but after having eaten at paprika 18 times in one month before my last visit, it felt vastly inferior to paprika.

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

i don't know how to spell it (I can speak hungarian but can't write) but he is referring to nokedlee...basically it's like noodles but in a different shape (shaped like cheese curds).

you can also get the schnitzel with mashed or fried potatoes.

they also have several variations of the schnitzel, such as holstein (with eggs), gypsy (naked with fried onions on top) etc.

I should add that the schnitzel is pork by can pay extra for veal (though it is a smaller portion) advice is to stick with the pork

Hungarian Dobos Torte

try paprika at bathurst and lawrence...see my comments in the thread about Hungarian restos.

Hungarian Food Restaurants in T.O.

Paprika is BY FAR the best Hungarian family stayed with me for a month and we went to Paprika EIGHTEEN times in that period! The schnitzel was consistently awesome (I had 14 of them over the 4 weeks).

There are some things that are only on the Hungarian side of the menu (breaded ligaments....take 9 hours to make)...

Other choices are Country Style at Bathurst and Bloor, Schnitzel House, and the Courtyard in Yorkville.

Review of multiple restos in Leslieville/Riverside

no prob, glad you liked it...too bad you did not try the homemade pecan was darn good!

"Pastry Shoppe", Queen/Broadview - Anyone been there?

I agree that the staff is still "green"

I had a couple of their sprinkled cookies, which were good enough. My parents had the coffee (I am not a coffee drinker) and said it was not as good as the bakery two doors down.

Review of multiple restos in Leslieville/Riverside

A couple more to add:

Soma: I finally went to Soma but this should not be considered a typical experience as it was a "special" friends were DJing and it was PACKED like I have never fact, they actually ran out of many dishes by the time that I got there at 9PM. It's not really fair to judge them on the slow service under the circumstances. On to the food...the appetizer was an utter disappointment...sold as a salad with cheese but in actuallity the cheese was part of the dressing and totally unperceptible...the mac and cheese main dish was good as was the chocolate pudding/brownie for dessert ($35).

Velvet: What is it with "cash only" policies in this neighbourhood, sheesh! Anyway, while I liked the exposed brick, there was something about the atmosphere that I did not like. I also wasn't crazy about having to wait forever for my burger and the bill. The food itself was average.

Prohibition/Booze Emporium Review

haha they have a copy of his review up on the wall...perhaps downtownjoe will make millions from the royalties ;)