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ISO Efficient yet inexpensive setups to ferment garlic.Aka Black garlic

I am ordering 2 5.5oz containers of black garlic from's $31.69 shipped.Paying $8.81-$9.71 in shipping alone for 1-2 containers is going to get expensive if I plan to buy regularly.If I like it,I want to make it myself.I read it's 40 days min & 60 max for best quality.
Temp must stay a constant 140-150F & the garlic needs to be in a tightly sealed container or chamber so it won't go bone dry during the process.What do you use to make your black garlic?

Oct 25, 2012
jsr2836 in Home Cooking

What is your choice of PB?What jelly etc. do you add,if you use jelly etc.?

I just used jif for awhile.I tried smucker's natural,was ok.Then planters natural,been my regular.Lastnight I spent 20mins looking at PB lol.I ended up getting "naturally more".Still got planters pb to go through before I crack the seal.Have you tried it,any good?Here is a few other PBs I want to try. Krema-smooth,Maranatha Creamy,Walden Farms Whipped Peanut Spread,soybutter,& kettle cashew butter.

I like to toast my bread & add smucker's simply fruit:Seedless Black raspberry.I like it alot because its not extremely sweet like most jelly etc. I tried.

Aug 12, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics

Do you drink soda pop?

I was a mountain dew addict for many years lol.I'd take out a case every 2-3 days.I occasionally drink A&W root beer,creme soda,or MD with dinner.Glad I keep it to a min.All pop in my area wentup 12 cents for 2ltrs.I bet the pepsi & cocacola 2ltrs will be $1.50 by christmas this yr.

Aug 12, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics

Rising Food Prices - what are you doing to stay within your food budget?

When I find a sale on what I get,stockup!Getting a deep freeze soon.Will be loaded with extra lean chicken,grass fed beef,fruit & vegetables.Will buy a backup generator too incase electric is out to long

Aug 03, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics

?s About fruit & vegetable freezing

Thanks all!I might get a salad spinner.Never knew about them till I was at the store lastnight.
Probably will be useful for berries too long as i'm careful.Will help cut down paper towel usage

Aug 03, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics

Butter/Margerine - healthy replacement

I get best life buttery spread.It actually tastes good.If you're lucky,you might find the one with olive oil in it.My local stores don't stock that one
Coconut butter is good,much cheaper if you can make it yourself.A small stick is $3.50 in my area.
For a oil- Macadamia or avocado oil
Look around for grass fed shops,probably the best butter.Their is a shop in my area,still haven't been their yet.They sell meat & dairy.

Aug 03, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics

?s About fruit & vegetable freezing

I mostly freeze blackberries,blueberries,raspberries,strawberries & bananas.
I usually buy them already frozen,except bananas of course.I try to get organic when I can,but my income is pretty low & its rare to find frozen organics.I heard not to rinse berries unless you're using them shortly after.I bought 2.25lbs driscoll's organic raspberries for $6,was on sale $1 per 6oz.I just packed them in freezer bags.
How should these be prepared for freezing?
Citrus fruits(lemons/limes etc.)
Kale,spinach,watercress & celery
Ginger & yucca root
Also I was wondering why wild foods aren't labeled organic,like wild blueberries.

Aug 02, 2012
jsr2836 in General Topics


I like this one.Sorry I don't use measuring cups on fruit.I use frozen fruit.
1/2C coconut milk
1/2-1C almond milk
4-6 large spoons of plain fage
2TBS milled flax
2TBS wheat germ
1/2 banana or 1 medium
handful each of wild blueberries,blackberries,& red raspberries
3 lg strawberries or 4-5 med
It may sound kinda loud,but I like it.Been my regular for about a month now.

Jul 28, 2012
jsr2836 in Home Cooking