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Stroud's South Open, Fairway, KS

had my first encounter w/ the new stroud's location last saturday. my grandmother is from germany and she's lived in the KC area for over forty years, she had never before eaten at stroud's. we showed up saturday afternoon about ten after twelve and were told our wait time would be anywhere from 45min-1 hr. We ended up waiting only thirty minutes before we were seated and served by our friendly waitress kathy. We split the family dinner that included three pieces of chicken (one large breast piece and two "chefs choice") this came along w/ the famous mashed potatoes and gravy, family style green beans, salad, and cinnamon buns. All was FANTASTIC and nothing less. I really enjoyed the meal as did my Oma. I will definitely venture back again, my boyfriend and I want to eat there together. For the record, they do to-go orders. You get all the fixins too! You need to expect at least thirty minutes wait time for to-go orders. My Oma ordered a dark piece meal to go (4 pieces of dark chicken w/ all the sides). We placed the to-go order about halfway through our meal and it was hot'n'ready when we were ready to leave. Great experience and I would highly recommend it! BTW..did I mention that we somehow scored a front row parking spot at noon on a Saturday?? I know, it's magic!

New England Clam Chowder (to go) in KS...

anyone have any recommendations on where to obtain some good 'ole new england clam chowder (to go preferrably) in the KC area? my boyfriend loves the stuff and i'd like to find somewhere I can pick some up...

Good Asian Find in KC

I've tried Pei Wei once, and that was enough for me. Mediocre pan asian menu and waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy overpriced for the amount of food you get. I was disappointed. Red Snapper was a pleasant experience for me. I actually ordered a steamed red snapper and it was delish! The salmon rangoon is not to be missed.

119th & Metcalf-KC

Paddy O'Quigley's 119th and Roe.. Part of chain, but they have excellent brew pub style food.

Chi Chi's

i haven't thought about chi chi's in years! i know for a fact their salsa still exists in local grocery stores, but i do believe the chain has gone under. if you are looking for a deep fried frankfurter, then you might want to try El Torreador located in DT OP. Approx. 78th/ and a block west of Metcalf. They serve them up there!

Feb 05, 2008
FergMePleez in Chains

Best Philly Cheesesteak/KC Area??

Thanks BIG D, that sounds more along the lines of what I am looking for.

barbecue in kansas city

Big Bubba's BBQ/ 135th and Mur-Len, Olathe, KS. They actually have a drive thru. and you can get a mini sandwich with 2 sides for under $7. smokin' joes in olathe is fire as well. could go on indefinitely about the que.

Kansas City shopping trip.

If you are traveling Johnson Drive, then you will be in close proximity of Chacko's bakery (not sure what types of bread they serve up, but it would be worth checking) They are located near Jersey Shore bagels, same side of the street just a little further east on Johnson. Look for the green awning. I would recommend this bakery to anyone who enjoys quality products, and a friendly atmosphere. You will also be close to Italian Delight. You will hear various opinions about the place, but they have been there forever and I am yet to have a bad experience there. I would definitely stop by for your Italian hoagie fix. They have a wide array of sandwiches, salads, pastas and the best damn NY style pizza I have found in KC.

Cafe Song (Lenexa, Kansas)

thanks! i think i'm going to hold out a few months before i venture in there. will give them some time to perfect their dishes and wait to see if they last in that spot.

Shawnee help [KS]

I grew up in the Shawnee area. Right across from Old Shawnee Pizza used to lie the best ghetto burger joint EVER. It was called Bob's Big Burger. Sadly, I believe it is now a Pita King, or something to that affect. I have heard good things about Yarbrough's on SM Parkway and Mastin, but cannot say I have tried it myself. I love Pine and Bamboo Gardens, it's some of my favorite chinese, but I am partial since I grew up in the area. If you do venture over to the Merriam side of town, try Chacko's bakery for breakfast/ lunch/ brunch. The owners are very friendly and they have their daughter's running the front of the house. Excellent homemade pastries, a variety of salads and sandwiches made only with gourmet ingredients.

Cafe Song (Lenexa, Kansas)

Has anyone tried this new Vietnamese restaurant? It's located on the corner in the same shopping center that is host to Dillon's grocery store. Approximately 75th/ Quivira. I've been enticed to try, but would like to hear a yay or nay from the foodlores.

Any good sushi recommendations in KC area?

I used to frequent Sakura (I'm pregnant now, so I don't get my sushi fix at all!) I agree w/ your review. Although, I found it to be one of the better estab's in the Shawnee/ Lenexa area for sushi. I have also tried Sushi Gin. Not overly-impressed, but would definitely return if the opportunity presented itself. I am a huge fan though of KYOTO. Located at 135th/ Metcalf. They serve up some of the best sushi I have tried in the KC area. I visited San Fran over the summer, and nothing will compare to We B Sushi located in the Spanish district. Very fresh. In Kansas City, I would give my best recommendation to Kyoto. They have an excellent steakhouse as well.

Oct 31, 2007
FergMePleez in Great Plains

Your "go to" restaurant in KC?

My go to fave's would definitely include the following: Johnny C's pizza, a new found favorite Freddie's La Cabana for mexican, Thai Place on 87th (in very close proximity to my place) and another new found favorite Maui Express (87th/ Antioch). Fuddrucker's always hits the spot for a good burger and we are relatively close to them as well.

One BBQ Meal in KC Can't Decide b/w LC's and Jack Stack

Well thanks for the clarification there HK. I got the same feeling.

One BBQ Meal in KC Can't Decide b/w LC's and Jack Stack

My vote goes to LC's as well. JStack....not really a TRUE KC bbq adventure.

Big Biscuit in KC.

Pegah's is fantastic home-style breakfast food. I usually go to the one at 75th/ Nieman. I love their biscuits and gravy!

All the places I don't get to go because I'm working? (KC)

Where is this Granstand Burger you speak so highly of? I'm a Shawnee native..

Best Philly Cheesesteak/KC Area??

I've tried Chartroose, I've tried Cheesesteak Alley (which is no longer), and I have tried Pepperjacks grill. Your thoughts please. Where to get the best Philly Cheesesteak in Kansas City??

NY Style pizza in KC?

Props to Costco.

Oct 19, 2007
FergMePleez in Great Plains


Sorry KT. Lenexa, Kansas.


approx. 78th/ Quivira. Anyone tried? Spill your thoughts on this page.

LA Cabana Bar & Grill/ 79th & Quivira

Has anyone eaten at this estab.? This mexican grill used to be a Hardee's way back in the day. The space was vacant for a couple years, and now it is occupied by one of my new favorite JoCo. mexican eateries. Tried La Cabana last night for the first time, and I would like to give them rave reviews. The menu is a little pricey, but the portions are equivalent. I ordered a bean and cheese burrito, and a ground beef taco. The burrito was HUGE, and the taco was fresh, and deep fried to perfection, equipped w/ tomatoes, lettuce, and LARGE shreds of monterey jack and cheddar. MMMM...dripping w/ grease, but SO good. We also really liked their salsa. It was chunky, about medium spiciness, and had fresh chunks of scallions, white onion, cilantro, and tomato. Very, very good. Not at all bland like you get from some other locations. We ordered a side of verde sauce to top off our burritos, and the verde sauce was unlike any other I have tried. It came hot w/ fresh chunks of pork in it! It did cost $2.50 for the side, which the waitress did not inform us about when we ordered it, but it was worth it. You get a very large cup of it. I loved it!! Anyone else for La Cabana?

**Side note: I noticed they had a seafood dish on the menu (sorry, don't remember the name of it!!) which included two large white shrimp stuffed w/ crabmeat and cheese....YUM!! I think I know what I am ordering next time I visit La Cabana.

Where do the Kansas City Foodies like to shop for, what else, food?

How could I get in touch w/ this lady? I am a desoto res.

Has anyone tried The Red Snapper?

I truly enjoyed my dining experience at the Red Snapper. I too can vouge for the Salmon's excellent. I ordered a fresh snapper/ steamed and it was excellent. My friend had the stir fried basil duck in tossed in ginger sauce and veggies. Outstanding. I love the atmosphere. I'm partial to Red Snapper b/c it is one of my favorite pieces of fish anyway.

NY Style pizza in KC?

Yes Amy, the crust at Pizza man is very thin and cracker-like. I'd classify it as a St. Louis style crust, or a Chicago thin style. It is very, very good.

Oct 15, 2007
FergMePleez in Great Plains

KC info

I have always wanted to try Yarbrough's. Pie speaks up and says it's good stuff. Taking notes.

KC info

I agree that Stroud's has some bland tasting chicken. Personally, I'd rather have fried chicken at KT Fryer's in Lenexa (that damn fire!!). I don't think fried chix. needs to be bold and spicy, but at LEAST coated w/ some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. That is my humble opinion.

KC info

agreed on the limeade!

KC info

Smoke Stack BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!! It's close to where you will be. Approx. 83rd/ Wornall. The food is fantastic. You could always hit Gate's bbq. The atmosphere is unique within itself. Screaming staff, and sandwiches that fall apart they're piled so high w/ meat and douced in yummy sauce. I've heard Jasper's is great for Italian. Located across the street from Gates in the Royal Liquor lot. Approx. 435/ Stateline.

KC info

Take Note: Johnny's BBQ Johnson Drive/ Broadmoor ( I think) is flippin' fantastic. They have a great rib special and their ribs do qualify- Wed. and Sun. full slabs for $12.95. Can't beat that w/ a stick partner! Hit up the Corner Cafe for down homestyle cooking. They are located in Riverside. Take 635 N to the first Riverside exit. Take a left off the exit, and then a left at the stoplight. It's "on down the road." They have the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tried in my life. Stroud's style cooking.