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West Coaster Heading East

Thanks CanadaGirl, was getting concerned that no one was going to respond. Anything you can share about Atlantic grocery chains that have New Brunswick locations.

At this point we are looking at outside of St. John based on where work will be, however access to good food is a big deal.

Feb 05, 2015
squeegeeboy in Atlantic Canada

West Coaster Heading East

Currently Vancouver foodie considering a big leap, moving to New Brunswick. So here is where my fellow Hounders can help. Trying to get a read on the best place for a foodie to live of the big 3 cities. Important things:
1) Access to produce farmers market/CSA's
2) best restaurant town

Of course any other advice and context of the culture of the cities would be a big help.

Gratefully yours.

Jan 23, 2015
squeegeeboy in Atlantic Canada

Non-Hotel Dinning for 130 people

Thanks Karen. I think we can reach ou tot Chill Winston and see what they might be able to do.

Having been to both Terminal City and Vancouver club, while lovely and great places, they still have a "hotel" kind of vibe that, if possbile we are looking to change ourselves up from.

Also like the idea of La Bodega. Pitchers of Sangria vs. bottles of wine sounds good.

Non-Hotel Dinning for 130 people

Thanks. I am going ot put in on the list of something to research. Would not have had this one in my mix otherwise.

Non-Hotel Dinning for 130 people

We are planning a work party that will have 120-130 people. We were able to do it at Cin Cin last year but that was we had a party of 110. So requirements are:

Can seat up to 130
Will have a sound systems
In downtown core (think 5 block radius from the Art Gallery)
Looking to hit 70/person for 3 courses and a glass of wine

We are ok taking over the resto for the night if that works but not sure if there are places that can accommodate 130 who would be interested in giving up that many covers for the rest of the evening so we would be looking at a large second room more than likely (but would be happy to be proved wrong).

Does anyone make a bicerin in Vancouver

Thanks grayelf, I walk by Mink most days coming to work, maybe I can go in and see what they can do for me.

Does anyone make a bicerin in Vancouver

Just back from Europe and spent some time in Torino. Discovered the local drink called a bicerin. 1/3 European drinking chocolate 1/3 Italian Espresso and 1/3rd lightly whipped cream (hasn't got to soft peak yet). There may be some crack in it as well with how addictive it is but trying to figure if Thierry or some other high end pastry and coffee place might make it.

As a side note if you are ever in Torino this is a foodie must!!

Hounders I am in your hands.

Help with 4 days 3 nights in Aug


Thank you for the commentary. For the Italian, we are looking for authentic vs red sauce, and your comments land Spinasse right where we are looking so thank you.

also looks like Sitka & Spruce is a have to

May 23, 2012
squeegeeboy in Greater Seattle

Help with 4 days 3 nights in Aug

thanks for the recs Altura looks good as well. Please keep the comment coming.

May 23, 2012
squeegeeboy in Greater Seattle

Help with 4 days 3 nights in Aug


Thanks for the insight, as a fellow Vancouver hound we are spoiled for Vietnamese, so if the Pho is weak, that looks like a place to avoid.

Thank you for the other breakfast rec as we are feeling a little short on them.

May 23, 2012
squeegeeboy in Greater Seattle

Help with 4 days 3 nights in Aug

So here is the set up:

I am a hound from Vancouver and Aug is our annual "kids are in camp so parents are on the road week." We are lucky enough to be staying at the Fairmont Olympic through a business contact. So we are looking for rec's for breakfast lunch and dinners. We are there mid week.

We will have wheels but would like to do most on foot if possible.

My wife is big on Asian fusion and Ittalian, and I am jonesing for good Mexican. I have looked over postings from others and what I have seen is interesting is:

Sitka and Spruce
Book Bindery
Senor Moose
Staple & Fancy
Ba Bar
Lola (only for breakfast)

Our only no go is raw fish (I know but the misses just can't)

I place myself in my fellow chowhounders hands.

May 17, 2012
squeegeeboy in Greater Seattle

Dining Advice for Business Trip

I am in town Sunday Night to Friday AM (next week), staying at the Palliser in Calgary and going to be working out of Banker's Plaza during the day. Looking for rec's for lunch and dinner, both where I and a business partner can walk in and walk to (figure 6 block max, as I am Vancouver and a pansy if it really cold).

We are both adventurous, and last time in Calgary spent every night at Charcut, which was great but would love to mix it up a bit.

For me it is all about the food and menu, wine list and bar are nice but since it is business, and I have to work the evenings I can't really partake.

Of note, I recognize one of the days is Valentine's so want to avoid the hassle of waiting two hours for service that night.

I look forward to all of your advice.

Feb 05, 2012
squeegeeboy in Prairie Provinces

Lunch Suggestions

So here is the challenge, looking for a spot that will suffice for my 75 year old father, and my chow brother. Parameters are this:

No Sushi (spouse who cant do raw fish)
No spicy/ ethnic (father is Scottish and pepper is considered spicy)
Rather avoid chain (Cactus/Brown's/etc)
We will have 4 kids in tow (rang from 2 - 11_

Location Burnaby/New West/Coquitlam as one party coming from Maple Ridge one from Ladner one from UBC. I would think Pear Tree but not sure the kids make it work.

Right now sooooo does not feel like there is a chow worthy meal in the making but would love a rec that would work.

Thoughts would be good red sauce Italian, Pizza or quality Pub style where kids are welcome (unless someone has better thoughts)

Desperately yours

In Stoney Creek for Work and looking for Chow Worthy places to go

Fresh jillabi (spelling?!?)......YEAH!!! That sounds like a great end to a long day.

In Stoney Creek for Work and looking for Chow Worthy places to go

Pho for lunch. Awsome. I am a Vancouver guy, so am out for Pho pretty often. Do you know how authentic it is? I am a fatty brisket and tendon guy, but not so much for the tripe.

As for Red Rocket Wings.....anyone out there been that can give it a thumbs up?

In Stoney Creek for Work and looking for Chow Worthy places to go

Thank you. A great BBQ shack sounds great and it is approachable for some of the non-Chow types I may be working with there for the week.

In Stoney Creek for Work and looking for Chow Worthy places to go

I am in town for 3 nights. I understand that Niagara On the Lake is only 20 mins away but fear I don't have any transport other than taxis.

Working at Queenston and Lake and staying on Centennial Parkway.


Help with quick rec

In town (Toronto) just for the day, staying at the Rogers centre and looking for great resto within a 4 block walk. No time for reservations. Main cost range 25 - 35 and no offal please. Beyond that in your hands.

Downtown for business for the week

I will be in town for a business trip, staying at the Delta, and am looking for a few good rec's waling distance. Here are the terms:

1) Walking distance = say 10 blocks
2) No reservations: not sure how the work day will go so don't know if I will be able to eat at 6 pr at 10. really not interested in a 30-45 min wait after a long day
3) If they are open late even better as there may be some later night work
4) Can accomidate up to 8 (this is a maybe as the group I am with, may or may not be looking at group dining)
5) Not afraid of anything (from burgers to caviar) and great ethnic is always good
6) I am a west coaster so fear I may be snobby about the seafood or japanese, but if it is truly CHOW reliable I will trust my fellow hounders.

Fellow hounders I am in your hands.

Sep 16, 2011
squeegeeboy in Prairie Provinces

Ideas for pairings for a Scotch tasting

A thank you to all of you for your advice. Choux Choux, was an excellent rec. We were able to get some great cheese and meats for the evening.

Also McLean's in Nanaimo was a great help. A small conversation with the owner (Mr. McLean) resulted in a great chutney paring (home made by them) and a proper Haggis that was excellent. And for anyone that wants to try a Haggis, but fears the whole "food lexicon based on a dare," thing I would place my trust in McLean's for any faint of heart.

Ideas for pairings for a Scotch tasting

anewton, thanks. I have heard about McLean's a little, but thought that there thing was cheese. If you have a link or if there are other hounds that could give an assist on the quality and what we might be able to get there would love the help.

Ideas for pairings for a Scotch tasting

FMED thanks. I did think it would be a bit of a task to find things that will hold up and that is why I was thinking charcutiere. Thanks for the tip on Choux Choux. Closer and less transport. I have a fear of two hours in a car on the ferry in a cooler is not a sound choice for any good meats from JNZ or Oyama.

Ideas for pairings for a Scotch tasting

So me and some friends are having a scotch tasting this fall and I wanted to get some recommendations of what would be some good eats to go along with. My thought is good bread stinky cheese, Onion jam.

Here is the catch, tasting is in Nanaimo, so I am looking for places to get quality fixings without having to pack a cooler of ice and a visit to Oyama at Granville Island. Willing to go through Victoria to pick up supplies and open to almost any suggestion.

Looking for Lizano Salsa

Only spot we have found it (close to Vancouver) is in Pike Place Market, where there is a Latin groceria that carreis it. Very VERY hard to find from our experience, and like you we were not interested in ordering a case from Unilever.

Kelowna on the cheap

We are going to be in Kelowna this weekend and it has been a number of years (we moved the day of the fire) since we have been back. the issue for our trip is our friends love good food but are limited by budget, so we are interested in good dare I say eclectic eats, but with out the Fresco price tag.

In Vancouver a walk down Commercial fits the bill but in Kelowna.....

this is where you hounds come in.

assist needed on kid friendly rec's

That is excellent, only wish Thursday was our day. Thanks for the link.

assist needed on kid friendly rec's

Checked out the website and did not see anything does anyone have any info on this?

assist needed on kid friendly rec's

Homebaker, thanks would never of thought of Griffins and it may be a solid fit. I will certainly put it on list.

Surviving in Maple Ridge...

Agree Sam Bruce's has some good seafood for pick up as well.

assist needed on kid friendly rec's

So here is the mission:

Coming into town with kids in tow as it is the annual visit to Children's. Also happens to be the spouses Birthday and she wants to go for a nice meal, but we will be bringing the kids along.

Off the menu:
-sushi (my spouse not a fan)
- Dim Sum (the kid friendly fall back and we are looking for something different)
- chain resto's (it is a birthday after all)

If possible:
- Italian (thinking Commercial but nothing jumps off the page)
- other eclectic (Thai, African, Mexican whatever that does not come in a pirate pack or happy meal)

Have heard as possibilities:

The Reef
Tio Pepes

Please your guidance is appreciated, and needed in a timely fashion as Birthday is Monday the 28th.