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House made bagels

No love for some of the small and new bagel shops in Oakland, like Authentic Bagel Company at Jack London Squrae?

cuzco (or cusco), non-tourist and/or low key restaurants?

Also seated one table over from us were three national police officers, in uniform. At least one was a member (according to his jacket), of "special operations".

Two of them had Caldo, one had Aeropuerto. :-)

cuzco (or cusco), non-tourist and/or low key restaurants?

Yep! Still going strong! The price of the Caldo has gone up to S5, but still worth every centavo. My wife and I shared a bowl, also with a plate of "aeropuerto," which seemed to be basically a plate of fried rice with chicken and sausage. Their aji (chili sauce) was the best I've had in Peru so far. Also had a pitcher of Agua de cebada, (barley juice/cider) served warm with cinnamon. All that was S18, and plus the cab ride back to San Blas (S4), this was way better than most things I've had in Cusco in 72 hours.

Sunday lunch of Lechón at La Quinta Eulalia (Calle Choquechaca 384) is hard to beat!

cuzco (or cusco), non-tourist and/or low key restaurants?

Going to try this place tonight!

If you live in Europe, what American products do you crave? [Moved from International board]

My wife and I lived in Germany from 2010-2012 (we're Californian, and are happily back in the Golden State)—we missed California Mexican food.

We made a point of trying to make tacos at home in Germany as best we could on Sunday evening. We ferried chipotles and masa with us whenever we went home. Tortillas also travel well. (We used this recipe:


Another American friend in Germany always wants Kraft Mac&Cheese. :-)

Feb 26, 2013
cfarivar in General Topics

Are there any American Restaurants in Europe?

I lived in Germany from 2010-2012 and there are DEF chain restaurants there.

Also, your co-worker apparently doesn't know how to use Google:

Feb 26, 2013
cfarivar in General Topics

Bonn Germany: Farmer's Markets and More

I tried emailing you to this address and it got returned. Email me: cfarivar [at]

Let's chow soon!

May 12, 2010
cfarivar in Europe

Hot and Fresh Sangak at Yeganeh Bakery in Super Sunnyvale

Great! I look forward to trying it later this week!

Bonn Germany: Farmer's Markets and More

What did you find in terms of Bonn markets besides the one at the Rathaus? Also, how can I contact you directly by email?

Does Bonn have any local/regional specialities? Any truly amazing bakeries/cafes and the like?

Jan 29, 2010
cfarivar in Europe

Middle eastern grocery in SF?

Also, does anyone have any intel on the new Middle Eastern grocery on San Pablo south of University in West Berkeley?

Where to buy Syrian bread in Bay Area?

Not sure, but I do know that a new Middle Eastern Market opened up on San Pablo south of University recently. They might know?

Tour de Taco (Feb 20, 2010, Fruitvale)


Here’s the itinerary:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet: 11:00 am at Fruitvale BART (Oakland


1. El Ojo De Agua – 12th St. & Fruitvale Ave.
2. Tamales Mi Lupita – 34th Ave. & Foothill Blvd.
3. El Gordo – International & 42nd Ave.
4. Tacos Guadalajara – 10th St. & Fruitvale Ave.

This should all be wrapped up around 4 pm, but as with the previous rides, feel free to arrive/depart as you please.

5. (Bonus) Cinco de Mayo Ice Cream – 3340 E 12th St & 33rd Ave.
6. (Bonus) The Trappist – 460 8th St (& Broadway)

Bring: Bike, helmet, camera, $10-15 for tacos, maybe $5-$10 for ice cream/beer.

RSVP: Facebook event page

If even half of the 115 people that have RSVPed as of now show up, this will be the largest taco truck ride to date and we’ll definitely need to go in shifts so we don’t totally overwhelm the taqueros. But we’ll figure that out later.

Questions? Leave ‘em in the comments, or email me: cyrus [at]

Ethiopean - Berkeley/Oakland?

I third a vote for Colucci. Get the fried potatoes as an appetizer and the shrimp tibs. :-)

Bonn Germany: Farmer's Markets and More

I may be moving to Bonn next year and have food/living questions. Email me? cfarivar [at] cfarivar [dot] org

Nov 23, 2009
cfarivar in Europe

Chowdown Invitation: Taco Truck Bike Tour #2: Foothill Blvd. Edition (Nov. 22, 2009)

Rockridge BART: what not to miss?

I'm not denying the Tavern's quality -- but for me, a $20-$25 dinner main is expensive.

Chowdown Invitation: Taco Truck Bike Tour #2: Foothill Blvd. Edition (Nov. 22, 2009)

After the success of October’s taco truck tour, it’s time for another!

Taco Truck Tour Numéro Dos:

When: Sunday, November 22, 2009
Meet: 12:30 pm, Lake Merritt BART station (9th and Oak St., Oakland).
Start: ~ 12:45 pm
End: ~ 3:30 pm ish, Fruitvale BART station
Twitter: @catacotrucks / #tacotrucktour


1) Tacos Alonzo at Foothill Blvd./27th Ave.
2) Tacos El Mazatlan at Foothill Blvd./Fruitvale Ave.
3) Tamales Mi Lupita at Foothill Blvd./34th Ave.
4) Tacos El Tio Juan at Foothill Blvd./41st Ave.
5) Nieves Cinco de Mayo (ice cream) at 3340 E 12th St.

When it’s all said and done, feel free to bike or BART home. Anyone is welcome to join up or leave at anytime, obviously.

Afterwards, I might even be up for a beer at The Trappist (8th/B’way, downtown Oakland).

Bring: bike, helmet, $10-$15 for tacos+ice cream, camera if you want to document the deliciousness

RSVP: Email me cyrus [at] californiatacotrucks [dot] com. Put “Fruitvale taco truck bike tour” in the subject line.

All are welcome!

Nieves Cinco de Mayo (artisan ice cream) update [Oakland and San Francisco]

Love the Pitaya. I had mine with a scoop of rompope (egg nog) !

Rockridge BART: what not to miss?

This is my hood:

My wife and I love Uzen, Cole Coffee, La Farine (also poke your head into Ver Brugge's butchery next door). Wood Tavern is great, but expensive.

Alternatively, walk a little farther down and get sandwiches at Bakesale Betty on 51st/Telegraph or sandwiches at Genova Deli.

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

La Farine
6323 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Cole Coffee
3179 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94705

Best lunch trucks/roach coaches/mobile catering trucks in the Bay Area?

Please refrain from the term "roach coach."

Taco trucks, when done right (as most of them are here in the Bay Area) have high health standards:

Bread Garden (Berkeley) to close by year's end?

At least that's what the Oakland Tribune is reporting (

"The Bread Garden's 30-year lease expires next year. Morris, 62, has an option to renew, but because of declining business, this isn't his intention at the moment.

The problem is competition. When Morris founded the Bread Garden 36 years ago, there were three bakeries within a two-mile distance of his; now there are nine, with a 10th on the way. He explains it best with a baking metaphor.

"The size of the pie has stayed the same; there's as many customers in the area as there ever was," he said. "But the number of slices being
taken out of it has increased, so that the Bread Garden's slice of the pie has been getting progressively smaller year by year."

Thus the bakery's business has been declining for 15 years, but never more precipitously than now, with fewer customers and its lowest sales in 30 years.

If business doesn't improve the last half of this year, Morris will inform the landlord he's not renewing, then sell his house and move out of Berkeley to a spot on or near the Marin coast, where he'll relocate the Bread Garden.

He ends his statement with this bread-or-bust plea: "Help us get more customers in the door. Ask your friends and neighbors to shop here. Buy your pastries here rather than at Peet's, and your bread here rather than at a supermarket.""

Vallejo At $1.25 per Taco - TheTaco Truck Crawl

Some friends and I sampled two of these and hit another in Sonoma. Check out our adventures here:

New Temescal Café? 4316 Telegraph

I was walking down Telegraph yesterday and took this photo:

Any idea what's going in here?

Cake Ladies in Temescal (Oakland)

Also the coffee is Ritual Roasters.

Cake Ladies in Temescal (Oakland)

En route to my local farmers' market, we came across the friendly signs leading us towards "Cupcakes + Coffee". After following the mysterious arrows we arrived at 438 Avon Street at Miles in Oakland.

Myself, my fiancée, and two friends and fellow 'hounds noshed on a cookies and cream cupcake, a strawberry and a delicious strawberry scone. The scone was on the softer side, which I definitely enjoyed and the fresh 'berry on top of the cupcake was a pleasant surprise as well.

Cupcakes and scones ranged from $3 to $3.25. Seemed a little high, but I'm always happy to support local (and startup!) businesses!

Celeste was super friendly and offered us a free sticker which I proudly have put on my little notebook.

Egg-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, nut-free cupcakes?

You might try Mariposa Bakery in Oakland that specializes in gluten-free productss:

Map of Oakland Taco Trucks and Street Carts

I recognize that there are different tastes for different folks, but I was a bit disappointed with this piece -- largely for disparaging El Ojo de Agua, which is among my local favs.

Three Brothers Taco Truck - Bay and Las Pulgas (Palo Alto)

I went to this truck today and enjoyed a fantastic carnitas and pastor taco with a so-so asada taco as well. The carnitas and pastor were very crispy and were served on grilled tortillas. Fantastic!

Senegalese:Taxi Brousse revisited--weekly specials

I heard Taxi Brousse is gone now? Is this true?

Berkeley: Moolicious + Beard Papa = Crazy Delicious

The corner of Telegraph Ave. and Channing has just gotten a little more interesting with the addition of Moolicious (now open) and Beard Papa (coming soon).

Moolicious is a new cereal bar for the college student set. Daily Cal says it should be open from 7 am to 7 pm, and that if the store does well, it could expand to Seattle and LA.


Also, next door, Beard Papa is coming soon, taking over the old Ms. Field's spot. Yay!

2395 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA