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Cozy, quiet, comfortable place with good pizza in Berkeley-Oakland area?

I guess I didn't get the jest of what you were looking for. The place has been fairly quite on my visits, meaning that table conversation has been easy. However I do tend to go early right after work. Agree it is nothing like a library though.

As for cozy & comfortable, are you looking for something like booths?

about 13 hours ago
Civil Bear in San Francisco Bay Area

Cozy, quiet, comfortable place with good pizza in Berkeley-Oakland area?

Are you a fan of A-16's pizza (Rockridge)?

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

The Cheese Steak Shop (multiple bay area locations) offers authentic Philly cheese steaks. They even fly in their Amoroso rolls and Tastykakes.

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

Add Queens on San Bruno Ave in SF for NOLA food.

Query - Quick SF visit for the end of January, 2015

La Taquaria is back in business. Tried to go on Monday and the line was longer than I had ever seen it before. Agree regarding LT vs EF. EF is low quality, high quantity on the cheap. EF is the opposite. Cancun is in between.

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

...add Old Chicago Pizza in Petaluma

Mexico Tipico (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

Tried the posole verde today. First time ever trying the verde. Really good stuff although I went a tad overboard with the oregano chili condiments.

Is posole verde always made with chicken?

ISO: B-V Beef Broth & Sauce Concentrate

Anyone know where I can pick up a bottle of this stuff in SF or the north bay?

4505 Meats to take over the former Brother In Laws/Da Pitt BBQ at 705 Divisadero [San Francisco]

Unfortunately I've heard other recent sub-par reports as well, but I'm not all that surprised that 4505 doesn't stack to up to real bbq joints that don't use gas smokers and have pitmasters that have been perfecting their craft for many years (if not decades).

Sonoma County Brunch Recommendations?

We usually reserve the Flamingo in Santa Rosa for Mom's B'Day brunch each year but it is booked for MLK Day (1/19). Any other recommendations out there in Sonoma County?

Tadich updates? [San Francisco]

AKA Sable

Tadich updates? [San Francisco]

Sorry to hear about your wife's halibut. The grilled halibut steak is my go-to at Tadich and it has always been perfect. In fact I keep going back to it because I know first-hand that it is a tough piece of fish to get right.

Top spots for Vietnamese food in Oakland

Thank you for the recommendation. I really enjoyed the pho bo at this place as the broth was more savory than sweet. Nice meat to noodle ratio too. I also found the culantro and lemongrass condiment interesting.

ISO Good Banh Mi in the East Bay

Ugh! Showed up at 9am - the posted hours say the place opens at 8am - the sign on the door said "OPEN please come in" - but it was closed up tight.

Ended up going to Cam Huong on Webster. Not bad, but I wished I had asked for extra meat.

Thanks all for your help!

Tony's of North Beach inside the Graton Casino (Rohnert Park)

Visited Tony's of North Beach inside the Graton Casino yesterday. I should say the space was quite nice and leave it at that...but I can't (or I won't).

Both food and service were subpar. Even had to wait a good twenty minutes for a table in a place that was less than 25% full.

Waitress was gloomy and couldn't even tell me the price of the un-priced beers on the menu.

Caprese Salad was way overdressed with balsamic and did not come with basil. Checked the menu on the way out and I guess their version doesn't include it.

Crust of the Sicilian Pizza was at least 2 inches thick and the sauce & toppings were sparse. Flavor was okay once you got passed all the dough.

I went because I hadn't yet been to the original Tony's and I happened to be in Rohnert Park that day. Is the original location still worth checking out?

ISO Good Banh Mi in the East Bay

To be more specific I would just like to just pick up a few banh mi xíu mại that would rival Saigon Sandwich.

ISO Good Banh Mi in the East Bay

Thanks all!

De Afghanan Kabob House is Baaaaaack! (SF)

Made it in for lunch today. Ordered the lamb kabob and it was excellent. Tender and moist boneless chunks of lamb cooked to a perfect medium rare upon request (this has been a problem at the last few kabob type places I have been). Marinade was not too strong and well balanced. The accompanying rice duo however was just meh.

Got a taste of my DC's caplee kabob and enjoyed it has well - just as Melanie described it.

Our meals also came with a small bowl of shornakhod presented as a starter (cold garbanzos, potatoes, and onion swimming in a slightly minty, super tart, green sauce). It certainly primed the taste buds for what was to follow.

We didn't care much for the side of Afghani flat bread. It was chewy and mostly flavorless.

ISO Good Banh Mi in the East Bay

I'm travelling from Marin to Fremont and Saturdayand would love to surprise my host with a good banh mi (He's never tried one). Is there any place I can pick up a good one along the way?

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

Dang, that's a shame 'cause they look pretty darn good!

SFBA Dish of the Month (Jan 2015) - Nominations/Voting


Shwe Myanmar: Burmese in San Rafael (Marin County)

Got in for lunch today. The Samosa Soup was excellent. Fragrant, warm and flavorful. The broken up samosas still had a bit of crunch to them, while the lentils held their shape while still being tender. As good a version as I have ever had, surpassing my previous favorite at BSS.

Tea Leaf Salad was more like lettuce with tea leaf salad ingredients added to it. It allowed for a decently sized portion, albeit the flavors were muted due to all the lettuce.

The chunks of boneless lamb in the Lamb Curry were nice and rich and savory and plentiful and tender and flavorful, however the curry itself was rather bland. I was told by the friendly waitress that I can ask to have it spiced up in the future, but I'm not sure authentic Burmese food is spicy (?).

I'll be back, if not just for a whole bowl of the samosa soup for myself.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

>>"The reason for the relative absence of lager isn't so much a lack of specialized equipment as the amount of time that lagering ties up fermenters. Lager fermentation takes place at cool temperatures and takes a long time compared to ale."

Thanks. I always suspected it had more to do with convenience and expense than anything else.

LivingSocial Coupon for Morimoto Napa

Six-Course Omakase Lunch at Morimoto Napa for $75pp. Is that a good deal?

Paulie's Pickling [San Francisco]

Really enjoyed my brisket/chopped liver combo on an onion roll. If you don't blink you can see me taking a quick bite of it on the corresponding Check Please episode!

Live Lobster?

Where do you live?

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

Okay, I am thoroughly intrigued. What is the proper way to enjoy xlb?

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

I'm about ready to add trendy bbq restaurants to the list.

BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

I am envious.

Same husband and wife team. Like gumbolox, we were the only diners.

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

PPQ does something similar with their five spice chicken pho, although it is oven roasted rather than fried and is served on the side with beef broth & noodles.