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Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Ike's is overrated,IMO. Lots of unique combos but the sum is rarely better than the parts. Instead I would recommend Rhea's Deli for interesting combos that work.

800 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Plain grilled fish?

Tadich uses a rub with their grilled fish, so the OP should ask if it contains salt. I would assume it does, but perhaps they add the salt separately.

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

Tried Tony's version at the Graton Casino. I did not enjoy it as the crust to toppings ratio was way too off. Maybe a 2 inch thick crust with a super thin layer of sauce and a few thin slices of pepperoni. I'd be better off just getting focaccia somewhere.

Chronicle top 100 2015

Nico Nido Nojo Nopa Nopalito...

Even the names blend the same.

Top pho in the Tenderloin (SF)?

I've never been there. What makes it the best?

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

I've also been mildly pleased with the food at Saigon Express. Better than expected considering the makeup of the place.

Nick's Cove - Marshall

BBQ'd oysters along the Marin coast are traditionally grilled on the half shell, basted with garlic butter and then topped off with BBQ sauce. The technique was first perfected by Anastacio Gonzalez over at Nick's Cove, but he was subsequently hired away by Tony's and then the Marshal Tavern.

Because the process goes rather quickly, when doing them at home we usually assign different folks to add the different ingredients (e.g. butter, sauce, tequila, Tabasco, whatever else sounds good...), and the oysters come off as soon as they begin to simmer.

Shandong House rebrands itself as Xi'an Gourmet [San Francisco]

Went back to Xi'an Gourmet recently due to a hankering for the cumin lamb sammy. They changed the bun so that it completely encompasses the lamb contents. It made the sammy a bit breadier but it had good flavor and texture. Overall it was a bit spicier and greasier than I remembered, but still mighty tasty.

The dan dan noodles were completely different than before. Chewy udon sized pulled noodles were great. The dish itself was no longer bland albeit not very traditional (eg there was no sesame oil that I could detect). Even though it is was quite different than most versions I have had I would certainly order it again.

Is "calamari steak" available in SF?

Can't say I agree when it comes to braised dishes. Lamb shanks and short ribs still seem as popular as ever.

Good vacation rental where I can roast a pig outside?

That is a surprise. Do you have a link?

It doesn't appear to make the top 10 locations in the Bay as far as plastic bags are concerned:

Or the top 10 polluted beaches in California:

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Can you substantiate that? Every corned beef recipe I have come across calls for a wet brine. It would be a pretty safe bet that if you purchase one it was also wet brined.

FWIW, Robert's Corned Meats cures their corned beef in a wet brine.

Good vacation rental where I can roast a pig outside?

Good call. We did a rib burn there for my friend's start-up a few years ago and it worked out great.

Moving to North/East Bay

You could live 20 minutes away from the Mill Valley Park & Ride (Manzanita) and still make it in to work in under an hour.

Moving to North/East Bay

Yes they are. Check 'em out.

Moving to North/East Bay

Not true. During the morning commute the bus from the Mill Valley Park & Ride takes 30-40 minutes to get to the Financial District (past Union Square) depending on the hour. BART from Lafayette is about the same, and you would still need to get to and from the BART stations.

Moving to North/East Bay

>>"If you want to keep the commute under an hour, forget Marin"

Ridiculous. Mill Valley and Corte Madera, where the OP is interested, are easily commutable in under an hour. My commute from Novato is an hour on most days. Traffic is non-existent southbound in the mornings after San Rafael and it doesn't pick up northbound in the afternoons until Mill Valley. The Eastbay and trying to cross the Bay Bridge has way more traffic.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

The deckle is actually the fat layer between the flat and the point of a brisket, so I suspect they mean they are using the point (for the fatty portion of their pastrami). The deckle isn't typically used for anything, but the point is commonly used for corned beef (and pastrami).

Regardless, whatever they like to use for their pastrami would work just as well for their corned beef (and vice versa).

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Yes, that and lots of back pepper is why there is the huge difference between corned beef and pastrami. Point is, if they are happy with the corned beef they are getting there is no reason they wouldn't be happy adding their pastrami rub and smoking it to make pastrami.

If they just want to be able to say they are doing everything in house, then why not do the same with their corned beef? It wouldn't be any more trouble.

Not a big deal - just odd to me is all.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

That is odd because pastrami is essentially just smoked corned beef with a different rub. No need to have different brines.

I notice the heading says "House Smoked Pastrami." The description implies but does not actually state that it is brined in house.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Odd that they don't claim to brine their corned beef as well.

SF Trip report from a Londoner

Irrelevant to what exactly?

BTW, I was responding to goldang.

Frozen Custard in the BA?

Apparently Easy Breazy offers frozen custard. I haven't tried it though:

4028 24th St
San Francisco

SF Trip report from a Londoner

The only difference between La Taquaria and a typical Mission style burrito is that they don't contain rice. An authentic Mexican burrito is just a thinly rolled tortilla with meat inside (typically machaca).

Alton Brown is in town, what would you recommend him to eat?

Morimoto in Napa. They did work together afterall...

...oh yeah, and Wayfare Tavern while he is at it.

Has anyone used this mole base?

No, not the same one. Just my experience with mole paste.

Has anyone used this mole base?

Yeah, what robert said. The last batch I had took about 1.5:1 broth:mole, so I would have about 2x on hand just to be on the safe side.

Best Asian food in sf for lunch

It depends on what you mean by "better" (authentic, opulent, value, service, trendy, etc.). What is it you are looking for?

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

The mole I purchased at the San Rafael location was scooped out to order behind a counter, kind of like picking out a gelato!

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

Not sure of the name but it is pretty much black. The flavor profile is close to the one the OP provided although pretty light on the sweet. Very complex with different flavors that hit you in stages.

Now that I think of it, it may have been sold as Mole Pablano.

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

The mole they sell at Mi Pueblo markets is amazing.