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Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

The deckle is actually the fat layer between the flat and the point of a brisket, so I suspect they mean they are using the point (for the fatty portion of their pastrami). The deckle isn't typically used for anything, but the point is commonly used for corned beef (and pastrami).

Regardless, whatever they like to use for their pastrami would work just as well for their corned beef (and vice versa).

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Yes, that and lots of back pepper is why there is the huge difference between corned beef and pastrami. Point is, if they are happy with the corned beef they are getting there is no reason they wouldn't be happy adding their pastrami rub and smoking it to make pastrami.

If they just want to be able to say they are doing everything in house, then why not do the same with their corned beef? It wouldn't be any more trouble.

Not a big deal - just odd to me is all.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

That is odd because pastrami is essentially just smoked corned beef with a different rub. No need to have different brines.

I notice the heading says "House Smoked Pastrami." The description implies but does not actually state that it is brined in house.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Odd that they don't claim to brine their corned beef as well.

SF Trip report from a Londoner

Irrelevant to what exactly?

BTW, I was responding to goldang.

Frozen Custard in the BA?

Apparently Easy Breazy offers frozen custard. I haven't tried it though:

4028 24th St
San Francisco

SF Trip report from a Londoner

The only difference between La Taquaria and a typical Mission style burrito is that they don't contain rice. An authentic Mexican burrito is just a thinly rolled tortilla with meat inside (typically machaca).

Alton Brown is in town, what would you recommend him to eat?

Morimoto in Napa. They did work together afterall...

...oh yeah, and Wayfare Tavern while he is at it.

Has anyone used this mole base?

No, not the same one. Just my experience with mole paste.

Has anyone used this mole base?

Yeah, what robert said. The last batch I had took about 1.5:1 broth:mole, so I would have about 2x on hand just to be on the safe side.

Best Asian food in sf for lunch

It depends on what you mean by "better" (authentic, opulent, value, service, trendy, etc.). What is it you are looking for?

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

The mole I purchased at the San Rafael location was scooped out to order behind a counter, kind of like picking out a gelato!

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

Not sure of the name but it is pretty much black. The flavor profile is close to the one the OP provided although pretty light on the sweet. Very complex with different flavors that hit you in stages.

Now that I think of it, it may have been sold as Mole Pablano.

Looking for Black Mole in Oakland/Bay Area

The mole they sell at Mi Pueblo markets is amazing.

Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day

8-lb point? Wow!

Taco Question: Suadero

That would certainly explain the chewiness.

Wise Sons or Millers East Coast Delicatessen for pastrami sandwich ? [San Francisco]

A bit OT, but for anyone wanting to try something a bit different I highly recommend Memphis Minnies for their Wednesday BBQ Pastrami Sammy. Served with rye bread and South Carolina Sauce (mustard based).

Vindaloo SFBA Dish of the Month March 2015

Can't remember where it was, but the waitress once asked if I wanted it medium, hot, British hot, or Indian hot. I went with the British hot and it was about as hot as I could stand.

Downtown Berkeley Food Ideas

I'll just say, YMMV at Bongo Burger.

I would recommend Top Tog next door for a quick snack at a Berkeley institution.

Vindaloo SFBA Dish of the Month March 2015

HoC on Durant. FWIW, I have had better vindaloo there in the past.

Is Philz Coffee That Good?

Dang, under roasted or burnt. If only there were something in between.

Vindaloo SFBA Dish of the Month March 2015

Went to House of Curries in Berkeley for a quick meal. Was really exited to see an abundance of boneless lamb come with the vindaloo, but was quickly let down after tasting it. Bland with not a trace of heat. Wife's chicken curry was also awful with dried out chicken. Chicken Tandori leg quarter was not dry but the texture was mushy probably from spending too much time in the marinade.

I recently posted on a visit to BBQ N Curry House in Marin City that my latest trip there made House of Curries come off as world class. I take that back - big time.

Mi 99ranch pacific east mall richmond

Yup, looked like the same menu with slightly higher prices. Had my usual combo soup with cho (sp?) mein noodles, but the broth wasn't as good as I remembered.

Spicy Queen (SF)

Was going to hit up the new location of Burmese Kitchen but got sidetracked due to the fancy storefront of neighboring Spicy Queen. Billing itself as "The Best Szechuan Cuisine", how could I pass it up?

Looks like it is mostly about the Hot Pot at least during lunch. My DC and I didn't have that much time so we ordered from the lunch specials. I was happy to see cumin lamb offered so I went for that. Turned out to be a pretty good version although the onion to lamb ratio was a bit high. Also interesting that they used shaved lamb that I assume was meant for Hot Pot. Also ordered the Jalapeno Tiger Skin as an ap, which turned out to be quickly blanched jalapenos in a sesame/garlic oil. I was a bit surprised it actually worked, so I made sure to pack up the leftover oil so I can try it at home.

The room was warm and clean. The waiter...meh. I'll be back to try some of the other dishes.

Why are they standing in line ?

Because lines are the best advertising money can buy. See one Franklin BBQ.

Why are they standing in line ?

LOL, I am. On the way to work every morning. Note I did take a little bit of liberties with it.

Why are they standing in line ?

How can I be the King of Black Fridays if someone is ahead of me?

Snake River Kobe beef tri-tip $8.99/lb

We did some testing on prime and Wagyu tri-tips for competitions last year and found they are more tender (less chewy) when cooked to medium rather than medium rare. We ended up cooking indirect at 220F to an internal of 135F, rested for a good 20 minutes, and then seared for 30-45 seconds per side over super high heat. Good enough for 1st place in Boomtown, woohoo!

Angelo's Smoked Meats suffers huge fire (Petaluma)

I don't get out much?

Angelo's Smoked Meats suffers huge fire (Petaluma)

Geez, I never even heard of the place! Is it something similar to Buds in Penngrove?