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great spicy noodles without soup

The noodles were actually pretty good. Fat and chewy and relatively light for their size. I would go back for the noodles.

about 10 hours ago
Civil Bear in San Francisco Bay Area

great spicy noodles without soup

Yeah, they also have one called "hot spicy chow mien (any style)" IIRC, the waitress pointed me to the Szechuan Noodle when I asked for dan dan, but it was unlike any dan dan mein I had tried before. Pretty much a one note saday, which although fine, was too much to chow down in one sitting.

about 10 hours ago
Civil Bear in San Francisco Bay Area

great spicy noodles without soup

Tried the hand-cut noodles at Shan Dong (Oakland) yesterday. I wanted dan dan which wasn't on the menu so the waitress pointed me do another noodle dish that was marked spicy. It ended up being mostly satay and not very spicy.

I did notice that they had a dish on the menu called "spicy noodles" though, but I would be sure to remind them to amp it up.

about 13 hours ago
Civil Bear in San Francisco Bay Area

Arsicault Bakery in San Francisco

My apologies PR. I mistook the post in your other thread that Arsicault's chocolate croissant was not bready and that you hold Tartine's to be the standard as you preferring breadier croissants. I find Tartine's regular croissant to be the most dense of the upscale versions around town.

Arsicault Bakery in San Francisco

I actually enjoy the hard crunchy shell of the KA, so I wouldn't change a thing!

Sounds like Prabhaker Ragde prefers a breadier croissant. For me the light softness of the one Arsicault produces is more ideal.

How often do you get a bad meal in the SF area?

Tonight at Shanghai House. XLB was tasteless with underdone wrapper. Crispy five spice fish tasted like it was marinated in mud and dunked it a bright red li hing mui sauce. Tan Tan noodles were mushy and just plain odd (with prawns?). Service was unattentive and surly.

Arsicault Bakery in San Francisco

Fruit pie that looks like straw ;>)

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

Found myself in Daly City and needing dinner so I thought I would try the restaurant located inside the Kukje supermarket. I'm not much of bibimbob fan in general, but it was the June DOM and the stone pot version was prominent on the menu so I figured I would give it a go.

Went with the spicy pork stoneware bipimbob. It was a large portion with nice crunchy rice bits and plenty of assorted veggies, however the spicy pork was a bit sparse and on the mushy side. After mixing everything together the overall flavor was good but got rather monotonous. It was served with some banchan that included pickled cauliflower which helped offset things to an extent.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

...and one of my fav's, Duck Musubi, stumbled upon at OTG at Fort Mason.

Oh, and the Crispy Duck Bahn Mi from Cafe Bunn Mi.

SF can't miss..

No need to apologize. With the exception of the Sicilian at Tony's, I've actually enjoyed most of the things I have tried that happen to be on that list.

SF can't miss..

Tough to get decent rec's with such a generalized request. Maybe this list will be of help:

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Picked up a roast duck from Wei Lee on Clement the other day. The Mrs. followed Melanie's entertaining advice and had them spin the duck around, but we forgot to bring our own jar for the juice! Ordered it whole and reheated it for 10 minutes in a 450* oven. The skin crisped up rather nicely.

The duck itself was pretty good. Very succulent and fairly meaty as far as take-out roast ducks go. Dipping the pieces in the au jus really took it to another level.

I would love to hear other duck recommendations for that area of town (inner Richmond).

Wei Lee
700 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

4 "double-doubles" would be 8 slices of cheese ;)

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Octopus, lamb riblets and lamb carpaccio according to the link.

Richmond District Recommendations, Please [San Francisco]

Be sure to peruse the the New World Market on Geary.

Second the rec for Cafe Bunn Mi on Clement, but for the pork belly and the crispy duck bahn mi.

Spicy Queen, Spices I & II, and Chile House are all good choices for Sichuan.

Hong Kong Lounge II for dim sum.

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

La Taquaria is your best choice for both. Just be sure to add some of the salsa verde from the squeeze bottles at your table.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Recently went back for the F&C at the Pig & Whistle. 2 large cod fillets, perfectly battered - even better than I remembered. Fries were great too, but they are cut fresh and so must be eaten piping hot.
2801 Geary Boulevard @ Wood Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
415-885 4779

Berkeley to Petaluma via Richmond/SR bridge thence 101 north...midday Saturday 6/27/15, economy to midrange, easy on/off, character(s), Farmer's Markets, etc?

No matter, it's just the first exit after the 80/580 split.

Bay Area - I need your help

Just to clarify, I'm recommending the original hole-in-the-wall PPQ on Irving that does not serve crab.

Bay Area - I need your help

Mac-n-cheese at Ricky Bobby. Burger is pretty good too.

Pho - PPQ Beef Noodle House for southern style pho bo that's not too sweet. I also really like their curry chicken pho.

Best Bakeries/Patisseries for pastries/croissants in San Francisco

Thank you for this recommendation. Although I though the prices seemed a bit high for the smallish size of the pastries, the kouign amann and croissant were indeed amazing. The wife's KA was like a little hockey puck, hard and caramelized on the outside and light & fluffy on the inside. My shirt and car seat can attest to the flakiness of the buttery croissant.

Pastrami Sandwich at Tommy's Joynt (SF)

The Chicken Coop would be another, although I noticed the better location on Mission is gone.

Best Authentic Chinese in Richmond, CA

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the OP meant the Richmond district in SF.

Pastrami Sandwich at Tommy's Joynt (SF)

I've never had chewy meat at Tommmy's Joint. Ever.

Driving from SFO to Anderson Valley - any can't miss stops along the way? Lunch in SF and then?

>>"The Giants are in Philadelphia today."

And it wouldn't affect traffic from SFO to the GGB in any meaningful way if they were in town.

La Taqueria & Special Place for Cocktails? [San Francisco]

Taquarias are a polarizing topic in SF, and La Taquaria has its share of lovers and it haters. It's my personal favorite in town for flavors and quality of meats and is priced accordingly.

Just know that it is an order and pick up at the counter type place with wooden benches and tables for dining. Great for mingling with strangers at lunch but not a dinner destination, IMO.

There also plenty of nearby hipster bars in the area. It just depends on what kind of atmosphere you guys are looking for.

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Ike's is overrated,IMO. Lots of unique combos but the sum is rarely better than the parts. Instead I would recommend Rhea's Deli for interesting combos that work.

800 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Plain grilled fish?

Tadich uses a rub with their grilled fish, so the OP should ask if it contains salt. I would assume it does, but perhaps they add the salt separately.

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

Tried Tony's version at the Graton Casino. I did not enjoy it as the crust to toppings ratio was way too off. Maybe a 2 inch thick crust with a super thin layer of sauce and a few thin slices of pepperoni. I'd be better off just getting focaccia somewhere.

Chronicle top 100 2015

Nico Nido Nojo Nopa Nopalito...

Even the names blend the same.