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Anyone know where Harney & Sons tea may be sold?

I know I can purchase it online but I was hoping to find a store that may sell it in person. The only place I have seen this tea avaible is Barnes & Noble.

Jan 28, 2012
Meghan20089 in Metro Portland

Copycat recipe Kells Irish Pub Gorgozola Cheese Spread

Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, thanks!

Apr 27, 2011
Meghan20089 in Home Cooking

Copycat recipe Kells Irish Pub Gorgozola Cheese Spread

Does any one have a copycat recipe for Kells Gorgonzola Cheese spread? I've looked online and I've found plenty of gorgonzola spreads but none of these are baked like Kells was. Would I simply be able to just bake any of these recipes since it's just simply warming up the spread and browning the top a bit?


Apr 24, 2011
Meghan20089 in Home Cooking

21 Birthday Happy Hour w. Friends/ Dinner with parents

So unfortunately for me my 21st birthday falls on a monday. So because a lot of my friends, including me, work and go to school during the week I was thinking about doing a happy hour downtown Portland.

Any suggestions would be great. I am very open to trying new foods and figured a happy hour would also be a fun way to explore my new beverage options with my friends who have all turned 21 also.

Before happy hour with my friends I was thinking a semi-early dinner with my parents since they keep asking me where I want to go. The only thing is I don't know since I don't know too much about the restaurants downtown. Again, I am open to trying new things and price doesn't really matter much.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

Nov 01, 2010
Meghan20089 in Metro Portland

Sushi/Graduation dinner suggestions Sanibel/Fort Myer Florida

I will be visiting Sanibel Island and Fort Myer this coming week and I was looking for a decent suhsi place if there were any. Resonably priced, fresh fish. Any specials on certain days? We have a place here in Portland, OR that charges $1.50 per plate of sushi every saturday.

I will also be celebrating my graduation with my family while visiting, so I was looking for a nice place to have a graduation dinner. I have read a few topics on The Mad Hatter restaurant and was wondering if it were worth a shot? If so could someone mention prices and dress attire if there is a dress code?

I am not a picky eater when it comes to trying new things. The youngest out of our group is a 14 year old who does well with eating out. I am looking for a fun place, but nothing themey or restaurant chains like red robin, etc. Not too expensive. Probably not any where that charges around $20 to $30 for most of their dishes.


Jun 24, 2008
Meghan20089 in Florida

Portland restaurants for an 18th birthday party?

Thanks for the tip, that sounds perfect!

Oct 15, 2007
Meghan20089 in Pacific Northwest

Portland restaurants for an 18th birthday party?

I was planning on going to two seperate places. One with my family and another night with just friends.

For the family friendly place there would be two adults, one 13 year old and two 18 year olds. So possibly a more intimate place, but not a place that absolutly requiers a dress code such as suit and tie.

Then for the night out with just friends, ages range from 19-17 and probably around 5-10 people. I think I'm heading towards more hip and fun for this outting.

I enjoy food that ranges from Indian to Italian. Baisicly any sort of cusine I am willing to eat or try, even raw fish. I just don't know how well sushi would go over with my family and friends lol. I usualy like to go to southern style mexican restaurants that give off the homey feel in their dishes but I would like to try something different.

Any sugestions are great and thanks for the help!

Oct 08, 2007
Meghan20089 in Pacific Northwest

Portland restaurants for an 18th birthday party?

I'm turning 18 in about a month and I am looking for a fun restaurant to celebrate my 18th birthday in Portland. Any suggestions are helpful. I am looking for a place that is family friendly and then a place where I can go with friends. Price doesnt really matter, and I am not a picky eater and willing to try just about anything. Thanks for the help!

Oct 07, 2007
Meghan20089 in Pacific Northwest