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Halal Chicken and Rice Vendor Recipes? [Moved from Manhattan board]

any help?

Nov 02, 2007
ruckus_bringer in Home Cooking

Halal Chicken and Rice Vendor Recipes? [Moved from Manhattan board]

So everytime im im Manhattan, I try the delicious chicken and rice from as many different halal vendors as I can to see If i can really grasp the flavor of everything to reenact it when I am at home here in Florida and not in close distance to a chicken and rice vendor or some type of food near that.

That being said, what ive come up with for the chicken is using boneless. skinless breasts and grill them over a charcoal grill with a dry rub of coriander, cumin, salt, and pepper and coat them with a little canola prior to throwing them on the stuck there, i dont know what else I could put on it to complete the flavor to a more chicken and rice-esque flavor...any help there?

The white sauce, told to me directly by one the guys working at the 53rd and 6th vendor he said was something along the lines of ricotta cheese, sour cream, tahini paste, and mayo. Sort of seems like they just combined everything white and creamy they could think of, but I have yet to try that combo, any suggestions or comments concerning that?

As for the red sauce, I just use the "Chili Garlic Sauce" (the small 8 oz. jar with the infamous green cap), and it works as a great substitute for whatever they use, which i have yet to find out...dont need too much help with that, the chili garlic sauce works fine.

Lastly, for the rice, I use indian Basmati loose rice, and flavor it with turmeric (to give it that trademark yellow color), cumin, indian chili powder, and salt, but still tastes like its missing something, but for the most part its serves as a legitimate sub, but i could still use some pointers....any help with that?

Feel free to post any other comments or variations youve used to recreate chicken and rice or if you've ever inquired as to what ingredients they use at any of the vendors...

Oct 29, 2007
ruckus_bringer in Home Cooking

Best Organic Produce - Farmers Market in Miami area

i cant believe nobody has mentioned Norman Brothers. Go there. great produce, great prepared food too. 1/4 mile south of sunset drive on 87th ave (galloway)

forget the rest. go to Norman Brothers.

Dim Sum in Boca (10-15 miles north or south,help me choose)

Anymore opinions??? Im going to go to one of these places tomorrow so please anymore help would be great!

Oct 18, 2007
ruckus_bringer in Florida

Dim Sum in Boca (10-15 miles north or south,help me choose)

^interesting, conflicting views already, care to shed some light on why china dumpling isnt authentic?

yeah i know some of the better ones in Miami, but since im up here, id prefer ones in palm beach/broward county.

Oct 08, 2007
ruckus_bringer in Florida

Dim Sum in Boca (10-15 miles north or south,help me choose)

Hey, ive read about the following places for Dim Sum, but there hasn't been one that has gotten good reviews from people on here consistently....if anyone could help me narrow this list down, it'd be much appreciated.

Which ONE of these places should I go to?

China Pavillion
4663 Lake Worth Rd,
Greenacres, FL (NW corner of Lake Worth Rd and Military Rd)
(561) 963-1535

9819 South Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL

China Dumpling
1899 N. Congress Ave. (Map)
Catalina Centre
Boynton Beach, FL

Grand Lakes (or Great Lakes, Golden Lakes...what is the name?)
7750 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL

Silver Pond
4285 N. State Road 7,
Lauderdale Lakes

Out of these 4 places for dim sum, which should I make an effort to go to? They all seem to be really good judging from the reviews on here, but I want to make the best choice....any opinions/advice/recommendations are MUCH appreciated, help me out! thanks

Oct 07, 2007
ruckus_bringer in Florida