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What's Your Favorite thing to do with Fresh Morels

I'm in the Bay Area so I'm lucky enough to have the amazing Berkely Bowl grocery nearby .. those fat gorgeous morels were next to the fresh fiddlehead ferns (gasp) which were next to the fresh favas. It was spring-a-palooza!

Apr 16, 2013
laati in Home Cooking

What's Your Favorite thing to do with Fresh Morels

Couldn't resist and bought a half pound of these beauties today. Can't decide what to do with them .. I'm a little giddy. What's your favorite way to serve these?

Apr 16, 2013
laati in Home Cooking

Pre-dinner appetizers and great cocktails in Napa area

We're having a late dinner in Yountville and are looking for somewhere with a great bar appetizer menu so we can snack and have cocktails beforehand. Doesn't have to be in Yountville - greater Napa area is fine. Any thoughts?

Mar 26, 2013
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Best tamales in Concord

Looking for handmade, yummy tamales in Concord - taco truck works so does a grocery store or even a restaurant that does to go ...

Any suggestions?

Apr 24, 2012
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Arepas in SF or on Peninsula?

Want to try some authentic arepas (not too reengineered for modern times) but don't know where to try.. Prefer somewhere I can take-out and not have to sit down to order them.

Nov 30, 2011
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

WC Yacht Club, Dead Fish, or other?

The Yankee Pier in Lafayette has been getting pretty good reviews. And it puts you close to the Walnut Creek or Orinda theaters.

May 26, 2008
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

SF: great beer + fine dining?

Just to throw another idea in the mix ... the Slanted Door has a truly fine beer list - mostly really great Belgiums. It goes so very well with Vietnamese food.

May 19, 2008
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Mexican in Walnut Creek?

La Taqueria on Locust Street is a good choice for fresh, tasty and reasonably authentic Mexican in Walnut Creek. Nothing fancy - burritos, tacos, etc. but very good. The lengua tacos are my personal favorite.

Aug 09, 2007
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Camping with a Brisket

I have a very nice brisket I wanted to take with us on a camping trip. Since I know that BBQing low and slow is the way to cook it I thought that I would pre-cook it at home and then somehow "finish" it when we camped - presumably over our Smokey Joe at camp. I don't want to cook it all the way through because I was hoping to serve it warm for dinner.

Any advice on how cook it at home and then finish it over the camp BBQ (without destroying it, of course)?

Jun 26, 2007
laati in Home Cooking

More Festive: Oilveto or Incanto

Hi - Planning a birthday dinner and was looking for a festive atmosphere as well as awesome Italian. I think Oliveto and Incanto will both come through on the food side. The question is which one lends itself better to a festive birthday dinner for four chowhounds?


Jul 31, 2006
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Dopo or Gregoire for dinner on Sat. night

Hi - We are going to a concert Sat. night and need to catch an early dinner (5:00 ish). Both are on Piedmont Ave. which is close enough to where we will be seeing the concert. I know it might be hard to compare the two but they both are places I've really wanted to try.

We'd like to keep it under $50-60 for two without wine added in. Also considering the weather of late, can you eat outside at either spot?

Finally, the food at Dopo seems to get mixed reviews. What are folks' experiences of late at either spot.

Thanks so much!

Jul 19, 2006
laati in San Francisco Bay Area

Culinary Tour Guides

Hi - My parents are interested in "eating" their way around a city or region of Italy. They do not want cooking classes nor do they want the emphasis to be on wine. Food/restaurants are what they are looking for. They are not so particular about which city or region as long as it is interesting and tasty.

They are seniors so a guided tour would be most preferrable (they are not willing to drive themselves around). I know they do not have unlimited funds so price does matter.

Has anyone taken a trip to Italy and used a company or guide for a culinary (not cooking class) tour?


Jun 26, 2006
laati in Italy