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Skidmore/ Saratoga Springs Post Graduation Brunch

I'm looking for a place to hold a post-graduation lunch in Saratoga Springs for a group of about 10. The place needs to accept reservations. Great food is more of a priority than a fancy setting. Any suggestions?

Four days of meals for a big group

Renaissance Downtown

Mar 31, 2010
bpcohen in Chicago Area

Four days of meals for a big group're right about the need to narrow it down (although we're certainly willing to travel to food destinations). The conference is in the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. I'll also check the thread you listed.

Mar 19, 2010
bpcohen in Chicago Area

Four days of meals for a big group

A group of about 8-10 people of us are coming to a four day conference in Chicago and want to experience a range of the city's best treats. We'll be looking for favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we've got a couple of fish only (no meat) eaters in the group who will need to be accommodated (at least most of the time). We're also interested in a broad price range, from fancy dining that's worth a big price to down-and-dirty destinations where it's all about the flavors. Please don't leave out the city's best desserts. Thanks in advance...

Mar 12, 2010
bpcohen in Chicago Area

Not to be missed in San Antonio

A group of us will be attending a four day conference in San Antonio at the end of April. We're all first-timers, and want the absolute best suggestions for a range of restaurants...from the most authentic-hole-in-the-wall Mexican or Tex Mex joints, to the absolutely should-not-be-missed SA eating experiences. From breakfast through lunch, dinner and late night drinks. Appetizers through desserts.
We may do one blowout dinner where price is not an issue, but will mostly look for great food .
Thanks in advance...

Mar 26, 2009
bpcohen in Texas

Weekend in the Berkshires

Heading to the Berkshires this weekend and looking for a great dinner place for Saturday night, as well as two great breakfast places. Will be based in Great Barrington, but more than willing to travel for good food. Figuring on Baba Louie's for lunch, and have heard good things about Chez Nous and John Andrews, and mixed (?) things about Xicohtencatl. Would appreciate comments on these and other choices.

Best Ethiopian Restaurant?

Looking for the best Ethiopian food in Manhattan. Did not like Meskerem, but am interested in Awash (UWS), Zoma and Queen of Sheba, as well as any others people recommend.

May 27, 2008
bpcohen in Manhattan

Ethiopian for 14

Seeking a great Ethiopian restaurant for 14 people where the food is very good, but also where the group can sit relatively comfortably and hold a conversation without shouting. Interested in comparisons between Meskerem and Queen of Sheba. Thanks.

Oct 07, 2007
bpcohen in Manhattan