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Need help fleshing out old, ultra-concise baking recipes

"Livre" is french for pound.

Dec 08, 2012
pookiefatcat in Home Cooking

Eating London?

Depends where near the 401.

Adelaide and Southdale has a new Middle East place called Paramount Bakery. They also have full menu. I have only had the baked goods but they are pretty tasty.

Smoke and Bones is decent BBQ. (Wellington and Southdale)

Haru Sushi AYCE is pretty good, we have been there twice. (Wellington and Exeter)

Otherwise it's all chains around here. :(

Eating London?

Went to Braise on Saturday night. I really enjoyed it.

It was expensive but super yummy! The Chocolate Pave I had for dessert was so rich, I think it squashed any chocolate cravings for the next few months. I should have shared it, but I was greedy.

New to Ontario (London) and I can't find Stoned Wheat Thins OR sweet potatoes :(

You can also try the Food Basics at Wonderland and Commissioners. They have a huge selection of ethnic foods.Doesnt look promising from the outside but inside there are lots of goodies. I miss living near it!

Mövenpick Marché is Coming Back!

I used to work the steak/rotisserie station way back in the day. It was not a bad place to work, but the pay was pretty meager even though we did get free food. I did get to learn a lot of things that I wouldnt have had the chance to in other places. And I met a whole lot of people.

The best part was that the restaurant was open until 2am so we would often be there until 3 cleaning up. My Boyfriend used to close at the place he worked and come wait at the Marche so I didnt have to take the late night bus home by myself. Once the Managers noticed what he was doing they made sure to feed him for free every night.

Now he is my Husband.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

I can pick up buttermilk powder in my local Bulk Barn. I do love the clabber girl corn startch, but I think that is more for the tin, no more messy boxes!

Dec 28, 2009
pookiefatcat in General Topics

HELP! Family dinner ideas for picky toddler!

Our 20 Month Daughter loves dumplings. Even better if she can dip them in Hoisin sauce. I am lazy and buy the awesome premade ones at the Asian Market, but you could make your own and add lots of veggies.

She is also not big on veggies, but will eat them frozen. And she loves roasted cauliflower. If we get it nice and brown and crispy she will eat a whole adult sized portion.

Sep 15, 2009
pookiefatcat in Home Cooking

Owen Sound Area Deliciousness

There is a farmers market in Downtown Owen Sound that has some nice stuff. That's on Saturday mornings.

There is also a "100 Mile" market, it's a store downtown near the river that only sells stuff from the local area. The prices are reasonable and they have nice meats. It's all frozen meat though. They also do bread and produce.
I think they are open Thurs-Sun, but am not 100% sure.

Growing up with good food-affecting the kids

Last night our toddler (14 months!) threw a fit because Mommy and Daddy had Sriracha and she didnt. She refused to eat her dinner until she was given a squirt of her own to dip dinner into. So we did. And she ate it all. The kid is all of 25lbs and ate a tsp of sriracha on her meatloaf. I know lots of adults for whom that would be too much spice. I think I am raising an addict.

Apr 01, 2009
pookiefatcat in General Topics

Hamburgers in London

The Prince Albert diner downtown does a good one. That's a fun place to take kids. They make good milkshakes too.

JDee's accross from the market makes some fun ones, lamb and turkey and salmon as well as regular.

Hamburgers in London

What part of London are you in?

President's Choice square pizzas

Eh, they are ok. I didnt find it to be any better or worse than most frozen pizza.

Trying to find *Jerk chicken* in London Ontario

I know there are a few places out in the east end. On Dundas east of Highbury. Maybe try out there? I don't get out that way enough to know for sure.

Grouse breast

Hi all.

My Brother-in-law was hunting over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and was nice enough to bring me some grouse. The trouble is that all I have are the breasts (bone-in but no skin)

What do I do with them? I have never cooked grouse before and I want to do them justice and not just treat them like plain old chicken.

All suggestions welcome.

Oct 27, 2008
pookiefatcat in Home Cooking

Sriracha Chili Sauce Condiment or Crack?!

Had it on eggs with polenta this am. And on toast with peanut buter. And grilled cheese too..... Even the baby likes a bit on the end of my finger. she makes a face but goes back for more every time.

Sep 13, 2008
pookiefatcat in General Topics

Where to Eat Dinner in London

I am the friend and I agree. Good but small. Although the Guacamole was good value lots of nice chunky dip at a reasonable price. And tasty too!! I also had a chicken tostada and a queadilla, as well as an apple Jarritos. My bill was 18$ including tax. I would go again and maybe try some of the more "Main dish" type things they offer.

Challenging All Chowhouds- Pureed Food

What about a shepherds pie sort of thing? Puree the ground beef or lamb with the gravy/ top with puree carrots/ add well mashed potato and bake. It would have the advantage of looking like "real food".

For dessert - a fool (puree fruit folded into whipped cream) would be lovely. A nice custard? Oooh creme caramel would work well there.

Jun 09, 2008
pookiefatcat in General Topics

North restaurant in London, Ontario

We went there once when I was pregnant and off chicken. I asked if I could have the chicken pizza with everything but the chicken and was told NO. I think that says a lot about the way that they do their prep. Pizza is NOT made to order. I don't want to think how long it sat premade. We were not very impressed and have not been back.

London's covent garden market?

Meh. The cheese shop is nice but nothing super special. Everything else is pretty standard. I never seem to bother anymore because I can get the same stuff in lots of other places.

Try the market at the western fair and have an apple fritter. Those are seriously YUM!

London Ontario 50th birthday dinner

How fancy are you looking?
Mint on King Street by the Market was nice - went there for my Hubby's 30th. Waldo's on King is nice too - Bistro kind of place.

I have had a nice meal at Blackfriars, right by the Blackfriars bridge. Also at Cofferfeilds - both the one in Wortley village and the new one on Richmond.

We went to the tasting room for our anniversary this year. The food was good but it was very very noisy.

Veranda Cafe London, On

Meh, I thought it was fun but that the food was only OK. The Caesar Salad will have you breathing and sweating garlic for days. If you are not into big girly drinks and gay men you will not like it.

Ugh! Can't get a good pizza in London, Ont

What about Muldoon's Pizza? I think it's the best in london. But they don't deliver. Only take out and eat in.

It's on Wonderland in a little stripmall. Not far north of Southdale.