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Good Sushi place anywhere near Vernon, NJ?

Anyone out there have a recommendation for decent sushi near Vernon NJ?

I don't know the area well and I'll be meeting someone around there today. Something sorta nearby would be great too!

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2009

Awesome! My wife would love to go to Ninas.

May 2008 Wedding in the Hudson Valley


Good places to sample and buy tea in Tristate Area?

I 2nd that!

The owner is super cool and a genuine Og'er (ask her what that means)

Admari Tea
Midland Park, NJ

Chinese Food Delivery in North Bergen

When I lived in North Bergen I used to order from John's Shanghai in Edgewater.. They delivered to North Bergen, but it may depend on where in NB you live.. I'd try them, they're the best in the area and worth the wait.

I recommend the Crab/Pork Juicy buns!

John's Shanghai Restaurant
880 River Rd
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 945-8825

Good Stop in Orange County/Hudson Valley

Well, The post was intended to find a place to bring the 2 year old, but I'd love to hear your recommendation for just the two of us!

Merguez Sausage in Orange/Rockland County?

AWESOME! I'll give them a shot. Thanks so much.

Merguez Sausage in Orange/Rockland County?

My wife has a great couscous recipe, but it's best with Mergeuz sausage.. Only problem is that we can't find it anywhere outside of NYC

Good Stop in Orange County/Hudson Valley

The weather is too cold to properly entertain our 2 year old so my wife and I would like to take a little ride and find some good eats along the way.

Does anyone have any recommendations within 1 hour from the Warwick, NY/Middletown area?

Good German food

I've always been a fan of the Black Forest Mill in Central Valley, NY.. Been going there for over a decade. It's slipped a bit over the years but still a fun place.

Any Belgian or Country French Restaurants in Northern NJ or area?

My wife is from Belgium and we've been looking for a good Belgian/Country French restaurant... Most of the French restaurants we've found have been great, but a little more "foo foo" than country.