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New Haven Taco Trucks

We went to both Nexacali and Ixtapa and were thrilled. We stuck to chicken as my friend is not adventurous but we were thrilled with both.
Taking the husbands back next time!

New Haven Taco Trucks

I know there was a discussion a while back but I can not seem to find it when I search.

I have to be in New Haven on Saturday and wondered if they are open on Saturdays and which is the favorite?


Republic in Bloomfield

We went last night and I have to say that we will likely not return.
When we walked in the door, the first thing that hit us was the volume. It was so loud! Not just abuzz with people (it was packed) but too loud to talk. The hostess and I could not hear each other and she had to come around the host stand to get our name.
We were sat in one of the front rooms, which was a bit better but still very loud.
Before you roll your eyes and think that I am an old fuddy, I am in my very early 40's and worked in the restaurant and catering biz for over 20 years. it was too loud for the 4 of us at our table to be able to enjoy our conversation.
Service was OK on the whole, but the 10+ minute wait for our drink order because "there was a glass shortage" was fairly annoying.
Each couple split an appetizer, clams casino for us and the Scallop for our friends. The casino was good and a good sized portion but not really a true casino and the Scallop (note no s) was good but not worth the price (as I was told)
For dinner we stuck to sandwiches; Patty Melt, Au Poivre Burger, Cloak and Dagger (Reuben on a pretzel Croissant) and a BLT + avocado. All served on carving boards with individual squeeze bottles of ketchup.(yawn)
We all enjoyed our meals but nothing was show stopping. Fries (sweet potato better than the Parmesan truffle) were perfectly cooked but the half ounce paper cup of cole slaw was lost. It was one forkful, why bother?

I, too, want to like this place but I am not sure I can. I enjoy a spot that is close to home and has food a level above the typical pub far I tend to get locally but the noise level and some of the "trying to be trendy" things really put me off.

Headed to Hartford, CT Need Suggestions

I am surprised no one suggested Carbone's for Italian

Big E - 2012

In this order:
Buffalo French Fries on the back side of the International Building
Clam Cakes and Del's Lemonade in RI
Frankies Hot Dog in CT
Apple Cider donuts in VT
Millie's Pierogies (Cabbage)
Veggie Tempurah
London Broil Sandwich from Butcher Boys
Deep Fried Oreos (I did not try these, my friend did and loved the) I am not an oreo fan

I would give everything a solid B with the exception of the London Broil and Del's Lemonade which deserve an A

It was a great day!

Organic Pick Your Own Apples

Another in CT is Lost Acres Orchard in Granby

Millwright's-Simsbury, CT

We had dinner there Friday night.
It was a lovely evening and I would not hesitate to recommend it, despite a few small hiccups.
We were dining with another couple that arrived before we did. We had a 7:30 reservation and the Maitre d' indicated that they were running a bit behind.
He showed us to the deck for a cocktail, but no one came to offer us a beverage. I suspect that was because within 10 minutes, we were seated.
When we arrived at the table our dining companions were a bit annoyed and it was discovered that they had asked that a bottle of prosseco was to be at the table when we sat as a surprise for us. It was sorted out but, it just took a bit too long for me. The restaurant was busy but after having to ask for something twice, it took another 10 minutes for the bottle to come out. That seemed to be the time for all wine, which I found annoying. That being said. Everything else was incredible. (I can only speak for my food, I have a food allergy and most of my companions dishes had that ingredient, so I did not taste them)
Other than the wait for wine, the service was wonderful. Friendly and extremely knowledgable about the menu. Each plate of each course was expertly explained as it was served. The staff works as a team but it was evident to us, the Jeffrey, was the head waiter. Much of the staff is a little green and the way that interacted with them and explained or instructed was wonderful. It almost made me wish that I had a mentor like that when I started in the business so long ago :)
We were brought what was called a Johnny cake with a sea salt and honey butter. I am not sure it wasan johnny cake in any sense of the word but it was a perfect pillow of flaky corn bread.
I started with the Torchon of Foie Gras. Perfectly sized portion, interesting sauce (peach and pecan jam) just wonderful. The rest of my table had Oysters and squash blossoms.

I chose the duo of beef for my entree. Perfectly cooked medium rare sliced strip steak atop a braised short rib with baked piped potatoes and baby carrots. The rest of the table had Scallops with chanterelles and hamhocks and the lobster bake; with potatoes, mussells, chorizo, and corn.
We all finished our entrees, but I did not think that the portions were small, just perfectly sized.
For dessert we each chose one of the 5 and shared. Mixed Berry Trifle, Honey Semi-fredo, Plum Crumble, and Black out cake. The were each excellent and unique in both flavor and presentation. Coffee was french press, 2 cups per press.

The evening ended as we were given a lovely tour of the kitchen and the soon to be open tavern with the chef himself. ( This was not offered, we asked and the maitre d' did not hesistate to say yes)

The tavern will be open in a month and I am looking forward to that as this will not be a weekly stop. It will be our go to for a special occassion or that night when I just want t areally great dinner but it will not be in our regular rotation for Friday nights out.
Our meal lasted 3.5 hours including the tour. We had 1 bottle of prosecco and 2 bottles of wine plus our food and the bill was a little over $350. I found it to be worth every penny.

Someone asked me if this was going to hurt the Mill at 2T and I do not think it will. I think that they will both be successful in Simsbury. The Farmington Valley was a fine dining wasteland for too long. It is great to have 2 amazing options.

Nice Lunch in Windsor, CT area on Labor Day

There is not a lot of great places in that area.
Places to try (I have no idea if they are open on Labor Day)
La Notte (East Windsor)
Jonathan Pascos (East Windsor)
Maine Seafood (East Windsor)

I can not say that any of these are really Chow-worthy but they are good options for an older crowd

Winery restaurants on the Ct. wine trail.

Heritage Trail has a restaurant but not in the area that you describe.
Here is the CT Wine trail map, maybe that will help

Millwright's-Simsbury, CT

They had stations set up with cocktails and small bites
Charcutiere (I always spell that wrong)
Himachi crudo
Cold corn chowder with lobster
Stuffed chicken
Scallops with chanterelles and something (I am allergic to mushrooms so didn't indulge)
Pork with white beans

It was all very good and as I said, they staff was aweseome

Millwright's-Simsbury, CT

I was at the pre-opening, so I can not comment on a full meal but we enjoyed the food that we sampled. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable and the work they did on the building is beautiful!

I am looking forward to going to dinner there in a few weeks

Great Barrington

Just had lunch at Cafe Adam on Saturday. Food was excellent, service was friendly. I would not hesitate to return.

Lunch in Farmington, CT tomorrow

Apricots is a great choice!

Tanglewood area

We had a wonderful lunch at Cafe Adam in Great Barrington Saturday.

Lunch near Lee

Thanks, someone on Facebook recommend Cafe Adam as well!

Lunch near Lee

We will be in the area on Saturday and are looking for a lunch spot.
We are considering Once upon a table but we are looking for other suggestions.

We would like the option of eating outdoors and would prefer a place with wine. I am more of an adventurous eater but my companion is not, so ethnic is out.


Lunch--Westbound from Windsor Locks, CT

Blue Sky would be my pick, slightly off your route, but well worth it!

Meat House

I like it. I go to the one in Avon and I have been very happy with their marinated steak tips. They have Boars Head deli meats, some microbrews, and a great selection of local products. Breads, spreads, cheeses, etc from places right here in the Farmington Valley.
It is not my go to for meat but it is a spot we go to when we are in the area. The staff is very nice, almost too nice, it actually bugs my husband that they are so over the top!

3 breakfats, 2 lunches and 2 dinners in Newport. Please advise.

Another vote for Gary's. Chorizo omlette!

Hartford Family Reunion

I was going to suggest Mill on the River, there is a walk from the parking lot. Not long, but I seem to remember a few steps down, although there must be a ramp since I often see sr. citizens there.

Looking for the best destination restaurants in RI, Mass, and CT

Totally forgot about Night Kitchen! That is a great place

Looking for the best destination restaurants in RI, Mass, and CT

Since your topic on the Northern NE board has 57 replies, I am guessing that Chowhound has no issues with it so...

Golden Lamb Buttery, Brooklyn, CT

Restaurant Closings Avon/Simsbury/Canton

Not that my age is of any consequence, but I am comfortably over 40.

Restaurant Closings Avon/Simsbury/Canton

I will not get into a debate about OG, as this board is not for chain discussions, but they do not cook food there. It is the same as heating up a frozen dinner. So many great local places for italian food that is cooked to order.

Restaurant Closings Avon/Simsbury/Canton

WAIT! Did you really say Olive Garden and good old fashioned food in the same post. There is nothing good or old fashioned about OG. Pre-cooked food is not good.

Colony has been a bit of an institution on the Southern end of the state and I will welcome it over any chain any day.

anyone try Taste of Hartford yet?

Went to Vitos on the Park last night but we decided against the Taste menu, which turned out to be a mistake.
Antipasti and oysters were a hit but the entrees fell short of being worth the price. Shrimp and Scallop Risotto was a disappointment with undercooked rice mixed with a bl;and saffron butter sauce. This was not risotto by any definition,
The place was packed but service was good, just wish we had stuck to the Taste menu

Grote & Wiegel Out of Business

I was just posting the link, I have no knowledge one way or the other

Grote & Wiegel Out of Business

This article was in the Courant this morning

anyone try Taste of Hartford yet?

We are going to Vitos on Saturday with friends. I will report back also.

Destination Dinner: 2 hours from Bradley Airport

We are looking for a weekend away and can not decide on a location. NY, Boston, Southern VT, and Newport are out as they are are our go to places. We want to try something new.
We do not ski or do winter sports, we prefer to check out local shops and enjoy a great meal.

I thought that we would try and plan our getaway around a meal. If you were to recommend a destination meal (in a destination worthy of a weekend away) what would you suggest?