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Storing rolled oats - in the fridge/freezer?

Storage in freezer seems to be Bob's policy for all products; they mention both oil spoilage and pest infestation. See:

Feb 16, 2013
boisedoc in General Topics

Case for wine in checked luggage?

I frequently travel for business, and occasionally want to carry a bottle of good spirits I've found home with me. I often travel on Southwest, which has the following luggage policy: "Alcohol (wine and liquor) in checked baggage must be securely packaged in a leak-proof bag with adequate professional packaging designed to fit the proportions of the bottle to prevent breakage." I have checked bottles without obeying this, surrounding them with clothing for padding, but I would prefer to conform to guidelines --- it's only a matter of time until some luggage handler is too rough with my soft- sided travel bag, and a bottle breaks. One idea: a hard-sided travel case, e.g., . (I don't think neoprene sleves would provide sufficient protection.) But I would prefer something smaller or collapsible, for those trips when I do not find anything worth bringing home. I suspect no such case exists, but hey, there's no harm in asking! Any thoughts?

Oct 06, 2007
boisedoc in Wine

Where to dine with 15 in/near Berkeley?

I'm organizing a small conference at Cal, attended by a 20 or so scientists from all over the U.S. and the world, and am looking for recommendations about where 15 or so of us could eat dinner. Any thoughts would be appreciated.