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good weekday lunch in Williamsburg?

Anyone can think of a good place to take out of towners for a lunch in williamsburg near the mcCarren park pool area?

gobi manchurian in the city?

OK....there's this Indian place in New Brunswick where I used to live, and he had this mysterious dish called gobi manchurian. Basically, it's deep fried cauliflower in a real spicy sauce.

Jul 26, 2006
galactushungers in Manhattan

gobi manchurian in the city?

anyone know where I can get some gobi manchurian?

Jul 24, 2006
galactushungers in Manhattan

Good place to read/study in the Village(s)?

Doma on Perry street is ok because they stay open til midnight, but they can be a bit loud/packed so bring headphones or earplugs.

Jun 27, 2006
galactushungers in Manhattan

soul food in clinton hill/ fort greene?

any good recs. for soul food in clinton hill/ fort greene area?