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BEST Indian Food [Dallas]

Thank you DallasDue & amokscience. My mom and I are going to check it out for lunch.

Aug 02, 2010
Meals in Dallas - Fort Worth

BEST Indian Food [Dallas]

Just moved to Dallas from Los Angeles and am craving some amazing (esp. vegetarian) Indian food... doesn't matter what region. Any new/old favorites?

Jul 29, 2010
Meals in Dallas - Fort Worth

Los Angeles Area Cheese Making Class

Does anyone know of a great cheese making class in the Los Angeles area? It does not have to be for any specific type of cheese. Thank you!

Apr 17, 2010
Meals in Los Angeles Area


I just moved here, and would love to have a "tapas" night with my boyfriend soon! What are your favorite tapas places in LA?

Nov 02, 2007
Meals in Los Angeles Area

Where can I get a good loaf of ciabatta bread?

I just moved to LA, and I have had the hardest time finding a good loaf. Any suggestions?

Nov 01, 2007
Meals in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza (NY Style) in LA

My vote is definitely for the COOP. I will break down the reasons why the plain cheese pizza is the perfect pie:

1) The cheese- a blend, I am guessing mozzarella and something else, bubbly at the crust, but just melted perfectly in the middle. The KEY is the amount of cheese on the pizza. It is not smothered with cheese like many pizzas you will have. Instead, there is just enough to cover the surface, and therefore it does not overpower the sauce.

2) The sauce: a tangy, herby, sexy sauce. Best I've had outside of Italy.

3) The CRUST: Crusts are so crucial to a good pizza... but delicious crusts are so elusive. The crust is thin, but not so thin that the piece collapses in on itself. It has almost a nutty quality. Heaven.

4) The price- $9 for a large.

5) It is unpretentious, fresh, delicious cuisine at its finest.

Note: I have not tried anything besides the plain cheese, because... well try it, and you'll see for yourself.

Also, I live close by, so I pick up the pizza myself. I am not sure about punctual their delivery is.

Here's the address:

10006 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 837-4462

Oct 30, 2007
Meals in Los Angeles Area

Best Breakfast in LA?

Yes! My boyfriend and I had breakfast at Square One this morning. Although the service was a bit slow, and the orange juice overpriced ($6 a glass!), the chorizo omelette was delicious, spicy goodness. We sat outside on the very relaxing patio. My boyfriend got the bacon, mozzarella, and spinach omelette, which was also very good. But the real showstopper was the stone-ground grits that he got as a side item. Wow! Worth the trip just for those grits.

Square One
4854 Fountain in Silverlake.

Oct 06, 2007
Meals in Los Angeles Area