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Maurice Pylant's Western Kitchen in Glenrose: Anyone Been?

Many years ago I got a call from Maurice who wanted to participate in an investment with me. After talking for a while we developed a friendship and he overnighted some brisket to Alexandria, VA. It was the best brisket ever made. It was so good that my staff and I flew to Texas two weeks later to meet Maurice at his restaurant and experienced his restaurant and beef fresh from the kitchen. I have eaten BBQ all over the world and his was definitely the best.

The texture and flavor came from perfect smoking at the ideal temperature for many hours. The seasoning was perfect and the brisket was the highest quality beef available. Maurice was a stand up guy who knew how to deliver an amazing product along with great homespun stories. I am glad that I and my staff had the opportunity to know and break bread with him. Heaven's occupants are enjoying the best BBQ ever.

Jul 25, 2012
Brucestover in Texas