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staying in Tysons , hotel

I fourth Lebanese Taverna--everything four of us had was amazing! Except maybe dessert. We had the cheese pies, the spicy sausages, the yogurt casserole with lamb, etc... All was great!

Bmore: El Taquito vs. Tortilleria

I haven't hit all these places yet, but I have to say Tortilleria Sinaloa has the best Tamales I've had out of California--the masa was ethereal. I also had the best lengua taco ever there--it was a revelation. As for their chips--I enjoyed getting to control the salt level myself since most chips are WAY over-salted to hide their flavor. I personally like them with some fresh lime juice. I was less satisfied with the carnitas taco and the pork filling in the tamale. Despite that, for the cost of a lunch I'm transported back to my days in the Fruitvale district of Oakland when I go there. I will say I almost didn't give it a try--it looked too clean and bright to have authentic food, but I was wrong!

El Guapito - Ample and Delicious Mexican in Downtown Baltimore - 111 W. Mulberry

I don't know crackers, I thought Tortilleria Sinaloa stole the show... It's at Eastern and Broadway--check out the tamales!

Delicious Mexican Food

I would second the trip to Baltimore for the real good Mexican food. I used to live in the SF Bay Area and I am in love with Tortilleria Sinaloa's tamales (the chile is awesome) and their lengua tacos are to die for--check it out!
Tortilleria Sinaloa
1716 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD
(410) 276-3741‎

Erie PA trip next weekend - recommendations

Hey! I think I missed your visit but I just moved to NW PA from San Francisco and I can tell you food choices are pretty limited here. I would recommend Rosa's Legacy on Brown--it's Dominican and really tasty--with great service. I wrote about it a bit in a reply to this post:
Definitely get the fish is you go!!
Other than that, things have not impressed me so far. If you ever have to drive down the 79 for any reason and you like gormet Sicilian style pizza I'd suggest getting off in Meadville and heading to the Creative Crust on Chestnut street. I really like their roasted eggplant pizza
good luck!

Erie, PA 12/20

I'm so happy that there are any hounds in Erie! My new favorite place is "rosa's legacy" on Brown in Erie. It's Dominican and fabulous. The fish sofrito is amazing, the rice and beens are rich and my friend ate her pork chops down to the bone! The sweet plantains were also a real treat. And the prices are reasonable. I can't wait to go back. Oh, and it's BYOB which is really cool too.