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HELP! I'm in Evansville IN for an impromptu interview........and

not only do I not know where to look, it looks like I may be moving here! OMG!

I saw an Indian place and one Vietnamese place and a ton of mexican.

But I hear BBQ is the way to go my first trip.

In the end, any type of BBQ or good ethnic eats is fine.

All I saw today was corporate stuff and it was sparse and bad.

I mean, I don't know what is worse, that they don't have a Chipotle or that I am using that as some sort of litmus test or barometer for what is available.

I am not sure I can do this. :(

Oct 15, 2011
thegreekone in Great Lakes

Pittsburgh recommendations needed AGAIN by Cleveland Hound

Well, we are back, only instead of Falling Water we will be seeking out the interesting parts of Pittsburgh.

Ok, first off, and it pains me to say this like I assume it would any other hound, we are looking for low-no carb friendly restaurants. Sushi, Korean, and any other recos anybody has to suggest. A nice recommendation that we might not have thought of would be particularly welcome.

As far as Japanese, we are looking for a good but moderately priced place that has other things besides, sushi. (wife doesn't like raw) That said, we aren't cheapos, either. Fish has to be good.

Second, Korean place should specialize in BBQ.

Thanks yet again for everybody's help in advance!

The Greek

p.s. I never thought of this. Are there any good greek restaurants in Pitts? I know there are a lot of greeks, but I am unfamiliar with food scene. (no diners, just greek joints)

Jun 27, 2010
thegreekone in Pennsylvania

Are Sushi Overpriced?

This is spot and I always appreciate when the sushi and sauce are applied so I can just enjoy. It is also painful when I am at just such an establishment and have told a dining companion this and they persist on littering their soy sauce with wasabi. It's humiliating, and in my opinion, obscures the taste and texture of the fish.

Jun 17, 2010
thegreekone in General Topics

Mizu Sushi in Flatiron

Any reviews or recommendations? A friend is taking me there for a work-related favor. I know it's not Yasuda or 15 East. I don't want to bust the guy and he said he liked Mizu. (btw, what about Yama?)


Mizu Sushi
29 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

Jun 17, 2010
thegreekone in Manhattan

Taro sushi omakase?

>P.S. As much as I like Blue Ribbon Sushi, I think they're grossly overpriced for the >quality of fish served. For the same price, I might as well go to Yasuda.


Jun 15, 2010
thegreekone in Outer Boroughs

Gourmet food delivery service that is more than just palatable

Thanks, Kathryn!

Not only did the article include most of the service providers I was considering, if was "enlightening," to say the least.

Like my friend, Jay, says; "would it kill ya to the read the paper once in a while?" :)

Jun 15, 2010
thegreekone in Manhattan

Gourmet food delivery service that is more than just palatable

Can anybody recommend a food delivery service that delicious, fresh (not frozen) and delivered daily? Low carb is a plus but not a requirement. I am in Village and want meals delivered for the day during the week and have the weekends to myself.


Jun 14, 2010
thegreekone in Manhattan

Falling Water follow-up

Sorry I haven't followed up given all the nice (and realistic) recommendations we got for our trip to Falling Water.

First off, Falling Water exceeded our expectations and we had a wonderful time.

The bad news is that we got lost for so long and we had booked the In-depth tour, that we barely got there on time and were relegated to the FW-Cafe.

I kid you not, there was Bahn Mi on the menu that day! Given that it wasn't a vietnamese restaurant it was perfectly respectable. Pork was tender, lots or cilantro, pickled veggies and a spicy mayonnaise and chilis. GTFO!

My wife and I shared a red pepper and bacon soup that was really good and her knockwurst was, eh. The cookies there were damn good.

Save your gas and headaches and eat at the Cafe. It's a great cause and the food was good!

Got a page from work, ran to hotel after getting a tuna sub at Subway, and worked till late.

All in all, a great weekend. Ok, food-wise, nothing special. But unexpectedly good food while supporting a world-renowned landmark was alright with me.

The final giggle was we drove right past Primante's on the way home due to it raining so hard. We didn't miss it, we were in a downpour to end all downpours. Bad forecast and too much work kept us from pulling over and waiting it out.

Jun 13, 2010
thegreekone in Pennsylvania

Cleveland hound heading to Falling Water

I know there was a recent post about this area and I was wondering if there are any ethnic or region specific eats in the area? A good Greek diner or a little whole in the wall place, or anything else people think is worthwhile would be great! The responses to the last post were anemic and I am not sure if that was indicative of the area or day? :)

Thanks in advance.

May 25, 2010
thegreekone in Pennsylvania

Dim Sum at Yang's!

Dear Ontario chowhounder's, thank you to all those who wrote so affectionately about Yang's.

We all know know that good food often comes at a price beyond one's wallet. Our first stop driving from Cleveland was 40 minutes PAST Toronto, while driving through a snowstorm.

I was worried. People are so passionate about dim sum and the "standards" seem to always being floating in and out of fashion. It was tough making a decision.

We decided on Yang's in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO. This section of Ontario reminded us of the long stretch of asian stores/restaurants in Atlanta on Buford Highway.

Anyway, we walked inside and my first thought was "this place is too nice to have good dim sum." Place simple, elegant, almost bordering on a japanese sensibility.


We were there at the end of lunch and happy to know that there menu is menu driven and not cart driven. (every dish, whether fried, steamed, or back, was made to order)

The food was not greasy and HEAVY, or overly garlicky/soy-based to cover lack of quality ingredients.

steamed meatballs with mince veggies were absolutely succulent with a touch of PINK in the middle. (whoa)

neck bones braised with PUMPKIN (wtf?....I never even heard of anything like that) the meet was moist, tender, and taste was PURE. The pumpkin melted in your mouth and complimented the meat perfectly.

turnip cake, the test of any good place. Crisp on the outside and tender turnip on the outside. Places of lesser quality often skimp on the turnip and load up on the rice flour. FANTASTIC!

beef tendon was tender, but not mushy and too garlicky. I don't mind garlic, but someone really cares in the back to make sure the main ingredients have the spotlight

chive buns.....OUTSTANDING.

ordered a mochi peanut dessert that was light but very flavorful. Usually these desserts are all mochi and little filling. Dude, seriously....this place may have been my favorite dim sum experience outside of asia and very much my style.

RATING: a triple (not standing but an easy slide)

p.s. Had the oysters not have a heavy breading on them and been more plump, like the Siam Cafe', I would have given this place a HOME RUM, but they were expensive and praised effusively.

p.p.s. They had three foie gras selections; all sold out due to New Year's Eve. *F*

Need last minute reco for party of five near World Trade Center

Hope it is relatively quiet with good food. Not everyone is a fish lover and ethnic is ok, as long as it is a nice place. Not everyone in our group is a "hound who loves a whole in the wall place with great food!", ya know?


REAL QUICK: stuck in park ridge and need late night Korean

NOT BBQ.....looking for pajun, dolsot bibimbop, jajang myun, and or jayook bokum!

Don't feel like going from Park Ridge to Chinatown.

Jul 24, 2009
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Volare is the squid ink risotto worth the visit?

A friend has recently raved about Volare, especially the squid ink risotto. I trust his judgement but am curious about other recommendations.


Jul 23, 2009
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Going to The Steppenwolf on a Sunday Night...

We are thinking of just going to Santorini, but now that I think about it, I think my wife and I are up for something new. Would love some good ethnic eats and know that sunday night may be an issue.

French Bistro or Belgian place with good beer list sounds good but we are up for anything except a $$$$ bill. :) Armenian sounds good.

Btw, while I am at it......I remember when I lived in Chicago back 2002-2003, people raived about a place frequented by taxi drivers that served brains. LOVE lamb brains anyway they are served.


Jul 12, 2009
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Boulder, CO (Boulder Sq.?)

About 10 years ago I went to a outdoor mall or "square" with lots of restaurants. I also remember a place with a large indooor wood stove that served thanksgiving dinner all the time. Can anybody remind me of the location, name, and if the place still exists?

Sorry to be so obtuse, it was many years ago and I have friends visiting and would love them to experience the place, or even just the mall if the restaurant is no longer there or good. :)


Jul 07, 2009
thegreekone in Mountain States

Dim Sum in Columbus, OH

Is "Sunflower" still THE PLACE for dim sum? Last time we went it was closed and I was so disappointed cause I had read such good things, but that was two years or so ago.

Would love another non-asian ethnic reco after visiting the Wexner Center. Proximity is the biggest criteria.....the food is.

Avoid Petite Abeille First Ave.

Hudson st., while small, is the best location imho.

Aug 17, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

What's up with Meiji?

All-star game?

Jul 15, 2008
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Good Grocery Stores in Niles

Went to SuperHmart this past weekend and customers were buying kimchee almost as fast as they could make it. I, too, love that place. Selection, quality, and price are always superb.Thrown in the whole experience and you've got a true destination location.

Ah, the panchan bar is excellent. The seaweed, whitting roe, squid in pepperpaste, and marinated potatoes were excellent.

Jul 15, 2008
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Ethnic eats near SpringHill Suites (Canfield & 90W)

Looking for any kind of reasonable ethnic eats near O'Hare/Canfield rd. besides asian. (went to Lawrence and Kedzie for khalbi at Kang Nam last night) Am opent to anything. Am bushed from work and travelling and hoping to stay close to my hotel and avoid traffic.
Five miles and avoiding highways sounds like the ticket for me tonight.

Will be going to Bale earlier in the day for lunch.

Btw, If there is good sushi/japanese food nearby, I am willing to nix the whole asian thing. :)


Jul 10, 2008
thegreekone in Chicago Area

NYC Good Eats

15 East and Craftsteak.....oh, and Anthos

Jul 02, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Mesa Grill review

hahahaha....I was thinking of both 66 and V Steakhouse.

rrems....I agree about a lot of awful places that have been around forever, but MOST run by celebrity chefs, are history.

Jul 02, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Mesa Grill review

It has to be good or it wouldn't still be around. There have been a ton of examples where celebrity chefs have had places go under. (J-G Vong is as good a place as any to start)

I am also getting tired of all the "hating" going on around here, as if doing that places you in some sort of cognescenti zone. I wish this people would get over themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the warnings but people are in this mode if it's not Babbo, EMP, or all sucks. *throws up hands*

Jul 02, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Khalbi (NOT San Soo Gap San)

Thanks, EL....we are THERE!

Jun 29, 2008
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Dinner with Parents in NYC

You won't be able to go overboard and will have to do wine by the glass, but Wallse will impress and suprise them.

Jun 29, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

L' atelier de Joel Robuchon: How much should I expect to spend?

Jun 29, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Khalbi (NOT San Soo Gap San)

Coming to Chicago for the 4th of July and want to hit a Korean BBQ place that is not SSGS.
Love the place but two visits it seemed to have lost that magic, ya know?

Hopefully still a whole in the wall place with lots of koreans and ppl in the know.

Btw, is Thai Ave still good?

Jun 28, 2008
thegreekone in Chicago Area

Memorable 38th Anniversary Meal

I love the kind of food served at Bar Boulud, and while they are still finding their way, I trust they will be up to snuff when you visit. The food is still deliciously decadent.

What is more romantic than expertly made charcuterie and champagne?

Jun 28, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Romantic Birthday dinner with fiance

Annisa in WV would be nice.

Jun 28, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan

Steak Tomorrow- Primehouse, Old Homestead, or Porterhouse

1st choice for me would be chile-rubbed ribeye at Porterhouse

2nd choice would be dry age Kansas city sirloin and old school hashbrowns at Primehouse

Jun 24, 2008
thegreekone in Manhattan