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Peninsula commuting todo list (obscenely long...)

Being a RWC resident, I found your list really interesting, since I'm always looking for a great place to eat! Couple of additions, if I may:
1. iDumpling (on Broadway in RWC) - open since Nov, *awesome* dumplings and homemade noodles - only about 10 tables or so, but great side dishes too, like garlic marinated crushed cucumbers, pork/shrimp dumplings with chives, Shanghai dumplings...
2. Patty Shack - (on Main St in RWC) - great burgers, sweet potatoe fries, mac/cheese!

Mercadito Latino Redwood City - Churros Rellenos... Do Not Read if You're Avoiding Sweets!

I've been wanting to try it for awhile (also drive by it every day) - but I'm either too early or too late - think they open 12p-8p?

Staying at Encore for 40th girls only bday weekend

So it's a couple weeks before we are heading out, and I have made some reservations at Bartolotta (Saturday night) and Jaleo (Friday night) - at Bartolotta, I was thinking the Menu di Paranza @$140/person, but any suggestions on a better option? Maybe it's too much food for 3-4 women?

May 02, 2011
sandrachang in Las Vegas

Staying at Encore for 40th girls only bday weekend

I wanted to see if any of the 22 restaurants between Encore and Wynn were worth a birthday dinner with the girls? I've read a couple of posts that seem to indicate that the casinos are cutting back so not worth the money? I'm open to kinds of food, but leaning towards either Japanese, Italian, or really good steak...

Otherwise, if not there, where? I don't want to say money no object, but I do want a nice dinner!

Apr 10, 2011
sandrachang in Las Vegas

All-Clad French Skillets - regular or non-stick?

Williams Sonoma has a 2 pc regular French Skillet set (9"& 11") on sale for $129.99, whereas Macy's has the non-stick versions (7" & 9", I think?) on sale for $99.99

Any feedback on whether or not the nonstick or regular versions are okay?


Dec 21, 2009
sandrachang in Cookware

Best dishes in San Francisco with an egg on top?

We used to go to King of Thai for some Kao Gao Prow (Ground Pork, bell peppers, Thai Chilis, Basil over rice) and add an extra (or 2) fried egg on top - yolk was always runny, and you could mix it in with the meat and rice! Yum!

Clementine - anyone been recently?

I was just there this past Sunday, and it was packed! We had reservations at 7pm, and as we pulled up, Philippe waved us to the parking spot right in front (hubby had broken foot, I had a 3 year old son) -
This was first time in the new spot, and even though it was packed, the service was impeccable. Philippe came over and gave our son attention several times, and the food was delicious - my parents were happy (this was Dad's birthday dinner). Standouts on food were probably the Rack of Lamb (with Eggplant Moussaka/ Artichoke Barigoule/ Fried Panisse/ Thyme Lamb Jus), and Filet Mignon (with Pommes de Terre Landaise/ King Trumpet & Oyster Mushrooms/ Sauce à la Périgourdine)

Boccalone Lardo available at Rockridge Market Hall (Oakland)

Yum... I remember having some Colonnata lardo in Corniglia in this tiny restaurant - we had it with some tomato slices - yummy! I will have to go to Boccalone to check out their selection!

Favorite Foodie Twitter Feeds?

@andrewzimmern and his show @bizarrefoods
@anthonybourdain and his show @NoReservations

Apr 03, 2009
sandrachang in Food Media & News

Filipino food - best around the bay?

Any recs for South Bay or Peninsula? I would love to find some kare-kare!


Pomelos are very popular especially in Asian cultures - it's especially eaten during the lunar new year, since it sounds like prosperity or something like that. If you go to any Asian supermarket, you should be able to find pomelos - either white or pink flesh inside.

I see them as bigger than grapefruit, with bigger cells, and sweeter tasting too. We used to peel them,and section them off like oranges and peel off the inner skin in order to get to the inside.

Feb 17, 2009
sandrachang in General Topics

Sichuan Specialties at Crouching Tiger Restaurant in Redwood City

I've been there a couple of times, and my hubby's favorite is the Dry Cooked Prawns - it's been plenty spicy for us - the other good thing is their fish and preserved vegetable soup. The fish is tender, and the preserved vegetables give it a tangy flavor, which is great. Love their Sichuan cold noodles.
Last time we tried their fried chicken appetizer (sorry, don't have their menu in front of me), which were drumettes that were frenched, and deep fried - the coating was not too thick, and the chicken was tender.

Best places to eat in downtown San Mateo

There is also close to 231 Ellsworth a great prime rib place - San Mateo Prime - it's on 3rd / Ellsworth, across from the Walgreens.

Great bar - full bar, and the prime rib style is like House of Prime rib, but better and closer for us on the peninsula!

Best Mojitos in South Bay or Peninsula?

I would love to find a bar/restaurant that serves a great mojito - I work in Sunnyvale and live in Redwood City, so would love some recommendations on where to go for a well made mojito.


Best garlic dishes in the Bay Area

There is also a fried shrimp with garlic at Krung Thai (San Jose, and MV locations) that has the best fried garlic bits - I can eat the whole dish with garlic by myself...yummy

Hiyashi Chuka Ramen @ Maru Ichi in Mountain View

I was in Milpitas, Ranch 99 shopping center, and noticed a Maruichi right next to the Fantasia drink place - is this same owner as the MV one? Anyone tried it?

Source for lobster on peninsula?

I don't know if Old Port Lobster Shack will sell you lobsters - they are definitely from Maine though... they are in RWC.

Place like Charm City Cakes in Bay Area?

I second I Dream of Cake - She's made some fabulous birthday cakes (Miss Piggy on a couch, Porsche, Strawberry Shortcake for the kids, Thomas the Train....) and we had her do our wedding cake. The best thing is that they do taste as good as they look - moist cake, we had almond and lemon flavors for our cake!

Grocery Outlet July 2008

Went to RWC GO:
They also had Bison Burgers, more than 1 brand in fact, 6 for $6.99. Was tempted to buy to try, but have limited freezer space, so that'll have to be for next time.
Annie's Natural Dressings - various flavors, but I got the Goddess Dressing - .99 Exp 8/08
V8 Fusion Juices - 2 or 3 different flavors - $2.49 / each
POM Pomogranate Lychee Green Tea - $1.49/each
Alouette Reserve Baby Brie (8 oz) - $2.40 - thought I try it out. It's a blend of cow and goat milk.
Cheez-it - Spicy Fiesta flavor - $1.69 - Safeway had same size for $2.50/each.
Couldn't find any Organic Chicken broth, but bought xome National Beef Broth for $.99/each
Alexia (all natural) Chicken Nuggets with Spinach and Feta Cheese - $2.99/7 oz package - tried these last time for my son, who really like them, plus they have some spinach (veg) in with the chicken.

Grocery Outlet June 2008

Does anyone know if the RWC GO has the POM ice tea? I would love to get it - also definitely learned the rule of get it when you see it. I saw some months back the Santa Cruz organic apple sauce for $.99, which is WAY cheaper than Whole Foods ($2.99), and I only bought 1 pack (the individual 4 oz containers for my son, who loves applesauce) since it was apple/blueberry. I went back some weeks later and they didn't have ANY left, and on top of that, stopped carrying it! I learned my lesson!

Chicken Thighs in Italian Dressing?

For years, for a quick marinade, I would use any good white wine with Italian dressing for
white meat like chicken and pork, and red wine and French dressing for red meat like beef and lamb. For marinades, you need something acidic to break down the meat (i.e. wine/vinagrette) and flavor (i.e. dressing) - it's a good quick way to get flavor without alot of work. I've also used beer as well.

Jun 05, 2008
sandrachang in Home Cooking

Vietnamese sandwich places on Peninsula?

I know, we've been going to Lee's Sandwiches in Sunnyvale, but I was hoping that maybe I missed a good banh mi place - we'll have to try the place in the Marina supermarket - I didn't see it the last time I was there...

Vietnamese sandwich places on Peninsula?

Does anyone know of any decent places to get a good banh mi on the Peninsula? I live in Redwood City, and all the places I know are in the South Bay.

Koo-ki Sushi chocolated

I got some of their 'sushi' some years ago (I think I read about them in the SJ Merc) and briefly thought about getting them as wedding favors or Xmas gifts - they look great, and as edible chocolate, they were okay. I think it was more of a 'oh, it's really neat' thing - I wouldn't get it if I had a chocolate craving.

Jade Palace on California Ave in Palo Alto

I agree on the temperature of the restaurant - my girlfriend and I went there for lunch 2 weeks ago and it was freezing in there! They put a space heater next to our table, which helped, but we still kept our coats on. I think it was the owner (woman) was running around the front - she apologized that she was short staffed, but quite honestly, there was only 3-4 other tables that were occupied, and we still had to flag her down a couple of times for various things (chopsticks, water).

That being said, we ordered sizzling rice soup (pregnant woman craving), beef chow fun, and stir fried green beans - they were all well done, esp the chow fun, which had the right amount of oil (not too greasy) and wok hay to it. My friend loved the soup and the green beans were good too.

I would go back, but I wish they would warm up the place!

Palo Alto Takeout - Need Your Best Ideas

Try Jade Palace on California Ave - it's kinda hidden away near the end of California, but the Chinese food is pretty good - it's Cantonese style.

Canneles - Shokolaat is finally open!

I just saw the review from SJ Merc on the restuarant side, and it looks pretty good - anybody try the restaurant yet?
SJ Mercury article:

Carson City Thai: Thai Spice Kitchen or The Basil?

My family and I were up at David Walley's last week again, and wanted some Thai food (okay, I wanted Thai food) - I looked on this board and found either Thai Spice Kitche or The Basil recommended, but didn't get a chance to ask which was better - we ended up at TSK getting takeout (1 year old was cranky) - we got a red pork curry, chicken larb, beef stirfry with basil and peppers, and shrimp spring rolls -

We asked for Medium on the spicy stuff (larb, beef stir fry), and mild on the curry. Out of all those dishes, the beef stir fry was the worst (and it was a white board special!) - the larb was the best, albeit wasn't that spicy at all. The curry was in the middle, but it could have used more vegetables and meat.

Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes? It seemed like the kitchen and place is being run by Thai people, but the dishes seemed a little Americanized. Maybe I'm just used to the Thai places in the Bay Area.

Is The Basil better?

BTW, is the sushi place next to TSK any good?

Dec 11, 2007
sandrachang in California

Wynn's in Mountain View

It was pretty dry actually - there was no pool of oil, esp. when I had to scoop the unfinished portion into a box. But there was enough so that the noodles were properly separated - I also liked the fact that they had bean sprouts instead of onions (yuck).

Wynn's in Mountain View

Finally tried this for lunch the other day with a coworker, and while we were there, another coworker was picking up to go her lunch -
I got the Dried Beef Chow Fun - as some others have commented, this is the dish to judge if they are cooking things properly. My coworker got the Mongolian Chicken Lunch special with Chow Mein.

I felt the Chow Fun was really good - good wok hay, beef was tender, and the portion was plentiful - I had leftover to take home.

The Mongolian Chicken on the other hand, I would have passed on it - the chow mein was average, and the chicken was not very spicy.

My take out coworker told me about the $6 combo special of congee and side dish, which I want to try.

Oh, and the service was SLLOOWW.... I would go for take out next time too.