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Sonoma activities/ restaurant suggestions?

We're staying at the lodge Sonoma resort (it's supposed to be central/ close to downtown). We'll have a rental car but we're hoping to walk or maybe rent bikes (not extreme mountain bikes) for wineries. I like restaurants that have local ingredients and interesting flavors. I love going to restaurants and eating at the bar, especially if I can watch people cook. Husband doesn't like most seafood (except oysters??) but will try anything if it's local. I was thinking we'd try the Girl and the FIg but the reviews make it sound like it could be a tourist trap? We went to Napa a few years ago and really liked Bouchon. Bodega was good but not outstanding. We want to have some really good food and wine and some exercise to balance it out. The hotel has a gym, so that shouldn't be too hard. I like the idea of walking to restaurants- we can drive but if there's a ton of traffic I want to avoid it. We only have 3 days. I don't mind paying a lot for one meal if it's memorable and amazing. Does that give more detail? Thanks so much!!

Sonoma activities/ restaurant suggestions?

I would love some advice on Sonoma restaurants and activities. My husband and I are going for vacation next week. We live in Portland and our favorite restaurants are Ava Gene's, Pok Pok, Lovely's 50 50 and Toro Bravo. Thanks!

Restaurant for parents' visit.

Meriwethers is a good choice for parents. They take reservations and they have a parking lot. The patio is amazing this time of year and the menu is local.

2 days in San Francisco: what/ where to eat?

Thanks for the feedback! My favorite Portland places: Tasty N Sons, Navarre, Wildwood, Lovely's 50 50, Biwa, Pok Pok, Meriwether's, Laurelhurst market (I usually get the fish there) and bunk bar. It's hard for me to guess price, I lived in NY before Portland and I know Portland is super cheap. I am less excited about fancy places, I like the idea of someplace with specific local flavors and smaller plates. Younger more interesting setting sounds better (I'm not as interested in formal). I'm happy to take a cab.

2 days in San Francisco: what/ where to eat?


I've never been to San Francisco and I'll be there for a weekend.

Any recommendations for food? I don't want to screw up and eat at a tourist trap chain.

I'm staying downtown/ lower nob hill, I like to walk.

I have the day alone to explore on Friday (fortunately I love sitting at the bar alone for meals) and I'd like to make a reservation somewhere awesome for dinner Friday/ Sat.

My husband and I live in Portland, we'd like to get food that we can't get at home. He doesn't eat seafood but I love it.

Any advice?

Thank you so much!