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la petite daupine

New to Chowhound, but I'd like to review this restaurant as well....

Just a few steps west of Rittenhouse Square, on Walnut Street between 20th and 21st, you'll see a waving white and yellow banner. Exterior topiary and railings shining in gold leaf accent. indicate that you arrived at La Petite Dauphine. I went with a group of friends from New York City for brunch on Sunday. We were all quite impressed! After the hustle of activity on Walnut Street, La Petite Dauphine was a nice oasis of calm and civility inside. The architecture of the interior is quite interesting to see as well. The staff was gracious and attentive, but not intrusive, allowing us all a nice, relaxing brunch. I hesitate to say just how great a find this location is as I want to keep the secret to myself! Definitely bring you own bottles as they have all the accessories that you'll need and more. We brought a sparking wine that they were gracious enough to allow us to pair with their fresh pressed orange juice for the most refreshing mimosas! There's a quiet air of sophistication, that is not stuffy at all. The prices are incredibly reasonable as well. We were actually shocked at the range and amount of food that was available with great prices and because so we were able to order their fantastic cheese course as well as an additional dessert. The depth of flavor and variety of the cheeses was impressive as was the presentation. We never felt rushed or hurried and were able to relax afterwards with a rich and mellow cup of coffee/latte.

Jul 24, 2012
eck0731 in Philadelphia