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Good Restaurants around Fairview Mall

Nicey's West Indian take out.

Conflicting Opinions Regarding Bistrot Paul Bert

3 years later I am reading your response as I do not go on this site very much...I just wanted to thank you for chipping in with your witty response. Very enlightening.

Apr 12, 2014
kingkolo in France

Thanksgiving Bird

@ Evansl...A good brine is a fantastic idea BUT you are out of your mind thinking a frozen bird from a crappy factory and handled by kids in the back room of a grocery store is as good as a proper butcher. btw my Cumbrae birds have always been great (although I would like a less expensive alternative).

Hiro Sushi...never again!!!

Hi all,

My fiance and I recently had our pre-wedding dinner at Hiro Sushi on King St. E. in Toronto and I have to say it was an absolute embarassment. We have been a few times before and the service has always been average at best but the food is generally good (not great...good). The reason we went there was because it was very close to where our parents hotel was and close to our home. My finace is Japanese and my family is caucasion and we really wanted to do something nice in honour of their culture. My family has limited experience eating Japanese food so we thought it would be a great experience for all.


We all settled in and decided that the pre fixe meal was the best way to go. The menu was confused as it offered salmon for the app, the main and for the sushi. It lacked any sort of imagination and seemed like they were getting rid of all the salmon that they bought on sale. In the end the food was simply ok.

The real problem was the service. Hiro is a jerk, plain and simple. He has absolutely NO hospitality skills. You would think that when he is behind the sushi bar and a party of 8 (I have 4 parents as I come from a divorced family) dressed up for a special occassion come strolling in and he makes eye contact that he would say hi...but not Hiro...he is too special. The servers there are young but have no clue really. The girl was impatient with my parents right from the get go. They rolled their eyes and sighed constantly. My parents tried their best to negotiate the menu but felt so rushed they just tolded us to order for them.

After we got through the order we thought things would get better and we could relax and enjoy. We had a toast to our wedding and then the servers comes and interupts to tell us that there are only 3 mackeral apps and our table ordered 7 so 4 of us would have to change to the salmon. No other choices just salmon. It was the begginning of dinner service at 7pm and they had already ran out? Unbelievable! We handle this well and say that is fine and settle back into conversation. At this point we decide to play a bit of musical chairs as the families are trying to get to know each other and the young lady comes to us and in an upset tome says that she will not know where to put the plates. I tell her just to bring them and I we will easily figure out who gets what. The mackeral was a disappoitment but luckily the salmon was better (not great...better).

We sit with our dirty dishes in front of us for sometime until the other server comes to clean up. As she is cleaning she stacks way too many plates and proceeds to dump soy sauce all over my mother and father (not a drop or two...more like a tablespoon or two). She says sorry and then does absolutely nothing to help clean up. They resort to sticking their napkins into their water and scrub. They did not even bring new napkins...can you blieve this...nothing and my mom is wearing white.

Then dinner comes but they have screwed up the order and the wrong food appears everywhere. After much negotiation, we have 7 of our 8 plates on the table and then they just leave. At this point my Japanese mother in law had in to go into the kitchen and had to ask for a plate of food. She was so angry, embarassed and shocked that she took matters into her own hands. Again, the food was ok (I mean how good can teryaki be?) but not great and again the dishes sait in front of us for way too long.

Then our wonderful server comes back and tells us that there are not enough of the desserts we ordered. How the hell do they have a pre fixe meal at 7pm and run out of food twice? We all change our desserts like we did with our main. Dessert was decent but still would never make up for this abyssmal service. All the while the "great" Hiro pays no mind to us...does not say thank you...does not even acknowledge us on our way out.

Thanks Hiro...for giving us one of the worst dining experiences ever right before our wedding.

P.S. The wedding was spectacular and the meal was cooked by Jamie Kennedy at the Gilead. Everyone raved that is was not only the best wedding dinner ever but one of their best meals ever. Now that is class...thank you Jamie!

Best Caribbean in Toronto?

Jerk King is the best and I have been to a lot of these restauraunts. The Jerk pork and chicken is dynamite. The fish tea is also stellar!!! I actually like the small shop beside Nicey's Market in North Toronto. The soup at this place is great as well. Have also had excellent ackee and saltfish (although I like my home version better;) I think it is Finch and Vic. Park area. Lastly, I did really enjoy sitting at The Real Jerk all of these years. Food is usually good but it is all about the Red Stripe, the reggae and the irie vibe...I hope the new location has the same feeling.

Bachelor Party in

Thanks for the responses cheryl and Fin. After much pleading I did manage to get in to APDC (told them that the bachelor party all depended on getting in to their place and the fact that I have spent a bundle in there over the years).

Now I am looking for a couple of cheap eats places and good bars for Saturday and /or Sunday during the day. As I said before we are group of 40 years olds but still like a good party...any suggestions?

Bachelor Party in

Thanks Max, I will look into these suggestions.

I forgot to mention to anyone else reading this that me and my buddies are older...around 40 years old. We are foodies and love unique, experimental food. However, we do party hard :)

Bachelor Party in


I am desperately trying to get a reservation for APDC on Sunday, May 20 as me and my 4 friends are celebrating my up-coming wedding. I told them that I really wanted to got to APDC as it is a favorite of mine. I go everytime I am in Monreal which is once or twice a year. Unfortunately they are booked.

I can not get into Joe Beef either and am now at a loss. Where do me and my motley crew go??? We want a late night spot (10-11pm dinner) that will be fun and serves awesome food. Is Brasserie T any good for a group of drunk foodies or is it too formal?

Any and all opions are greatly appreciated. We will even take advice for Saturday's.


Merci beaucoup.

Four Idiots Going to Paris

Baratin for lunch. My fiance and I walked in with no reservation in the summer and had one of our fave meals...ever! It is located in the Belleville area and well worth the trip.

Apr 17, 2012
kingkolo in France

Lucien...what the hell happened?

I am going to keep this short...I previously listed this restaurant in my top 5 but now I can not recommend it at all. I know that the chef changed but does the owner not taste the food? There is a serious problem with the food. We all had an app., main and shared a dessert and really can not say that one bite was good.

I went for my 40th b-day dinner and my parents travelled a long way to treat me. The food was confused and the taste just plain or even bad. Then add to the fact that the bill was well over $300 for 4 people well that will be it for them. Terrible just terrible!

What a way to spend a 40th birthday dinner.

btw the service was good and the owner was nice but in the end that was simply not enough.

Weezie's - meh

The food is still need to worry about that. Great bistro and always consistent.

Food Cabbie...the BIG KAHUNA

Damn good burger! I told Spiro the owner that I did really like sweet stuff on my burgers and he tells me that the ingredients all meld together into something glorious. Spiro know what he is talking about! Support this food truck.

THE BIG KAHUNA BURGER! Fresh never frozen Sirloin, Fresh grilled Pineapple, Our own Teryaki Sauce, Burger Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion served on a freshly baked Onion Bun--$6.50.

Personally, I liked this more than Burger Priest.

A day in Harlem

I'm coming in from Toronto and am planning a whole day in Harlem. Where should I hit up? I've been checking out the Red Rooster along with various soul and west indian joints. I love both styles but I will say I get pretty decent west indian in Toronto but not so much soul food. I am also big time into jazz and am wondering if anyone can suggest some late night spots. btw I am 40 and will be with my gf.


Red Rooster
310 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10027

Mar 05, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Le Bernardin - lounge (lobster en brioche and cocktail)

Thank you for that FYI! We dress smart but I am often in good jeans so this is great news.

Mar 02, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Le Bernardin - lounge (lobster en brioche and cocktail)

Thank you

Mar 02, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Le Bernardin - lounge (lobster en brioche and cocktail)

Hi helped me with my Momofuku questions before...thanks again!

We will be there on Sunday, March 11 and leave on Thursday, March 16. I am really glad you pointed out the dress code as I would've felt a little stupid going there with jeans on.

So do I need a reservation for the bar?

I also wanted to try Boulud Cafe for breakfast or there a dress code there? Do I need a reservation?

Thanks have been really helpful!!!

Cafe Boulud
20 East 76th St., New York, NY 10021

Feb 29, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Le Bernardin - lounge (lobster en brioche and cocktail)

I want to go to Le Bernardin for a lobster en brioche and a cocktail (suggested cocktail) at the bar during my up-coming visit when is a good time to go? Are some days better than others? Do you I need a reservation or can I just pop in during the late afternoon?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Le Bernardin
155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019

Feb 29, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Lunch Picks - St. Lawrence Market

Easy...the porchetta sandwich at The Sausage King. Very few have caught on to this yet but it is incredible!!! I have eaten at every vendor in the SLM as I live around the corner.

The other good food is at the fish place in the sandwiches and soups. Of course, the veal and eggplant sandwich downstairs (why I don`t know the name after eating about a 100 of these is beyond me). Perogies in the basement are also good.

The Sausage King is my new favorite fact, all of their sandwiches are awesome.

Best Momofuko experience

btw my fiancee want to know what crack pie is?

Feb 10, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

Agreed...Kathryn, you have been a star...thanks for all of your input!

Feb 10, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

High end wedding reception food - Canoe vs. caterers

No contest...Canoe! They might not be the best in the city but they are well organized and lets face it the food is still stellar. My fiancee and I are getting married in the summer and had terrrible time dealing with D&D and 10tation. I would NOT trust them at all!!! We have a much smaller party and are holding it at the Gilead Cafe...maybe you should look into the Gardiner where he does his big weddings. We also love George but if doesn't it doesn't work.

Best Momofuko experience

Thanks...sounds great!

Feb 09, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

One more question...which one of these would you go to after a Knicks game on a Wednesday night? It would be just 4 of us...

Feb 07, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

Saam sounds awesome...maybe I am beginning to lean in that direction. The menu looks incredible! If I did not go with a set menu how long is the line on a Monday, tues, wed, thurs?

Feb 07, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

I appreciate the effort you put into the reply...thanks!

Here is the deal...I am going with my fiancee, my mother and step father and my brother and gf. My step father is turning 70 and I am turning 40 meanwhile my bro is 12 years younger and his gf is even younger. Why am I telling you this..well it is a strange diverse group. The old folks not too adventurous, my brother and his younger gf are open to things but fairly simple in thier tastes and my fiancee and I are complete foodies who love offal more than a loin of something. She is Japanese and loves fresh fish and exotic flavours and I am open to anything and everything of high quality.

With that said we love fried chicken done well...same with duck...same with beef. We also like the idea of sharing in a big meal.

We do not want the Ko experience as we have simply had it with tasting menu's. We swore them off while in a terribly expensive and high end restautrant in Provence this past summer. My parents and brother and gf are also not that keen on spending too much.

Any additional thoughts are appreciated.

Feb 07, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

Thanks for the reply! I have to admit that I like the look of the menu at Siam the most. My finacee and I love duck as we have family in Quebec and if you did not know Quebec has the best we would love to see it done by Chang. I am also wondering about the bo ssäm – whole butt, dozen oysters, kimchi, rice, lettuce from Siam as well...have you or anyone tried it? Does whole butt imply pork?

At Ma Peche I am wondering about the beef dish as we are visiting from Toronto to celebrate my father's 70th b-day and my 40th. We have been weekend steak eaters for our whole lives and think we know a thing or two about beef. I have copied the offerings...

beef 7 ways
$450 total for parties of 4 – 8 people

tendon (creekstone farm, ks) – basil, tatsoi, plum vinaigrette
wagyu (imperial beef, ne) – ginger, scallion, radish
meat pie good farm, ks) – tongue, potato, caramelized onions
ribs (niman ranch, ia) – fried garlic, kunz ketchup
cote de bœuf (4 story hill farm, pa) – butter, thyme, garlic
brisket (niman ranch, ia) – marrow, chili jam, shallots
oxtail soup (pineland farm, me) – tamarind, mint, cilantro

It sounds incredible...thoughts?

Yes, we are very excited about David Chang's desicion to open north of the border. It will be very interesting to see how he does. There is a restaurant nearby to us downtown called Swish by Han and it is the only thing like Momofuku.

Ma Peche
15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Feb 07, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Best Momofuko experience

Coming in from Toronto and want a Momofuko experience. Which restaurant should I go to? When should I go (lunch, dinner or late night) I am currently thinking about the Noodle Bar and having the fried chicken deal. We are BIG foodies and are fairly adventurous.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Feb 06, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

40th Birthday Weekend in Manhattan

Weird...I was just searching for things to do on my 40th in New York in March. Stranger yet..I am from Toronto. I am trying to figure out which Momofuko restaurant to go to??? I think I am going to try the Noodle Bar and get the fried chicken dinner for 6 people. Other than that we are going to Blue Smoke that is associated with The Jazz Standard (jazz and bbq sounds good to me). We have to endorse Salumaria Rosi from a recent trip as well.

I am going to keep an eye on this post as I am always looking forward to new experiences.

GL and Happy 40th to your wife...New York is awesome!

Feb 06, 2012
kingkolo in Manhattan

Highway 61: I feel so ripped and dissed

The management has changed the smoker and retrained the staff. They have also redone the bbq sauce and the Memphis Sauce is outstanding. The Brisket and pulled pork has been greatly improved. I would seriously disregard all of the other comments as they are a different place now and deserve to be reconsidered. Both sandwiches I have had a couple times now and they were consistently good.

Chowhounds best 10 Resturants in GTA - 2012 version

Yeah, I have talked to the owner and he told me the same. The location and that building are what makes the place for me though. The food I really like but there is better caribean elsewhere.