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Good Vegan Restaurant - downtown

Thanks! I'll have to check those out!

Good Vegan Restaurant - downtown

Can anyone suggest a good vegan restaurant in downtown SF?

Good Sushi for Lunch in SF?

My suggestion would be checking out JapanTown. They have the best sushi! There's a little market in there that has really inexpensive sushi that gets flown in daily! They only keep it out for one day so it goes really quickly. It's called Nijiya Market!

Culinary Team Building Events in San Francisco

My coworkers told me that Parties that cook had a really good reputation so I did an event with them a few months back and it went really well! I called on a Tuesday for an event that I wanted for Saturday and they were able to accommodate my group in a really short amount of time. We ended up having our group go to a winery - which was gorgeous! They got back to me immediately with a list of prices and such.

The day of the event was great! The chefs were really professional but kept things extremely fun! We ended up doing a competition cooking challenge which was a lot of fun. We still have some of the picture hanging in the office!

I plan to do an event with them again soon and would definitely recommend them!