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Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

How did you get those..the GHOST CHILI??? So jealous!!

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

"Side topic"

Love the El Bodegon.... mmmm ... the ANTI CUCHOS there probably one of my most memorable dishes at that place or in the city

Brazilian star is also pretty good place for steak and what not (not chili/ spice)

Located just west of Dundas and Ossington bout two blocks- nice people, very home style laid back environment, good service, and quite cheap for what you get. Try it if you like steak, don't know bout the language barrier though, but for the most part they do pretty well and the menu is Portuguese/ English. YUMMO!

HELP - Looking for real Hakka Food in TO!!!

Sorry for misunderstanding, the OP and what it wants.. forget the fact that Kim Kim maybe not a authentic "Hakka" restaurant, I can accept that. I have been to other places not just Hakka style food or imitation, whatever. But Kim Kim Hakka Indian happens to be one of my favorite restaurants just in terms of taste, service and price. Other than that I love my sushi!!! HOLLA ;)

Best/Worst Chowhound Tips

My favorite restaurant still is Kim Kim Hakka India Food Restaurant... something like that...located on Kennedy and Lawrence just slightly north; good service, great menu, nice proportions.Not a fine dine place, but definitely a gem. Very clean, washrooms are always clean, free parking in front of restaurant. Try the tandoori chicken dish, paratha kebab rolls I think? Really great place...been there at least 8 times and have not been disappointed yet. Oh and it has a very laid back and unpretentious flair to the environment (family run/ owned). Gotta check it out. ;). I'm sure you'll like it, slightly a little spicy, but flavorful;)

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

Wow that is crazy dude... I went there and had the infamous armeggedon wings at Duff's on College...considering it was my first time.. I must was damn spicy...the spiciest thing I 've ever had...I actually can't wait to go again...mmmmm thanks for the reccomendations!!!!!

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

Went to salad king and had their 20 chili's tasted pretty good but wasn't that spicy ...maybe it's just me...I guess:?

HELP - Looking for real Hakka Food in TO!!!

I effing love KIM KIM HAKKA INDIAN RESTAURANT>..they make the best tandooris dish and the BEST TANDOORI CHICKEN FILLED PARATHA ROLLS>... THIS IS A MUST.... it is one of the best dishes in TORONTO..... I went there to day and I swear it was better than all the restaurants I've been to combined... IT's a must!! This is MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT.. no competition whatsoever!!! I repeat a must

I bought 9 of them out of which I sparingly and begrudgingly gave my Dad, one I gave and the other one he borrowed while I was out!! I was peeved...but that's another story!!!

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

Kim Kim Hakka Indian Food Restaurant has really good tasting spicy food, definately not the spiciest but pretty up there if you add their green chili... vinegar sauce to their food. My favourite restaurant... ask for their Paratha Rolls ...Tandoori Chicken in a Buttered Roti bread mmmm....A must..

Ghandi serves up some of the spiciest roti's I've had in Toronto
I've yet to try SALAD KING...