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Dinner around the world - help!

I am deeply grateful for these suggestions. This trip will now be a great adventure. I promise I will take notes on my experience and post them here after the visit to your fair town(s).


Dinner around the world - help!

Your point about drive time is well taken. I'm willing to drive far for the unusual. How far? 90 minutes I guess.

However, given my parameters (in Anaheim for a conference), part of what's great about this board and the input I've had is that I can start mapping out what could be reached for lunch and what would need to wait until dinner. I'll also stay 1.5 days after the conference for fun and have more time/space at my disposal.

These suggestions are fantastic! I'm most grateful.

Dinner around the world - help!

I'm on a quest to eat a representative meal from every country in the world. Of course, most I'll have to make myself, but whenever possible I want to eat the real deal at restaurants.

I'm from Texas, coming to Anaheim for a conference at the end of October. Will be in the area for 7 days, and I'd like to have 7 great lunches and an equal number of great dinners - from as many countries as possible. I've had the basics - Thai, Chinese, French, etc.

What would really please me would be some not-so-basics. How about Tunisian food? Cambodian? Bangladeshi? Nicaraguan? You get the idea - things I'd not easily find anywhere but in a place like LA.

So, can you help out this ambitious taste-bud-traveler?