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Good pressed sandwiches?

I live in Hell's Kitchen and have not been able to find a good hot pressed sandwich. I have been to 'ino, which is great, but is that the only real place?

Dec 23, 2006
Brit1974 in Manhattan

Tomoe Sushi Serious Slippage

Yes, sadly I agree entirely with everything posted here. Portions are definitely not as big, fish was just ok, and I swear they have raised their prices. Now it is just as expensive as Blue Ribbon and the pieces aren't tons bigger like they used to be. At least the guy who is the main waiter who deals with the line is still there. But I will have to settle with Yama it looks like!

Jul 06, 2006
Brit1974 in Manhattan

Best Conveyor Belt Sushi in London

My rankings go:

1) Kulu-Kulu

2) The other big one in Soho forget the name

3) Yo

Jun 26, 2006
Brit1974 in U.K./Ireland