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New Downtown L.A. Rooftop Sushi Place?

anyone know whether a reservation at Takami gets you into Elevate across the elevator lobby??

Oct 05, 2007
jrupert in Los Angeles Area

Hot Places in LA

Second that on the Edison and Elevate/Takami. Both really cool joints... Go soon before they get pretentious...

Oct 05, 2007
jrupert in Los Angeles Area

enough is enough... WHATS THE BEST SUSHI IN LA??

Not sure if you can define the BEST sushi - there are so many different kinds of experiences one can have at a sushi restaurant. Do you want pure sushi, nothing else, do you want clever concoctions?

NOZAWA (Studio City)- I'd say Nozawa-san has managed to corner the market on no-frills excellence. Here you're going to get fish and rice, nothing more. But the Albacore is melt in your mouth delicious, Iwashi fat, soft and tangy, Blue Crab Roll simply delicious. And his sushi rice is always WARM

ASANEBO (Studio City) - Great innovative dishes, great sushi. I'd go here for omakase, as I've consistently found it to be innovative, clever and delicious. Careful though - could spend upwards of $150/person

KATSU-YA - Great atmosphere, loud, boisterous, good dishes, sushi okay. This is a great place to go (either Studio City or Encino Location) if you're relatively new to sushi, you like your sushi a certain way, or you love ordering teh same thing every time you go back to a restaurant.

ITA-CHO (Beverly Blvd and La Brea) Trendy, tasty food. This place is more about the other plates like Ricon, Agedashi Tofu and Shishito thatn the sushi. Very popular joint for the Hollywood set

GEISHA HOUSE (Hollywood) - More of a nightclub than a sushi bar in my opinion - especially as they have no sushi bar! Sushi is good, plates are good, but nothing spectacular - this place is all about the atmosphere.

R23 (Downtown)- Great sushi, cool environment. Seasonal specials. Expensive. Great service. Also good omakase.

IZAYOI (Downtown) - Surprised this place doesn't get more press - this is my favorite place to go regularly - Junishi-san is an old friend from his days up in the old Ita Cho space on Highland and Santa Monica. Omakase is consistently good and he's always ttrying new things. Packed with Japanese people which I always find is a good sign. Great selection of Sake and Shoch (my favorite) and they have Kirin Ichiban on tap!

Kiriko (Sawtelle) - Great little joint, great sushi, great omakase. Small so make sure you make a reservation.

Oct 04, 2007
jrupert in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions for a celebratory dinner in Pasadena

Madeleines on Green St. Awesome atmosphere and service.

Oct 04, 2007
jrupert in Los Angeles Area