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North County Recommendations with a Baby

Hi all. I will be visiting San Diego in a few weeks with a 6 month old baby. We are interested in restaurants in the Del Mar/Solana Beach/Encinitas area where we could go for dinner with the baby (he would be asleep in the stroller the whole time), so I'm looking for restaurants where we could possibly park the stroller next to our table and which wouldn't be excessively loud (regular noise is fine). I'm thinking that places with outdoor patios would probably make sense. Are there any decent restaurants in this area where it would be okay to take a quiet baby? Thanks!

Sep 06, 2013
stellar in San Diego

Tuscany/Umbria - Restaurant Reservations for Lunch?

Thanks for the reply. What is a standard time to have lunch in those areas?

Aug 25, 2010
stellar in Italy

Tuscany/Umbria - Restaurant Reservations for Lunch?

Hello, I will be in northern/southern Tuscany and Umbria in mid-October. I am curious how necessary it is to make reservations for lunch? I am trying to set a "loose" itinerary, but it is so hard to know exactly how long it will take to get from one place to another and I don't want to be too restricted by set reservation times. If I show up at a popular restaurant for lunch at 1:30 without a reservation, should I expect it to be booked? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Aug 25, 2010
stellar in Italy

Turkish Wines

Can anyone recommend some decent Turkish wines? I will be traveling to Turkey in a few weeks and would like to try some Turkish wines. Thanks.

May 18, 2010
stellar in Wine

Bodrum Recommendations

I will be visiting Bodrum in late May. Any recommendations for lunch or dinner? I'm looking for anything from quick inexpensive bites to fine dining, as long as it's good! We will be staying in Bodrum, but will have a car so we can travel anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula. Thanks so much!

Apr 07, 2010
stellar in Europe

Wine Pairing for Halibut

I will be making a pan-roasted halibut with pecan-basil pesto this evening. What wine pairing would you recommend? I was thinking a white burgundy (chablis maybe)? Any recommendations for specific wines in the $20 range would be much appreciated.... Thanks!

Mar 30, 2010
stellar in Wine

Grower Champagnes

Any recommendations for interesting "grower champagnes" under $35? I live in NYC, so I have access to a variety of stores.

Thanks in advance!

Dec 13, 2009
stellar in Wine

Costa Rica - Arenal/La Fortuna area

I will be visiting the La Fortuna/Arenal area in a few weeks. Any restaurant recommendations for dinner/lunch? I don't see much posted for this area on the boards. We will be staying at the Arenal Nayara and will have a car to travel. thanks!

Lunch Reservations in Paris

How necessary is it to make reservations for lunch in Paris if I am planning to eat in relatively casual bistros (no starred restaurants)? I know that reservations are always preferred, but I wanted to leave some spontaneity to my January trip. Is it inappropriate to just walk into a bistro for lunch and ask to be seated (2 people)? I have some restaurants in mind, but I am afraid that reservations during the day would be a little restricting. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Dec 27, 2007
stellar in France

Budapest - Restaurants in Buda/Castle District

Yes. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Oct 05, 2007
stellar in International Archive

Budapest - Restaurants in Buda/Castle District

I will be leaving for Budapest in a few weeks and will be staying in the Castle District. I will be arriving on a Friday at around 11AM. Can someone recommend any good Hungarian restaurants in either the Castle District or on the Buda side for lunch that day and also for dinner? Nothing too formal, as it will be our first day in the city. I'm afraid we'll be delirious from our long flight and wander into some tourist trap out of desperation, but I think we might be too tired to venture into Pest. Thanks in advance!

Oct 04, 2007
stellar in International Archive