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Nice brunch recommendation in Midtown?

My whole family (party of 7) will be taking my sister out for brunch to celebrate her 50th birthday. Any recommendations for a nice place fitting for that special day, which is still comfortable and relaxed?

Any update on Langdon Hall's chef Jonathan Gushue?

Sorry, it's just that I've worked with him in the past, and just hoping he's OK.

Any update on Langdon Hall's chef Jonathan Gushue?

I'm just curious, I remember hearing that Jonathan Gushue was located in another province after going missing last month. I'm hoping since then he and his family are doing well, but haven't heard a thing.

Does anyone have any updates?

suggestions for first date wine tasting

Hello fellow "chowhounds". I'm going on a first date with a creative/artsy lawyer. We both enjoy wine. I'm looking at meeting him in either the Leslieville or Danforth/Riverdale areas. The establishment doesn't strictly have to be a wine bar, but have a decent selection. More importantly, it should have an nice atmosphere to be comfortable in and promote great conversation. :)

Thank you all in advance!

Upscale romantic dinner with a bit of privacy - any suggestions

Hello fellow chowhounds!

I'd love to hear your opinions on the best upscale romantic restaurant in Toronto. We don't want private dining, but it should have a sense of intimacy. Looking for suggestions in two general areas 1) Avenure and Bloor, and 2) Downtown.

Love to see what the concensus will be. Thank you.