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Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms

I saw the coconut ones at the Roche Bros in Westwood today.

Looking for Cheese Curds

I've consistently seen them at Trader Joe's on Boylston in the Back Bay.

Week of 6/1: Farmers' Markets reports

The prosciutto, fig, goat cheese and argula sandwich at tarte was fantastic, btw. And the chocolate peanut butter cupcake from the Danish Pastry was amazing.

Farmers Markets ect. - week of May 18th

Hit the Prudential market on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to see Sel de la Terre set up a booth. On top of their breads and pastries, they also had sandwiches and salads for sale.

Taza chocolate from Somerville was sampling some of the best chocolate with chillis I'v tried and there was homemade mozzerella and a ton of free range eggs.

Not a lot of veggies yet, but tomato plants for purchase and both Iggy's and When Pigs fly were there as well.

It'll be great to see how this develops.

B&G Oyster this friday

What's not to be missed (no raw please)

We were given a gift certificate. Also, how long do you think a party of 2 will have to wait on Friday at 6?


What do people eat in Norwood, MA?

Santucci's is the pizza. Very good, but cash only.

What do people eat in Norwood, MA?

Bon Caldo on Route 1 South has good italian and half portions of pasta which I like a lot.
Also head a few minutes south to Takara on Washington Street in Canton.

Do your Food magazines arrive late?

My gourmet is always late. Usually is on the stands close to 2 weeks before I get it. I called them to ask about it and got an extremely snooty reply that a subscription is only guaranteed to be sent to you, they don't have to get it to you before it hits the stands, or sometimes even in the same month.

Bon Appetite always arrives before it hits the stands and 2-3 weeks before Gourmet.

Jul 02, 2007
KitchenAid in Food Media & News

Lobster roll confession

I posted below about a good one at Chateau for $14.99

Favorite Dishes at Taranta?

I really enjoyed the lobster ravioli. It had jumbo shrimp in it too and roated whole cgherry tomatoes.

I also had a spinach salad with golden beets and warm goat cheese which was very good. We didn't have dessert.

This was a good 3-4 months ago though.

Suprisingly good lobster roll

At the Chateau on Rt. 1 North in Norwood.

They have a lobstermania special going. $14.99 got me a perfectly buttered bun with 5-6oz tail and claw meat, with a claw sticking up. Very little mayo and a bit of celery. Also a small piece (scrap really of lettuce). It came with choice of fries or onion rings, I had the fries, and mediocre coleslaw for $14.99

They also have something, I think it was called jumbo for $24.99 which had double the lobster.

Stuffed clam for $2.50 was an appetizer, nothing special but hot and well seasoned, and although it said it came with a lemon wege and tabasco, there was no tabasco to be found.

Husband had the surf and turf, sirloin tips with a small version of their lazy lobster. He enjoyed it a lot.

Dinner for 2 with 2 drinks came to $57 before tip.

I may have to get another lobster roll before this promotion ends.

LARGE packet of active dry yeast

I love the french yeast from William Sonoma. It doesn't need to be refrigerated. I think its from Safmex. And the price is reasonable.

mcdonald's lobster rolls

You used to be able to get them in the Boston Area. They were seasonal in the summer, but I haven't seen them in the last few years. But I haven't really been looking.

It was definitely served too cold.

May 20, 2007
KitchenAid in Chains

Fantastic Ice Cream at JP Licks (and free too)

Headed over to JP Licks on Newbury today. They were giving out free scoops due to the home opener. I got two generous scoops of el diablo and they got it right. More of a cocoa flavor than a sweet chocolate and a hint of cinnamon and then just after you swallow the heat from cayenne kicked in (and you could see the red spots in the ice cream!)

I will definitely have to go back to try this in milkshake form when it gets warmer.

Fabulous Berry Cream Cake?

America's Test Kitchen had a segment on this last week. Not only do they use cream cheese and heavy cream, they recommended a chiffon cake instead of a sponge cake.

Apr 06, 2007
KitchenAid in Home Cooking

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

The Scoville Scoundrel (mango habanero) sauce. It was the perfect addition to the coconut shrimp.

Mar 23, 2007
KitchenAid in Chains

Wedding reception with great food?

I got married July 2005 at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge. People still tell me it was the best food they have had at a wedding and we loved it. They don't do cakes though (or they didn't used to so you'll need an outside bakery.

Frozen crawfish tails?

Whole Foods on Washington Street in Brighton used to carry them. It's been a while since I've been there but you could call.

Also, occasionally Walmart will have them in Salem. These are chinese crawfish tails and not from Louisiana in case that matters.

Dinner at Gargoyles -- What to Order?

I'll second the turducken.

Also the warm gingerbread bread pudding is perfect.

Anywhere to get really top notch whole leaf tea?

Teavana in the Pru. bEst Moroccan Mint I've ever had.

What Chow do you ship to yourself??

frozen crawfish tails

Dec 16, 2006
KitchenAid in General Topics

Best *new* food in 2006?

-Gnocchi and shortribs at Grotto
-Skillet cornbread at Union
-Strawberry cream puff at Beard Papa
-Dragon Roll at Douzo
-Crayfish Bisque with Reuben Fritters at Gargoyles

best source for fleur de sel near cambridge

There is always Williams Sonoma. The one in Copley has 8.8 oz for $10

Need Help with Lunch in Copley Area!!

Chilli Duck delivers if you are in the mood for Thai.

Great meal at Gargoyles 12/9

Turducken came with hot chocolate gnocchi and black trumpet mushrooms for $19. A huge portion.

Next time I will have to have the Tempura Rock Shrimp.

We did not sit at the bar this time. And the whole experience was heightened by the fct that Downtown City liquor store had the Abita Amber I've been looking for for a year!

How do you deal with allergies at a restaurant?

I have the tree nut and kernel allergy but peanuts are fine.

If my skin comes in contact with the nut oil or pesto I develop hives.

Dec 12, 2006
KitchenAid in General Topics

How do you deal with allergies at a restaurant?

Blue Ginger created a fantastic nut-free meal for me in 2004. They were extremely attentive.

Dec 12, 2006
KitchenAid in General Topics

Great meal at Gargoyles 12/9

After hearing all of your reviews and suggestions I finally made it to Gargoyles on Saturday.

It was fantastic. Apps were special of scallop cake over schestnut puree which went over very well with my dc. My spp of crayfish bisque was wonderful. It was nice to have the taste fresh tails, after getting used to frozen it was like heaven. The maple soda accompanying it was sweet yet refreshing and the pastrami reuben fritters had a hint of meatiness and caraway. It was a good melding of beignet and sandwich.

Entrees, dc loved the escolar but was not impressed with the lobster mashed potatoes. Chunks of garlic everywhere. My turducken was very good and moist, although the duck was more shredded than a solid piece. Gnocchi were very good, (maybe I would have liked them better had I not had a fantastically tender version the night before at Bon Caldo).

For dessert we split a warm gingerbread bread puding with white chocolate sauce and carrot anglaise which was the perfect ending.

Bill was apprxomately $75 (neither of us drank) and I'll be back.

Thanks for all the reccs!

Papa Razzi Restaurants - Uncommonly nice experience

I had a fantastic frozen zabaglione with strawberries at the one in Back Bay last year.

Dec 07, 2006
KitchenAid in Chains

Sky in Norwood this Friday Nite

Thanks. I'm going to go with my first instict and skip it. We'll do Bon Caldo instead.