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Mystery Street Food in Hong Kong?

So that's what they were! Sounds delicious. Thank you for your answers. I will definitely give them a try.

Mystery Street Food in Hong Kong?

On a recent visit to Hong Kong, I saw street vendors hawking crab wrapped in twine.

From afar they looked like greenish gray bales wrapped with some sort of yellowish twine.

What is this street food called and are the crab ready to eat?

If this is a bad description, perhaps a picture of the crab will help:

Long Beach brunch/lunch

For good food and better water views, there's the Yard House and La Palapa. The former is right on the sand.

Oct 04, 2007
Aychacha in Los Angeles Area

ISO Java Spice...does it exist?

I second that. The weekly event in Duarte is quite the treat! Just try to get there earlier than later cuz they tend to run out of the good stuff like rendang if you get there too late.

Oct 04, 2007
Aychacha in Los Angeles Area

Trying to get over my fear of oysters.

as an oyster lover who relates to your aversion to the slimy texture, i applaud you.

if you do decide to go the raw route, i've heard that the best months to get the freshest oysters are months that end in R, so it looks like you're just in time. happy slurping!

Oct 04, 2007
Aychacha in General Topics

Visiting LA for the First Time

I'm a NY transplant now living here in Los Angeles and I'm happy to have found that LA has some really good eats to offer. In my very humble opinion LA's strengths would be:

1. Mexican - Babita?
2. Vietnamese - Golden Deli?
3. Korean - We have northern korean cuisine at Yong Su San, or southern og korean bbq sizzling over hot coals at Soot Bull Jeep or Dae Sung Oak or at dozens and dozens of other places all over K Town

Happy hunting!

Oct 04, 2007
Aychacha in Los Angeles Area

Best wine you've had under $15

I've been a fan of Barefoot merlots. They're under $15 and surprisingly tasty.

Oct 04, 2007
Aychacha in Wine