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Best wine you've had under $15

Ahh, Orfila Vineyards, I am a former employee there and even if I wasn't "biased" I would recommend this as a top choice for visitors and locals to explore. I have tried all of the local wines and have found Leon's wines to be far above all others. I have even passed the wine on to friends and family in other states, and have gotten rave reviews and reorders for more. My particular favorites and recommendations to try are... 04 Estate Syrah, Lot 45 Estate Lotus (viognier, marsanne and rousanne blend), and of course the Estate Sangiovese (any vintage year).

I just back from visiting Napa Valley and have found some other tasty treats such as Peju's Syrah and Chimney Rock's 03 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cheers to all and your wonderful recommendations, can't wait to try some of the French wines listed on here.

Oct 04, 2007
Lizzygrace in Wine