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Leaving half doughnuts behind

I used to have no issue with the leftover half. Until the time the leftover half was a donut with chocolate icing, broken not cut, with a large nicely defined thumbprint in the icing.

Jul 19, 2014
DagingKuda in Not About Food

When should a restaurant NOT comp a meal?

I think the expectation of a comp for any little quibble is just an extension of how customers have been trained by Trader Joe's, Costco and Whole Foods. You say you don't like something you bought at those places, for any reason whatsoever ? You don't even need to bring the product back (ie. feel free to eat the rest of it), they'll refund your money.

Jul 19, 2014
DagingKuda in Not About Food

What happened to 231 Ellsworth? [San Mateo]

Sorry, no insight. It was the only one of the three I never ate at.

What happened to 231 Ellsworth? [San Mateo]

Le Mouton Noir ? La Mere Michelle ?

Where to eat lapas (limpets) or percebes (goose barnacles) ?

Had them during a vacation in Madeira and Portugal. Anyone know anywhere in the Bay Area that serves them, and at what price ?

Help me identify these fruits

The one on the right is called jambu (rose apple) in Indonesian.

Jun 28, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

21 Things chefs wish they could tell you.....

I've heard another way to present your "point".

If the tip rate is 15%, a server has to serve just under 7 entrees to earn enough to pay for 1 entree for themselves.

If the tip rate is 20%, a server has to serve 5 entrees to earn enough to pay for 1 entree for themselves.

If the tip rate is 25%, a server has to serve 4 entrees to earn enough to pay for 1 entree for themselves.

If you keep eating at the same caliber of places and the service hasn't changed much, increasing the tip rate is equivalent to expecting less work for the same "reward" as measured in goods.

Jun 26, 2014
DagingKuda in Food Media & News

Tipping strictly prohibitied! Yea or Nea?

From the Cornell paper http://tippingresearch.com/uploads/ma... linked in that dispatch, regarding how to generate more tips by increasing sales:

"Therefore, have servers turn tables and sell more entrees when possible. When turning tables is not possible, then have servers sell more appetizers and desserts."

I was under the impression that servers often think of diners in that first category (who focus on mains & don't stay long) in a negative light, whereas this paper suggests that they should not.

Jun 20, 2014
DagingKuda in Not About Food

Sprout's Farmers Market

We usually buy whatever meats and veggies are on sale that week, and shop there on Wednesdays to take advantage of their overlapping sales.

We used to love the fresh chicken sausages, which seem lower in fat. But lately, it seems that they're bulking them up with water somehow, because we're seeing a lot more liquid (not fat) in the pan after cooking.

Jun 18, 2014
DagingKuda in Chains

Shandong Mutton Restaurant in West San Jose

Looks like they're gone. There was a banner announcing the grand opening of Fuji Huoshao & Dumpling, but it wasn't open yet when we drove by.

Cooking Papa (Mountain View)

I went a few times just after they'd opened. Each time, the same service issue arose. All dishes were ordered up front, all dishes but one arrived promptly, and the final dish had to asked about after 30 minutes. Sometimes, the final dish seemed to be started at the 30 minute mark and then arrived promptly. Other times, we were told at that point that the dish was not available.

The food was up to par with Santa Clara (we did not order dim sum), so we will revisit after a while and hopefully the service issues will have been worked out by then.

When Morton just won't do...Pasta Rocks!

If I buy it from GO, I won't be paying twice as much. In fact, I'd expect to pay less than what I pay for my usual Himalayan salt.

Jun 06, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

When Morton just won't do...Pasta Rocks!

"truly cynical fostering of faddism"

That's the case with many many many products throughout history though. It's not like this (tcfof) is somehow new.

Jun 06, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

When Morton just won't do...Pasta Rocks!

Since that other subthread smells like it's probably headed towards deletion, let me ask this in a new one.

1. I already have Himalayan salt crystals. What benefit do Pasta Rocks offer (over just using those crystals) which would justify its price ?

2. Why is each rock only good for 1-3 uses ? They look big enough to last longer. And how many expected uses are actually in a $9.95 0.8 lb package ?

3. Is this product expected to appeal to serious cooks or recreational ones (the kind who own expensive kitchens which are rarely used for cooking) ? Are repeat customers expected ?

I'm willing to keep an "open" mind to the product's creator(s) for now, and I do see myself buying this at some point (for the novelty), but honestly, I think it will be from my local GO.

When Morton just won't do...Pasta Rocks!

$9.95 and each of the 5 rocks can only be used 1-3 times ?

May 30, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

Cooking Papa (Mountain View)

Haterz gonna hate.

Cooking Papa (Mountain View)

Soft opening was yesterday (Sunday 5-18).

If Chinese restaurants will often assume non-Chinese patrons will want a fork ...

What if a restaurant lays out forks and spoons, when the people of their culture would be using their hands ? Would you then ask if western restaurants should take away their forks and spoons when those people dine ?

Calling All American CHs Not Raised in CA!: Did You Grow Up Eating Artichokes?


Apr 29, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

How do you clean an "empty" peanut butter jar?

Along the lines of your sesame noodles: toss hot freshly drained pasta and pepper of choice into the jar, screw the lid back on, shake well.

Apr 28, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

Sprite and soy sauce

I'd think if you're open to doogh, you'd be open to this.

Apr 19, 2014
DagingKuda in General Topics

pet peeves for other 'foodies'

It's also how I feel about people who insist I need to learn to develop a palate for alcohol.

Apr 11, 2014
DagingKuda in Not About Food

Restaurants not having websites only Facebook

I see nothing unusual about their "rules". If it wouldn't prevent me from seeing a museum or monument with the same rules, it certainly won't prevent me from eating their food.

Mar 25, 2014
DagingKuda in Not About Food

Looking for upscale/refined Asian restaurant in South Bay

So after filtering out places in MV, the candidate list consists of

Jin Sho
Jang Su Jang
Fuki Sushi
Tai Pan
Mandarin Gourmet
Su Dam

I'm leaning towards Gochi (if we can get a private room), Sumika (may be too loud - will check it out first), Jang Su Jang (again, if we can get a private room) or Indo.

Thanks for the suggestions. Feel free to add more if anything else comes to mind.

Mountain View for Two Weeks

So Tartine replaces Dianetics. Is it part of SF's Tartine ?

And Cijjo replaces Pho Garden, which is moving down a couple storefronts. Any info on Cijjo's food ?

Do you have any info on who's moving into the old Food Street location, right next to Park Balluchi ?

Any candidates for Hunan Chilli's and New China Delights locations ?

Looking for upscale/refined Asian restaurant in South Bay

"Asian" meant "east Asian" in this case, as opposed to "south Asian" or "middle eastern". As stated originally, specific ethnicity is irrelevant. So, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian etc. are all contenders, regardless of subcategory (general, regional, vegetarian, Islamic, Buddhist, kappo, kaiseki, izakaya, hotpot, shabu shabu etc.). In fact, I was hoping the lack of restriction would encourage people to throw in any suggestions that came to mind.

You interpreted "upscale/refined" correctly in your suggestions below. It meant not mom&pop/homey, not hole-in-the-wall, not cafe, not dining hall, but with some measure of elegance in the surroundings, less crowding, no staff speaking loudly at each other across the room, no TV. This criterion rules out many ramen (homey/cafe) and Chinese (crowding) places. On top of that, the $50 pp cap rules out many kaiseki and nicer sushi places.

Your list below also made me realize that there was an additional requirement: that it not be near downtown Mountain View, because they've been taken to many of those places already (Kappo Nami Nami, Xanh, Bushido, Shana).

I did searches on both Chowhound and Yelp, and came up with Gochi, Rokko, Jin Sho and Jang Su Jang (maybe not as refined, and the warning about car break-ins doesn't help). I was hoping for others. I'd definitely like your rec's on the refined Korean places in Santa Clara.

Looking for upscale/refined Asian restaurant in South Bay

Thanks. I had the "Last 12 months" flag set, so I didn't see those. I was hoping for something more recent.

Looking for upscale/refined Asian restaurant in South Bay

Can anyone recommend an Asian restaurant in the South Bay, that serves reasonably authentic or smartly fusion food, with an upscale atmosphere that is more refined ? It doesn't have to be quiet, but loud is out. Specific ethnicity irrelevant, price less than $50 per person. Thanks.

ETA: This is for a group of primarily Asian people. So places like Chef Chu are out.

First Jersey Mike's Subs now open in Santa Clara an East Coast transplant - any reports?

It's right between Sprouts & Cold Stone, in Lettuce's old spot.

Please don't comb your hair, apply make-up, blow your nose. or pick your teeth at the table. Especially at a restaurant! Thanks.

So, despite your "incredibly sensitive nose", you've never been around someone and wondered how they couldn't realize that they smell ? Not in an elevator, not in a plane, not in a subway ?

It's not an issue of a medical condition. People just get used to their own smell. Since they're around it non-stop and the smell increases gradually, they acclimate to it, and don't realize what it smells like to others. But when someone else is suddenly exposed to them, that other person can smell it right away. (A food equivalent would be the use of hot sauce. People get used to their level of spiciness and may not realize how much they've increased their usage per serving over time.)

And the civilized world is composed of civilized people who adjust themselves so they all get along. Each person changes a little to accomodate many others in a civilized world, not vice versa.

Apr 17, 2013
DagingKuda in Not About Food