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Friday night dinner at Strip House - Drinks Aferwards?

No issue getting in. You might wait a while for a bar stool.

Oct 28, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Neely's BBQ Parlor

I was there the first week as well. Service was a mess, which could be excusable 3 days in and with a packed house.

The food was bad as well. I ordered the pork sampler to get an idea of a few different meals they offer. The pulled pork was a uniform grey-tan color. Obviously had never seen an open flame, but I suppose was braised in an oven. The hush puppies were a soggy mess. Brisket sandwich was sauced and had no smoke flavor whatsoever. Mac and cheese didn't taste like cheese.

All around the best thing I ate were the french fries and spare ribs, though neither were remarkable. I'd put this place below Bother Jimmy's for NYC BBQ. Really disappointed as the neighborhood needs more decent options.

Aug 08, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips?

Best I can do is a Cleveland candy shop. They do ship.

Aug 05, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Good burger near grand central?

I don't like Black Shack at all. The burgers don't have much flavor and the fries are nothing special.

Never been to MJs. Another option nearby is Capital Grille. Very good burger and fries at the bar for $15 at lunch. Not sure how they handle luggage but they are very close to CGT and have a coat check so I suspect they've seen it before.

Capital Grille
155 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017

Black Shack
320 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Jul 26, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Cafe Boulud Tasting Menu w/ Preg wife...What will they cut? What should I pay?

Kinda surprised they didn't offer to substitute for that first course.

When my wife and I go for omakase there are often one or two items that she doesn't want to eat. I'll just eat two. If you are set on Boulud and they don't want to bend on the price I'd probably just eat two 1 courses.

Jun 28, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Copper River

It is Copper River Salmon season. Where should I go to get it?

Jun 19, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

ISO dive bar nr. Met Museum

Champagne/Central Park

Jun 16, 2011
Scott V in Manhattan

Winter Brew Battle

Good tip. Much better now. Wish I had more than 2.

Guess I'll be buying some for the holidays 2010 soon.

Dec 12, 2009
Scott V in Beer

Winter Brew Battle

Good to hear. I still have a couple Anchors from last year in the back of my pantry. Undrinkable.

Dec 03, 2009
Scott V in Beer

Brined Bird?

Last 4-5 years I've brined my own turkey, but this year to save time I ordered one fresh and brined from the local fancy grocery. When I got there, the bird was still in it's plastic, which I asked about. There was a small hole, about an inch in diameter right where the cavity is. I asked and was told that this method works and if they fully unwrap the bird customers complain that the neck and giblet package gets lost.

The bird still had that bloody juice where it could collect in all of the small pockets between the skin and plastic.

So, I ask, is this an effective method? I didn't trust it, so I cleaned out a bucket, prepared my own brine and rearranged the fridge. Not what I was planning to do tonight.


Nov 25, 2009
Scott V in Home Cooking

Portuguese Sweet Bread or King's Hawaiian Bread?

Saw King's Hawaiian yesterday at my local Gristede's if you are looking for this again.

Nov 23, 2009
Scott V in Manhattan

Potato Sausage

Anyone know where to find Swedish potato sausage in New York?

Dec 21, 2008
Scott V in Manhattan

Has anyone tried Quilmes?

I think it's a step up from Coors. You can find it in New York at the Argentinian restaurants and a few bodegas in the outer boroughs.

Jul 26, 2008
Scott V in Beer

Hill Country - what's best?

This is Texas barbeque, so beef trumps pig. The brisket is the best in the city, imo.

Though I was there a couple weeks ago on a Saturday and they had something new for the first time that night. It was wild boar ribs. They were about the same size as the long end of standard pork ribs and a deep red color. They were fantastic, but expensive. If I recall correctly, 4 ribs came to about $19.

May 14, 2008
Scott V in Manhattan

Braised Short Ribs (I.S.O. recipe)

These are fantastic. I've made them more than once. A dark beer seems to work as well as wine.

Apr 12, 2008
Scott V in Home Cooking

Feeding a Yen: Foreign Beers You Miss and Can't Find Here

A beer I used to be able to get here in the states but haven't seen in years -

Usher's 1824 Particular

Mar 12, 2008
Scott V in Beer

Nice gesture by Jim Koch

"For a couple of months now, we've all been facing the unprecedented hops shortage and it's affected all craft brewers in various ways. The impact is even worse on the small craft brewers--openings delayed, recipes changed, astronomical hops prices being paid and brewers who couldn't make beer.

So we looked at our own hops supplies at Boston Beer and decided we could share some of our hops with other craft brewers who are struggling to get hops this year. We're offering 20,000 pounds at our cost to brewers who need them."

I think it says something about the craft brew industry. I can't imagine this happening between many other businesses.

Feb 18, 2008
Scott V in Beer

Aventinus by G. Schneider & Sohn...heaven in a bottle.

I had the pleasure of discovering this beer in Germany years ago, either before it was imported to the states, or before it was at all available. It was served on draft at many bars in the small German town where my college friend was studying for the year. Three or four large drafts of this really had an effect of a couple college kids accustomed to spending Friday night with a case of Natural Light.

I smuggled a couple home in my suitcase and treasured them when I opened them a few months later.

Today I have to be in the right mood to have an Aventinus. It's a little sweet for my preference most days, but still a wonderfully complex beer. If you are in Brooklyn it will be possible to find this beer on tap from time to time with a little searching - and I recommend that you do. I've seen it in a few bars around New York. Gingerman has offered it before, I've ordered it at Jimmy's (, and it came in an Aventinus glass, though it appears they don't offer it currently.

Quite a few New York bars also offer it by the bottle - Silver Swan is one, as is David Copperfields. I'm sure there are some in Brooklyn as well.

Jan 25, 2008
Scott V in Beer

New UES wine bar...

Seems lie every new palce that opens up on the UES is a wine bar.

Jan 15, 2008
Scott V in Manhattan

Can I get Sam Adams utopia?

This is an old thread, but if anyone is still interested in tasting this in NYC and not willing to drop the cash for a whole bottle, they pour it at David Copperfields. Still not at all cheap. Something like $30 for a 2 oz pour, perhaps? I don't recall exactly as it doesn't really interest me. But you won't be stuck with a $100 bottle of something you don't care for.

Jan 10, 2008
Scott V in Beer

Indio available in US?

I traveled through Mexico in early 2003 and tried 25 different beers while there. One was a bottle of Noche Buena. This was Feb-March and it was exceptionally cheap at the bar, getting rid of the holiday beer. I remember it being sickly sweet. I only had one. I wonder if it hasn't changed since you remember it being imported.

Jan 09, 2008
Scott V in Beer

Place to buy kegs of beer?

Jan 03, 2008
Scott V in Manhattan

What are you drinking right now?

A Victory Hop Devil Ale - not my first choice, but I'm at work, it's the best beer in the fridge. I wish I was at home having one of the Wolaver's Oatmeal Stouts in my fridge.

Dec 13, 2007
Scott V in Beer

Dogfish Pumpkin in NYC?

They had this at Hop Devil in Sept. Might call and ask there and David Copperfields.

Nov 04, 2007
Scott V in Beer

The Lunchbox drink

The Brits call that a 'shandy'. Never heard of the Lunchbox.

Sep 19, 2007
Scott V in Beer

How can you tell if a Beer is *fresh* vs. old stock

Which shop was this, Chew? I have a hard time finding fresh in NYC.

Aug 14, 2007
Scott V in Beer

Pipa - awful service, good (enough) food

There hasn't been much about Pipa on here for a while, but I thought reviews were pretty mixed. My one visit there sounds like yours. Food was good, but not worth the poor serivce. Never been back.

Jul 11, 2007
Scott V in Manhattan

What is your local go to brewery?

In NYC - 6 points

Jun 11, 2007
Scott V in Beer

E 69th Street

I live right around the corner. It's a tough area to find good food. One suggestion is Maya. Go to the bar for a drink and appetizer. Entrees are expensive and not great. Appetizers are better, and pretty big.

May 24, 2007
Scott V in Manhattan

RUB or Blue Smoke?

"For plain food, RUB blows Blue Smoke away. The latter is better only if you care about decor."

This is about right. Though I do like Blue Smoke on occasion. Better drinks, more comfortable, wider menu. But RUB has superior BBQ.

May 21, 2007
Scott V in Manhattan