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Bay Area Food Festivals and Events, Spring 2015

May 3rd, Mary Berry (daughter of Wendell Berry) will be speaking at Oliveto:

Maria Speck will be discussing her cookbook "Simply Ancient Grains" on May 30th:

A discussion about gluten-free vs. whole grain with Stephen Yafa, author of "Grain of Truth". In discussion with Craig Ponsford, of San Rafael's Ponsford's Place:

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

Didnt some of the people who started blue bottle come from Peet's?

Good Bakeries in Sonoma or Santa Rosa?

My friends and I are visiting the town of Sonoma on Sunday, and are seeking a quality breakfast pastry and a cup of coffee. I'm down for sweet or savory.
Thank you! Any tips are appreciated.

Good Bakeries in Sonoma or Santa Rosa?


Saturday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building [San Francisco]

a quick snack at Craftsman and Wolves is the savory muffin with the soft boiled egg in the middle.

You can also, if it's cold, go to the ramen stand and get a side of the broth and sip it. Amazing if you're a bit dehydrated.

Where can I find fresh quince in the bay area?

Anyone seen any organic quince recently? Thinking of making a trip to the Ferry building this saturday, but if there's an easier way to get it...

Mexican Breakfast on International Boulevard?

Hi: Just looking into eating some good Mexican breakfasts in east oakland.
Anybody know of a place to try out?

What is Jalisco style? [moved from Texas board]

how would a jaliscan mole taste different from a oaxacan one?

Jul 22, 2012
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