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Japanese Chef knife in Seattle

Uwajimaya in the International District is a huge Asian supermarket with a large selection of knives.

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Nov 10, 2011
Seattle Rose in Greater Seattle

Short one goose.......

Try Metropolitan Market.

QA Pasta & Co

Thanks for the info. It seems Queen Anne is changing daily.

Chandlers Crab

Sorry about your experience at Chandlers. I have found the restaurant to be mediocre and overpriced and would not recommend it.

ISO Best Bagels in Seattle

In my opinion, there are no good bagels in Seattle. Try NYC! What you get here is a huge, soft, very bready bagel which has to be toasted to be palatable. I've given up.

A Couple of Cast Iron Questions

I totally agree with using soap (detergent, that is) and hot water on cast Iron. I have always done that, and so has my mom.

Sep 29, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Best place to buy kitchen/bakewear in Seattle?

I echo the recommendation of City Kitchens. Their prices always beat Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. Until September 30 they are having their annual sale where everything is at least 20% off their regular (low) prices. Plus, they are an independent, locally owned store.

Best food culture magazines

I have seen Gastronomica, found it to be fairly dull. Arts Culinaire seems primarily aimed at restaurant chefs. Lots of fabulous photos, though. Saveur used to be my favorite, but it is losing me.

Saveur: downhill?

I am a long time subscriber to Saveur, but have been disappointed overall in the last few issues. Too many glitzy luxury car and watch ads, not enough substance. It is starting to look like Gourmet. This is not a compliment.

SEA: Oceanaire or Chandler's

I like Ocenaire. Both the food and the service have been excellent. They do have a raw bar. As for Chandlers, the last time I was there I found it to be overpriced and the food not very good. I would opt for Oceanaire. And it is a beautiful room.

Butter flavored popcorn- lung disease risk?

Flourgirl, in a "past life" I had a business with 40 employees. On top of my very short "no no" list was making popcorn in the office microwave. I just couldn't stand the smell . . . .

New cast iron user, but what to use for tomato stews?

I second the posts by KaimukiMan and scubadoo97. Once your cast iron is seasoned, making spaghetti sauce, chili, etc. with tomatoes should be no problem. Just don't let it sit in the pot for hours after cooking. I have never had a problem with mine -- and I learned from my mom who does the same. You might want to invest in one really good Le Creuset pot -- I use a 5 1/2 quart size. For omelets, I still have a small non-stick pan, but I am trying to get away from non-stick for most uses.

Sep 06, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Butter flavored popcorn- lung disease risk?

Just another reason to make popcorn the old fashioned way . . . . In addition to the fact that it just tastes better,

NYT Book Review-On Julia

Phaedrus, thanks for posting the review. I have been considering the Shapiro book, but have not really been sure about it. Now I think I will get it. Julia would have been 95 last week.

Re-seasoning and cleaning old cast-iron skillets [Moved from Home Cooking board]

I want to add that once your skillet is well seasoned, it is OK to wash it with soap. Just dry it thoroughly and place over a very low burner on the stove to be sure it is dry. Actually, both my mom and I air dry our cast iron -- the skillets are very well seasoned.

Aug 15, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Melitta Manual Coffee Maker: Suggestions, Please

I do what Leslie does. Also, I buy fresh beans and grind (at the store) using a setting of 4 1/2 as mentioned above. It's just a little coarser than Expresso grind. Works well for me.

Aug 14, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Queen Anne Updates?

I've lived on QA a long time and do not recall SBC being on the hill. Of course, I could be wrong . . . .

Seattle '80s French place, help!

Not in Rainier Square, but there was Brassierie Pittsbourg in the basement of the Pioneer Building in Pioneer Square.

Great Spanish cookbook?

Penelope Casas' "Food and Wine of Spain" gets my vote over her "La Cocina de Mama." Janet Mendel, an American who lives in Spain, has written two excellent books on Spanish cooking. For a different approach, I enjoy Jose Andres' "Tapas in America."

Aug 09, 2007
Seattle Rose in Home Cooking

Collectible cookbooks

I find that "collectible" cookbook prices go up and down. For instance, there was a $29.95 Italian-American cookbook that a couple of years ago was going for more than $100. Now it has been reprinted and is availible at for less than the original price. Also, there were SO MANY copies of Julia Child's "Mastering the Art" printed that even autographed books are not that valuable -- as collectibles that is. As cookbooks, priceless!

Bourdain and Zimmern in New York

It seemed to me that they did this to prop up Zimmern's show. I honestly do not get this guy. He just isn't my cup of tea and doesn't seem very well informed. He just irritates me, and that is why I do not watch his show. That said, I love Bourdain, so I tuned in. I did tune away for the bug-eating segment, though. I loved the tour of New York. For someone who lives on the other side of the continent, NYC is as exotic as many foreign lands.

Best Cooking DVDs/Podcasts? Julia? Alton? etc.

I agree about Jacques Pepin. He did a whole series on techniques a few years ago on PBS. I'm sure they must be available on DVD. He is the best teacher on TV.

Do depression glass dinner plates work in the microwave?

I've never tried them either. But personally, I would not risk it.

Jul 17, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Food in Fiction [moved from Not About Food board]

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto was a book a really enjoyed.

Alton Brown

Alton Brown's Good Eats is the only thing I watch on the Food Network anymore. He was here in Seattle on a book tour a few years ago and I got a chance to meet him. He seems like a really nice guy, very down to earth and not full of himself. I also enjoyed Feasting on Asphalt, especially as he got further west.

What is the oldest, most beat up pot or pan that you use frequently?

My oldest pan is a large cast-iron skillet which I bought in 1961 in Iowa City, Iowa for about 2 bucks. It is well seasoned (!) and I use it often. My sister has our mother's cast-iron dutch oven from the 1940s.

Jul 02, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

Justin Wilson and other lost cooking show classics...

Thanks for this. I always enjoyed Justin Wilson's show. It's nice to have this information.

Margaritaville Margarita Maker

Ditto the blender!

May 28, 2007
Seattle Rose in Cookware

The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton

The film version was on Masterpiece Theatre on my local PBS station this week. The movie was delightful. Now I will have to read the book.

New Best Foods Mayonnaise - is it my imagination?

I agree about plastic versus glass jars.

May 22, 2007
Seattle Rose in General Topics