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Any Scarpetta diners out there???

seems like both food bloggers ate together?

Oct 28, 2010
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

Any Scarpetta diners out there???

KEVINEATS.COM Enjoy the food porn :)

Oct 28, 2010
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

Korean BBQ/ Banchan

Anyone know which korean bbq places provide the most banchan selections (side dishes).

Oct 28, 2010
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

breakfast near union square

Can anyone recommend a breakfast spot around Union Square?

Where can I find the best Black Forest Cake?

for future planning...if you are in the san diego area, try the european cake gallery in point loma. black forest is their specialty.

May 29, 2009
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

Visiting San Diego and lookig for restaurant suggestions

Nobu San Diego inside the Hard Rock Hotel is really nice. I went there a few months ago and the service was good. Nice ambiance also. Try their black cod with miso.
Italian :Acqua Al 2 - They only have one other location in Florence.

Dec 07, 2008
eadj2006 in California

I need Filipino food!!

The Max restaurant in Sherman Oaks is not the same as the Max chain in Glendale. The one in Glendale is called Max's Fried Chicken.

If you like pancit, try the one at Manila Sunset (its their specialty) and finish it off with their halo halo. Its popular among Filipinos. San Fernando Valley - Plummer and Sepulveda.

Aug 28, 2008
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

heading to vegas for 5 days - what restaurants are not to be missed?

Shows: Le Reve at the Wynn

Jean Philippie Patisserie at the Bellagio for dessert or Olives.

Dont leave without trying the In N Out Burger.

Oct 03, 2007
eadj2006 in Southwest

Visiting LA for the First Time

you're from NYC so you probably already tried the pinkberry....=)

west hollywood/beverly hills - JAR on beverly boulevard - awesome steaks. not too expensive (


UCLA - go to diddy reise cookies and get an ice cream sandwhich with all the other students.

Pasadena - Saladang Song for Thai Food

Korean BBQ - I hear Parks BBQ on Vermont Avenue is good (nice to non-koreans =))

Glendale - Porto's Bakery

Oct 03, 2007
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

New to the SF. Valley. Where are the best places to eat??

sushi - most famous would be katsu ya in studio city. newest location is brentwood

il tiramisu in sherman oaks for italian (ventura and woodman)

cafe bizou in sherman oaks (french food)

pita kitchen sherman oaks (ventura and van nuys) next to the magazine stand - good, cheap mediterranean food but the parking is terrible

thai bbq (woodman and roscoe) - the best thai bbq chicken you will ever have.

there is a pinkberry in studio city and a wanna be - "roseberry) in northridge.

Oct 03, 2007
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area

Fun, trendy restaurant for one night in LA

Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills - I havent eaten there myself but have heard a lot about it.

Koi on La Cienega for celebrity spotting.

Oct 03, 2007
eadj2006 in Los Angeles Area